Scup: Cross-Platform Batch Audio Track Uploader For SoundCloud

Established in 2007, SoundCloud is arguably the most popular online audio distribution platform for collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio content by artists and music promoters. While the web version of the platform is a no brainer for anyone who is familiar with the service, we don’t usually come across a lot of desktop applications catering to SoundCloud. For that reason, when we stumbled across Scup (short for SoundCloud Uploader), we considered it worthy of being taken for a spin. In its essence, Scup is an Adobe AIR-based, cross-platform application that lets you upload multiple tracks to your SoundCloud account and create a set on the fly. The application supports specifying all necessary parameters, such as genre, set and track types, license, record label etc, making your sets ready for publishing in every sense. Read More

ooVoo: Cross Platform Application For Free Text, Voice And Video Chat

ooVoo is a cross platform communication tool that can be used for voice calling, video calling and instant messaging on Windows PC, Mac, Android and iOS based systems. It allows you to connect with anyone at anytime using video calls, video messages, voice chat, phone calls, text etc. If you cant meet with someone in person, don’t worry, ooVoo lets you have video chat with multiple people at a time. Due to the application being cross platform, it doesn’t matter if you or your friends are using Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Android based tablet or phone. More on ooVoo after the break. Read More

Create Video Slideshows With Transitions In HD Using Slideshow Creator

There was a time when one might have found it difficult to make high definition video slideshows, or might even have required hiring a professional for the job. Thanks to free applications, this task can now be performed by all kinds of novice and expert users in just a few easy steps. Slideshow Creator is a free application for creating video slideshows from still images, with transition effects and background audio. Most of the options in this application are quite self explanatory, and make it easy to create picture slideshows for users who may not have any kind of video editing experience. Read More

Audiobook Cutter Free Edition Provides Arbitrary Splitting Of Mp3 Files

When compiling MP3 audiobooks and podcast files into smaller segments, one requires separating them. This can normally be done either by re-encoding the files, or by using complex audio editing applications. Alternatively, one can use an audio file splitter to simplify this task. Audiobook Cutter Free Edition is an audio file splitter to chop down large MP3 audiobook files into smaller segments, without having to edit or re-encode them. The aim of this application is to split MP3 files for easily creating audiobooks that are more manageable, and divided in appropriate segments. For example, you can use this application to manage your long audiobook recordings that can be cut with just a click. Read More

Audio Control: Define & Switch Between Multiple Sound & Alert Profiles [Android]

We’ve seen some very effective ways of instantly switching to a user-defined volume present on Android with sound profile management apps, such as, Volume RockerFine Volume Control and Volume Sync. Adding to the long list of apps from said genre is Audio Control, a free tool that lets you define volume profiles as per requirement. There is no restriction on the number of profiles that can be created, and for each profile, you can specify individual volume levels for your calls, ringer, notifications, media, alarms, speaker phone and the operating system itself. In addition, the app provides you with an option to specify a custom ringer mode (silent, vibrate or normal) and separate vibration settings for your calls and notifications. With Audio Control, not only can you set the required vibration intensity level, but also view all volume levels within the currently active sound profile on your homescreen using the app's customizable widgets. Read More

E-Z Media Converter Lets You Convert Selected Part Of Any Media File

Due to the large number of media devices, files need to be converted to different formats in order to be played on them. Last year, we covered MediaHuman Audio Converter an easy to use audio conversion tool, and then MediaHuman Video Converter, a video converter that allows you to batch convert videos to a number of formats by providing you with a long list of presets to choose from. Today, we have another video converter for you, named E-Z Media Converter, that allows you to convert between a large number of, both audio and video media formats. Other than converting audio and video media files, it also allows you to select just a part of the file to convert. For instance, if you want only the first 2 minutes from a 10 minute video, you don’t have to convert the whole file. Just select the required portion and convert! Currently, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA and MP3 media formats are supported by the application. Read More

