Transfer Files From Mac To iPhone Over Wi-Fi Without Using iTunes

The iPhone is easily one of the best things that Apple has ever made, but there are certain things you have to accept about an iPhone. One of them is that you cannot use the iPhone as a mass storage device. You literally have a considerable amount of storage on your phone that you will have to fill with audio, video and image files. iTunes does have a file sharing option, but since you can only authorize 5 systems to sync with your phone, it is far from a universal solution. There are, however, apps available to make this file transfer easier, and if you’re a Mac user, File Storage Companion is an app that, coupled with its iOS client File Storage, lets you transfer files from your Mac to your iPhone over Wi-Fi. The Mac app is free and available in the Mac App Store, whereas the iOS counterpart costs $1.99. The iOS app isn’t just a means of transferring files, but is also a fairly good file viewer that can create directories (folders) and open zipped files.Read More

Monitor Up To 4 Different Websites In An Ad-Free Interface [Mac]

A web browser, at its core, is a feature rich app for viewing websites. It is, however, meant for more than just viewing websites and browsing cat pictures. Modern browsers are smart, support add-ons and extensions, provide developers tools for creating web portals and many now exist for both desktop and mobile platforms (Safari, Inter Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera). For simpler web viewing needs - ones that might not require multi-tab browsing and are more focused on monitoring a site - smartView is a free Mac app that can step in. Free throughout July and available in the Mac App Store, smartView normally costs $0.99. The app is meant for segregated viewing of up to four websites. Each site appears in its own window and is free of ads. At its core, smartView is a web viewer; however, it is suitable for monitoring web pages, for opening your frequently visited websites, keeping them separate from your browser and easily switching between them.Read More

TapSocial: View Twitter Feed & Monitor Hashtags In A News Ticker [Mac]

Different Twitter clients for any platform come with varying interface and purpose, and Mac is no exception to the rule. Some make it easier to monitor your tweets, letting you keep up with what everyone’s say without getting distracted, while others may be there to properly fuel your Twitter addiction. Some of these may work from your Mac's Menu Bar, others via Growl notifications, and still others may have their own windows. TapSocial is a Mac app that’s gone temporarily free (originally priced at $4.99). It’s a Twitter client that works like a news ticker. A bar is added to your desktop that you can reposition to any part of the screen. Your Twitter feed appears within this bar, much like the news ticker you see on news channels. The appearance of the tweets can be modified in terms of the font and background color. You can also change the feed animation from news ticker to flipping (similar to the flight schedule at old airports).Read More

Create Playlists For QuickTime With Up To 10 Items Per List [Mac]

QuickTime player, Mac’s native video viewing and editing app, does everything except supporting Flash (obviously) and creating playlists. For some reason, this otherwise feature-rich and sophisticated app doesn’t let you create playlists, and there is no work around to it, at least natively. If you want to create playlists for movies, you will have to forget about viewing them in QuickTime and use iTunes instead. One alternative, although a limited one, is to use Playlist Lite, a free Mac app that lets you create playlists for QuickTime and for iTunes. Although for iTunes, you don’t really need an app like this, but Playlist Lite nevertheless aggregates from iTunes as well. The functionality is pretty straight forward, and as the name suggests, this is a "lite" version, hence limiting the number of items you can add to a playlist to 10. While this is indeed restricting, it appears that the Upgrade option won’t work either, and you are left with just the limited version. The app itself is only 2 days old at the time of writing, so, it’s probably just a bug that will (hopefully) be fixed soon, and allow users to upgrade.Read More

Run An AppleScript When A Bluetooth Device Goes In/Out Of Range On Mac

A couple of months back, we reviewed Bluetooth Screen Lock (detailed here). The app allows you to lock your screen whenever a specific Bluetooth device paired with your Mac goes out of range. It is one of the best ways of ensuring you never forget to lock your system when you leave. Bluetooth Proximity Tasker is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store and developed by the same developer who made Bluetooth Screen Lock. The app works on the same principal, except that it allows you to run a AppleScript when a Bluetooth enabled device comes in or goes out of range. Unlike the previously covered app, this one allows you to perform different actions for when the device is in range and when it leaves range. You can run one or several scripts for each action. Although slightly pricier than the previous app, it offers more functionality.Read More

Create Hyperlinks To Any Part Of An iTunes Song, Video Or Podcast [Mac]

iTunes is more than just a media player; it’s a media manager, lets you listen to and download podcasts, keeps your movies and music collection organized and backs up & transfers files to and from your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. TunesLinker is a Mac app worth $1.99 that will help you get more out of iTunes than you would have thought possible. The app lets you create hyperlinks to any part within a song, a movie or podcast. While it doesn’t sound terribly useful if you only have music in your iTunes library, it provides a way for you to ‘bookmark’ portions in a podcast or a movie. These bookmarks, or hyperlinks, can be saved to any text editor and played from any app that supports the link format.Read More

