Launch Your Applications/Programs Quickly With LaunchBar Commander

If you have tons of useful applications and programs that you use frequently, accessing them all is quite a difficult task. Putting them all as a desktop shortcut can make your desktop look cluttered. There are hundreds of tools that allow you to launch programs quickly. Recently I came across such a tool called LaunchBar Commander. At first I thought it was just another tool, but surprisingly it came out to be more than what I expected.

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Keep Your Software Setup Packages Updated Automatically

Recently I came across a small handy tool called Ketarin which automatically downloads the latest version of the software setup packages for you. Suppose you have installed VLC Media player on your computer, now you can run Ketarin and track VLC Media Player by adding it to the list, if the new version is available it will automatically download it for you. In short, it does not keep your system up-to-date, it only downloads the latest setup packages, thus keeping your setup packages up-to-date. Read More

Add Vista Breadcrumbs Navigation Address Bar In Windows XP

Do you like the Breadcrumbs address bar in Windows Vista? The usability of breadcrumbs navigation is better than the old classic form of navigation. If you don’t want to install Vista because you have a low-spec computer, you can add the breadcrumbs navigation in Windows XP.

QTAddressBar is an awesome application that adds the full Vista breadcrumbs navigation address bar in Windows XP. It is small zip file and does not take much memory resources to run.

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How To Find A Registry Key In Windows Registry Quickly

If you are tech geek you would probably have modified, tweaked, or removed a bunch of registry keys manually. Every time you go to Windows Registry Editor to find some key, it is too difficult to find one, you have to keep pressing F3 to jump to the next key and so on until you finally find the key you are looking for.

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Change Folder Icon Color Or Add Custom Icons In Windows

Do you want to change the icon color of different folders in Windows? Or maybe you have made some custom icons and would like to apply it on different folders? If you want to better organize your folders by changing their colors or by adding your custom icon, then all you need is useful little software called Folder Marker. It supports 32-bit icons, and can work with several folders at once.

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Quickly Launch Applications In Windows With JetStart

Is your Start Menu or Quick Launch bar cluttered with application shortcuts? JetStart is an awesome tool that offers a quick access with categorized Start Menu shortcuts, recently launched programs and system commands. It allows multiple ways to access your applications by categorizing them into five generic categories, either by selecting items from a recently used list or newly added programs or simply search them by keyword etc.

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How To Close A Stuck Program In Windows 7,Vista,XP

Do you have one or two unresponsive programs running but you don’t know how to close them? An unresponsive program can be any program on your computer that might get freeze up and does not respond to your actions, this unresponsiveness of a program can occur due to many reasons, but the main reasons include low virtual memory, low RAM or generic windows errors. Many steps could be taken to troubleshoot an unresponsive program but the easiest way is through Windows Task Manager. Read More

How To Manage And Launch Shortcuts Quickly Using Microsoft Speed Launch

Do you have hundreds of applications installed, with even hundreds of icons spread all over your computer? It is hard sometimes to find the shortcut of a program when they are all cluttered up on ever single place on the computer. This is where Microsoft’s Speed Launch comes in(It requires .Net Framework 3.0). Start menu search in Windows Vista does help sometimes but Speed Launch even lets you assign multiple applications or websites to launch with a single click.

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How To Minimize Applications To Desktop As Thumbnails

If you are a multitasking monster, most of your time may surf on finding the right tab in the taskbar, because when you do multitask a lot you have more tabs in the taskbar which makes it cluttered and unorganized, even with Windows Group Similar taskbar items option, it takes time to find the right tab, there are some applications like utorrent which can be configured to move to tray bar rather than taskbar, the other solution for this is to minimize the applications as thumbnails onto the desktop.

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Run Application Or Program Which Is Incompatible With Windows 7 / Vista

Have you ever encountered a program or an application that just won’t run in Windows 7 / Vista? Either it gives a Blue Screen of Death(BSoD) or prompt a windows error, whenever this problem arises, a window pops up and informs that you can no longer run the program as the “.dll” files are not available in System 32 which is quite annoying when you want to run the application under tight circumstances. Luckily,Windows 7 / Vista has a compatibility feature to address this issue. Read More

How To Create A Free iPhone Application For Your Blog With AppLoop

Do you own a blog? Do you want to create an iPhone application for your blog where users can read your latest post without needing to open their web browser? If yes, then AppLoop does exactly that. You just need to create an account, answer few questions, choose your logo and then choose the price at which you want to make it available. After all is done, they will create your application and send it to Apple for approval. Once approved, your application will be live and everyone with an iPhone can download your application and become and regular reader of your blog. Read More

How To Increase Workspace Using Virtual Desktop Applications For Windows Vista/XP

Editor’s Note: You will need a very powerful or at least semi powerful computer to run virtual desktop applications smoothly, and yes plenty of free disk space too.

Virtual desktops are useful in a way that they provide extra desk space to place your applications. You can easily move your Windows from one workspace to another and sort them according to their functionality and if you constantly find your desktop cluttered and overloaded with programs and browser windows then a virtual desktop manager might be the solution for you. Virtual desktops are handy if you want to keep different tasks and programs separated. They are quite common on Mac and Linux computers. It may take some time but once you get used to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow. So if you’re up for it, below are some of the better Windows desktop managers out there:

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How To Change The Default Location For Installing Applications

Windows uses the System Disk for installing any new applications, That is, if your Windows is installed on the C Drive, the default folder where all the applications you install would automatically show up as C:\Program Files , unless of course you change it manually while installing the application's locations. If you almost always prefer to NOT install on the System Disk, but instead on another partition, say, the D drive, then rather then changing the default location every time, you can change it just once,.

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