MediaHuman Audio Converter: Convert Music Files via Drag & Drop

With the huge number of music files with different extensions available on the internet, the issue of compatibly often arises. With so many different types of devices and applications available out there, it is a problem that we all have faced at one point or another. While almost all mobile platforms including Android and iOS, support every kind of audio format, but some formats are still left unsupported, for proprietary reasons. There are a lot of audio converters available that can convert audio file from one format to the other, but the process involve in changing the extension of music files is usually very complicated, especially for newbies. MediaHuman Audio Converter is here to resolve the issue. It is an audio converter that makes the process of converting your music from one format to another very lucid and easy. It allows you to convert your music in WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OCG, AIFF and Apple Lossless format in just three simple steps. The intuitive interface is both user-friendly and good-looking. Complete review of the application after the jump. Read More

Hear Your News Feeds Read Out With Aloud For Windows Phone 7

Despite the lack of an official Google Reader client, Windows Phone 7 has a lot of good feed reader apps (with the the likes of NewsSpot present in the Marketplace). Although Aloud is not the client of a popular news service, and you can’t import feeds from another service (like Google Reader) to the app either, but the concept behind it is rather unique to the platform. You'd be hard pressed to find a similar app on the Marketplace. Aloud is a text-to-speech RSS reader. You can add any news source of interest to the app, and with a single tap, it will begin reading out the introductory paragraphs of all the articles within it. While the app might sound like an accessibility option, it has the potential to prove to be handy in a multitude of situations. You can treat Aloud like just another feed reader, but one that uses speech instead of text to convey the latest news items from the sources you follow. Read More

X Lossless Decoder: Compress Audio Files To Lossless Formats [Mac]

If you frequently work with media files, and sound files in particular, then you might have needed to compress audio files quite frequently. There isn’t a void of audio compression software, but ones for Mac are somewhat rare, not to mention costly. X Lossless Decoder is a Mac app that lets you decode and convert audio files between any of the several supported lossless formats, i.e., OGG, APE, WV, TTA, M4A, TAK, SHN, AIFF, WAV etc. Additionally, the app also helps burn and rip CDs while maintaining all metadata and album art in a single directory. When ripping or burning CDs, the app will let you save or split tracks into cue sheets. Read More

Any Video Converter Lite: Free Audio & Video Format Converter For Mac

Versatile video converters are hard to find, as the majority of freely available format conversion apps allow you to convert videos to common formats only. When it comes to the Mac OS X platform, the number of free options diminishes even further. Any Video Converter Lite is a free Mac app that supports conversion to a large number of audio and video formats. The app’s built in media player is somewhat buggy, but it converts files without error. While format conversion is the main feature, the app also has a side feature to download videos from YouTube in Flash format. It installs a Video Downloader app, and downloads files directly from YouTube when you enter a video’s URL. Read More

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter: Convert Audio Files Between 33 Audio Formats

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter is an efficient audio converter that supports conversion for 33 audio formats. It is quite easy to use, and will be found useful even by users who do not have much knowledge of complex audio conversion parameters, such as bitrates. Moo0 AudioTypeConverter supports conversion via simple drag and drop, and also provides advanced configuration options, which can be used by advanced users to adjust the conversion of audio files. The supported audio formats include 3GP, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, OGG, PCM and many more. Read More

Trout: Portable Load & Play Audio Player With Last & Support

While there are several good media players capable of playing audio files, at times you might just want to load and play a list of songs conveniently. Furthermore, many media players do not display tags on the main interface by default, to maintain eye candy. Trout is a portable audio player, designed with standard controls and a simple interface, which allows instantly loading and playing audio files. It has been designed using AutoHotkey, and displays all tags tied to an audio file on the main interface. Moreover, it provides and scrobbling, lyrics and album art display, support for internet radio streams, tag editing, as well as support for a large number of audio formats including, FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3 and many more. Read More

MPlayerX Remembers Where You Stopped A Media File & Plays Flash [Mac]

Mac’s native media player, QuickTime Player, has a multitude of features, allowing you to do just about everything, from screencasting to publishing your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo. While the application is rich in functionality, not everyone uses all those functions, and if you just want to watch a couple of music videos, tutorials or play songs from your library, a much lighter music player like MPlayerX might be more suitable. This Mac app does what you would expect of a media player; it plays audio and video files of practically every format (even Flash), but additionally remembers the last position a file was played at and reopens them at it. It can be used to stream live broadcasts, and unlike QuickTime Player, you can drag & drop a file onto an already open window to play it. Read More