Take Pixel-Precise Screenshots In Mac OS X

One of the very basic features of an image cropping tool should be to allow very precise control, i.e., users should be able to decide how many pixels they want to trim from any of the four sides. Such a crop tool is difficult to come by for Mac, and will likely have a bloated price tag. For users who need this specific functionality for screenshots, there is Precise Screenshot. It is an excellent Mac app priced reasonably at $1.99 and available in the Mac App Store. The app comes with screenshot size presets, but also allows you to trim the screenshot area by the pixel. A red frame that you can position anywhere on your screen outlines the screenshot area, and you can choose to either use this frame or capture the full screen. Precise Screenshot also has a time delay feature for taking screenshots (both full screen and area specific), and once captured, they can be stored as files in PNG, TIFF or JPG formats, or copied to the clipboard for pasting. A number is appended to successive screenshot files, and they can be saved to any folder of your choice.Read More

Rename: Edit File Names & Add Spotlight Comments In Bulk [Mac]

Batch file renaming is often needed when you have to organize a large number of files, and their names make little or no sense. Image files from your camera are the first thing that come to mind, but the need to clean up file names can occur for just about any file type. Rename is a batch file renaming app for Mac, which, unlike many file renaming apps that we covered earlier, has multiple ways of changing the file names; with Rename, you can simply select an entire folder that contains the files you want rename, enter a word that is found in the file name, and the app will find and rename it. It saves you the trouble of having to select a file that is to be renamed, or finding it from a large folder. Other features of this app include adding a serial number to all files and folders within any folder, appending a suffix or prefix to a file name, adding spotlight tags in bulk, and removing a given number of characters from the start or end of a file name.Read More

Framator: Resize Windows With Pixel Precision For Screencasts & More [Mac]

We’ve detailed Mac’s built-in screenshot capturing ability that works with Preview earlier, and no one can say that it lacks full functionality. Compared to it, the screenshot feature in Windows is almost useless, and PC users have to download a third part app to take a half-decent snapshot of their screen. Preview may have screenshot actions covered, but there are multiple other instances where you might need to sketch out pixel specific dimensions on their screen, like when creating a screencast. Framator is a free Mac app that allows you to create a frame and customize its dimensions as per your requirements. The frame can be moved around on the screen, and all icons and windows within the frame can be used normally. The app is free until the end of June, and since the functionality is rather minimal, free seems the best price to get it for. It comes with two frame presets that are ideal for submitting app screenshots to the Apple Store, so developers might be more interested in this app than the casual user.Read More

Cut with Drag & Drop: Mac OS X Dock Shortcut For Moving Files & Folders

We’ve previously covered two apps for Mac, Droppy and DragonDrop, both of which make it convenient to drag & drop files or folders between desktop spaces. Both apps carry a price tag, and while their interface is excellent and they work without any glitches whatsoever, there is still the fact that you have to pay for a very basic sort of functionality. Cut with Drag & Drop is a free Mac app that is somewhat similar to both the former apps. It won't help you move files between desktop spaces; rather, it provides a docking station for moving a file or folder to a new location.Read More

Favorites: Rate Files By Importance To Better Organize Them [Mac]

For organizing bookmarks and web material, bookmarks are the right thing, and it’s only too bad that there isn’t something similar in Mac for your files. While files are theoretically organized into folders, there is often the problem of distinguishing identical files that are, in fact, different versions. It isn’t just the file names that make it hard to find them again; often you forget what a file is called, or don’t have the time to add it to the right folder. Favorites is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that lets you rate files by their importance. It acts as an organizer for these rated files, and lets you create folders for the type of files you need to mark. Files can be filtered by their rating or searched for. The app also lets you quickly preview a file, or open it.Read More

View iOS Apps Download Percentage & Disable Deletion While Loading

Downloading a large-sized app on iOS devices can prove to be a total nightmare at times. The download might get paused if you inadvertently touch the app’s icon once, or your Wi-Fi might become inactive without warning if you keep your iPhone in sleep mode for too long. Even if you ignore all these problems, the whole App Store download experience is not one of the neatest features of iOS. Although the blue download bar gives you a rough estimate regarding the remaining download time, it is not as good as having a concrete download percentage. That’s what AppCent is here for. The new Cydia tweak will display the percentage of downloaded content instead of the Loading moniker. If you want to make the App Store download procedure even more streamlined, give I’m Downloading a shot. This second tweak disables the delete button for all incomplete downloads, ensuring that you at least give the app a try before trashing it.Read More

PDF Toolkit: Compress PDFs, Extract Text And Images In Different Sizes [Mac]

Feature rich free PDF tools and/or editors are hard to come by. PDF is one of the most common formats for viewing image rich documents on a slew of devices and that leaves you with little choice except to pay up for a halfway decent PDF tool or use several free alternative apps instead of a single one. PDF Toolkit is a PDF editing app for Mac that normally costs $4.99 but is free this month (makes you love Summer, doesn’t it?). PDF Toolkit isn’t for editing a PDF file i.e., you cannot add or remove text and images from a file. What you can do is merge multiple PDFs into a single file. Unlike free tools that only let you merge 2 files into one, PDF Toolkit gives you the freedom to merge as many files as you want. It can extract pages from a file, either in order or as per user specifications and create a new PDF from the extracted pages. Additionally, you can extract text and images from a file and compress it on four different standards to reduce the size. Note that this compression does not mean adding it to a zipped file, compression with PDF Toolkit is different and discussed in detail below.Read More

