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How To Find A Registry Key In Windows Registry Quickly

If you are tech geek you would probably have modified, tweaked, or removed a bunch of registry keys manually. Every time you go to Windows Registry Editor to find some key, it is too difficult to find one, you have to keep pressing F3 to jump to the next key and so on until you finally find the key you are looking for.

RegScanner is a free program, that helps you search through the Windows Registry quickly and efficiently, it performs just like Windows Search which searches for files and folders in your drives.

regscanner You can find the registry by it’s name, type and data. The best thing is that you can also search for those keys which have been modified during a specific time period.

registry scan options Before you start searching for the registry, it gives you options which can help narrow down the keys. If you want to scan the specific base keys, check the Scan the following base keys checkbox and select the base keys from the list, you can select multiple base keys too. You can also command the program to search in Values, Data, and Keys among many other useful options.

This program is surprisingly fast, it scanned 2 base keys for the specific key in less than 15 seconds!


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