TOAU: Convert Text To Audio & Export It Sans Terminal Command [Mac]

Mac has the built in capability to convert a text file to speech format, and read it out loud, but it isn’t something that can be done in one click or less. You have to open Terminal and input the correct command. TOAU is a text to audio converter that makes this whole process simpler and Terminal-free, by automatically sending the same command you would use manually to read a text file out loud. Additionally, it lets you export the file in audio format. Read More

Apply And Adjust Audio Effects With Moo0 AudioEffecter

Moo0 AudioEffecter is an application for adding and adjusting effects of audio files, including detailed adjustment of volume, bass, pitch etc. For example, you can enhance vocal and instrument sound for amplifying the audio track playback sound. Moo0 AudioEffecter has been developed by the same developers who previously brought us Moo0 ConnectionWatcher, Moo0 File Shredder, Moo0 DiskCleaner and Moo0 MultiDesktop. Read More

FileLab Audio Editor Lets You Add Multiple Effects To Audio Tracks [Web]

There are a lot of audio editors currently in the market, ranging from applications that perform only specific functions like splitting or joining audio tracks, to applications like Adobe Audition and Sound Forge that can be used to perform extensive audio editing at professional level. We previously covered an audio editor called Wave Editor, which allows users to make small audio adjustments to a track. The developers of FileLab Video Editor have created an audio editing web-based service, FileLab Audio Editor, that lets you add effects such as Amplify, Fade In/ Fade Out, Echo, Reverb, Tempo Change etc. effects to an audi track. It lets you generate Silence and Signal patches to include in your track and save it in WMA, WAV and FLAC formats. Read More

SaveMeeting For Android: Record/Share Audio & Speech-To-Text Transcripts Of Meetings

Want to share the transcripts or audio recordings of a recently concluded business meeting with your colleagues? Why not do it with SaveMeeting – a cross platform mobile app that lets you easily record and share the audio, transcriptions (speech-to-text) and other details of your meetings right from your device. All recordings are automatically uploaded to the SaveMeeting cloud, thereby helping you as well as your colleagues to instantly access shared data anytime and from anywhere. Each recording is listed under a meeting date specified on calendar that can be accessed via the company’s website. Initially released as an iOS-only app, SaveMeeting has just made its way into the Android Market. Read More

xSpeedPlayer: Increase Or Decrease MP3 Audio Playback Speed On Android

xSpeedPlayer is a free Android app capable of increasing/ decreasing playback rate of MP3 audio files by up to 4 times the original speed. The app allows you to save the altered audio file in both MP3 and WAV audio formats and with an audio quality of your choice (not applicable to WAV files). What's best about xPlaySpeed is that it encodes music at the desired playback speed without shifting the pitch. That is, the app only speeds up, say, the beats in a song without making the result sound shrill compared to the original. Read More

Listen To Audio Books On Windows Phone 7 Using ElWPAudioBooks

People say reading has gone out of fashion with the advent of smartphones, internet and technology in general. That might be true, but books are, and will always remain, the most common source of knowledge. Now you don’t have to buy books made of paper (although some still prefer it). Like many other things books have gone virtual too, and you don’t even have to spend your energy to read anymore. There are audiobooks for that. Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support Audio books, neither does its latest update (Mango). However, there is a workaround named ElWPAudioBooks that, according to the developer, performs the simple task of making your audiobooks appear as a podcast feed to Zune, and as you very well know there is a special tab for podcasts in Zune. There is a catch though. Your books need to be in mp3 format.  Good thing is, you don’t need Mango or an unlocked device to get audiobooks on your phone through this tool. Read More

Daminion: Powerful Multi-User Media Management Software For Small Teams

Backed by powerful search capabilities and intuitive cataloging features, Daminion is a multi-user media management solution for people working together on collective data. Daminion takes a fresh approach to handle and organize 3 most commonly used multimedia file types, including, image, video and audio. The concept is to ensure that each supported item on your PC is secured, tagged, and available from within a unified interface. The application has been written to solve both generic and complex item cataloging issues, such as, untagged items, inefficient search and filter features, tag synchronization across all like items and so on. Daminion lays a staunch foundation for users to seamlessly organize their multimedia files without having to manually manage their files, filter media file types, input meta tags, rate files, etc. Read More