Typ-O: Mac OS X Text Editor With Grammar Check & Next Word Prediction

Spell check, as we’ve often said before, is a life saver in many situations, and perhaps that's why it exists universally in Mac OS X. Another equally useful feature, though not natively present in OS X, is grammar check. Normally, what you have to work with is a spell check and auto-correct feature that will correct those little typos you make, but can seriously alter the meaning of a sentence if it doesn’t predict a word correctly. Typ-O is a three-in-one Mac app with a text editor that creates and saves files in RTF format, a spelling and grammar checker, and a quick typing tool that allows you to insert a word via the function keys on your keyboard, so that you don’t have to type them out. Typ-O supports both American and UK English, and German. It adjusts its suggestions and the degree of corrections it needs to make, based on your language skills.Read More

Inbox Classic: Task Management For Email, Reminders, Apps & Files [Mac]

We’ve reviewed to-do list and task managers in abundance, each with its own way of managing lists and its own flow of things. A common feature among these kinds of apps is that they break away from the existing ones that you use, and have you re-create new tasks, projects and reminders from scratch. Most will sync items from Mac Calendar, but that is pretty much as far as it will go. Inbox Classic is a free Mac app that is a careful balance between the existing tools you use to keep track of important tasks, and the need to order them differently. Inbox Classic takes items from Mail, Calendar, and your hard disk, and is like a consolidated inbox for all incoming tasks; once emails, projects, reminders, and any other documents you might be working on, are ‘collected,’ the app lets you add timers and tasks to track your progress. In addition to the tasks, processes and projects you add, the app also lets you add agendas, research items or any other task or file you may be waiting for or plan on doing.Read More

iClapper: Clap To Control iTunes Or Trigger Any Action In Mac OS X

We reviewed faceMe last week, an excellent app that triggered actions on your Mac when it detected someone was sitting in front of it. Flutter (full review) is a similar app, in that it, too, takes visual cues from the webcam and allows you to control iTunes, Spotify etc. iClapper is a Mac app, free for a limited time, that takes audio clues and uses them to trigger actions. These audio clues are simple clap sequences, and the number of times you clap tells iClapper which action to trigger. By default, the app comes with pre-added actions for running iTunes, playing/pausing it, skipping to the next song and starting the screensaver. You can add additional actions via an AppleScript and record custom clap sequences. Natively, the app recognizes single, double and three claps.Read More

Site Collector: Take Periodic Screenshots Of Entire Web Pages [Mac]

The need to take screenshots isn’t just confined to your desktop. For many intents and purposes, screenshots of web pages are also required. For longer pages, this can be a challenge, since you will have to scroll several times to see the full page. There are browser extensions and add-ons built to do this, but they don’t always work for all types of sites, or ‘break’ after a while. For Mac users, there is a simple solution; Site Collector is a free Mac app that not only takes screenshots of entire webpages, but also allows you to schedule your captures by a predefined time interval. Site Collector is something of a screenshot aggregation tool for multiple websites. It allows you to enter several websites and select how frequently the app should capture a full page screenshot of each one. The screenshots are free of the browser window, although the preview is always shown in Safari.Read More

Pixen Is A Simple Mac OS X Paint Tool With Supports For Layers

Preview, the default image viewer in Mac, supports some very basic image editing functionality. There isn’t, however, any native Mac app that lets you extensively edit or even create an image with simple brush or shape tools, and that’s why you will see lots of apps vying for the spot. For those who love something that is visually pleasing to use as well as feature-rich, PaintBrush (read review here) is one option. For those looking for layer support and would like to do more with the image itself, there is Pixen, a free Mac app that lets you paint in layers. It allows you to create and edit layers on an image and has all the usual selection, shape and paint tools you find on regular image editors.Read More

NoteBar Is An iPhone-Inspired Note Taking App For Mac OS X

NoteBar is a Mac app worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store that looks just like the stock iOS Notes app, even with the same features; you can add notes (the first line of a note becomes the title), long titles are shortened, notes can be searched and shared via email, exported as a text file, printed and copied to the clipboard. Even on the interface front, expect the buttons to be exactly where you find them on the iPhone app, with the only slight change being that the note background doesn’t look resemble a margined notebook page.Read More

faceMe Opens Files & Apps Using Your Webcam & Face Detection [Mac]

Controlling your devices via simple gestures that are read through your webcam might seem a futuristic idea, but as recently covered app Flutter showed (read full review here), it isn’t that far away any more. If you think waving your hand infront of your webcam to trigger iTunes was cool, you’re going to love faceMe. It’s a Mac app worth $1.99, and is, literally, worth every penny you pay. Like Flutter, it too is triggered by what the webcam sees; only, instead of being limited to a single app, faceMe lets you launch an audio file, a video or an app, quit an open app, open a file or speak predefined text when it detects a face. More on this marvellous app after the break.Read More