How To Manually Add Street Addresses To Chrome’s Auto-Fill Option

The information we enter in our browsers daily is often redundant. URLs are one such example but because we can bookmark links, save popular websites to the browser's speed-dial, or because browsers can retrieve them from our history, it is much easier to enter them. Emails are yet another form of information we enter daily whether we're signing in to our email accounts, Facebook, or downloading software. There are quite a few incidents that call for users to input the same information over and over and like we have browsing history for URLs, and password managers for emails and passwords, Chrome has an auto-fill option for information related to physical mailing addresses, and credit cards. Some users like to keep the option disabled (for security purposes) while others find it is pretty useful in filling out forms quickly. Here is how you can manually enter a street address in Chrome's auto-fill option.Read More

Complete For Gmail Offers Word Suggestions When Writing An Email [Chrome]

I don't use a desktop email client; I prefer to use Gmail in my browser. It has many advantages and a few disadvantages that I won't list here but the disadvantages outweigh the advantages easily. That's not to say I wouldn't say no to any improvement which is why I took Complete For Gmail for a spin. It's a Chrome extension that suggests words as you type them in the compose email window, something that you're probably used to when you type anything on a smartphone. The point is to make typing easier and faster.Read More

This Notepad2 Mod Sports Code Folding, Word Auto-Complete & More

Usually when we talk about text editing or word processing apps, we often get a mixed bag of opinions from people. Some like minimalistic, Notepad-like utilities that provide distraction free editing, while others favor apps that come packed with a horde of features and options. If you’re a programmer or a web developer, you probably already have your own favorite text editor. Though in terms of choice, there are a bunch of text editing tools available for Windows on the internet, both free and paid. Notepad2-mod is a Windows app inspired by Notepad2, which itself builds upon the minimalism of Notepad while adding certain useful features from other, more advanced text editors. The application provides a full-featured text editing workspace optimized for writing code, whether you require some basic HTML editing or do some advance coding with syntax highlighting. The application has a ton of advance features that you won’t find in Notepad, and many that aren't there in Notepad2. Read More

How To Enable Inline AutoComplete In Windows Explorer & Run Dialog Box

Web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera are all known for being feature rich and powerful. They all contain distinct features that make them unique. One tribute however, where they all share a common ground is Inline AutoComplete. It is a feature that is included in all modern browsers. What Inline AutoComplete does is, it helps you save time by automatically filling in a web address when you start typing its URL. Let us explain you a simple example, when you want to open AddictiveTips, start typing its URL and after two or three letters, the complete URL will automatically appear in the address bar, making you instantly jump the desired URL. This great feature is not a prerogative of web browsers only.The same inline AutoComplete functionality is also available in Windows Explorer, as well as the Run dialog box. For some reason it is not activated by default, means you need to manually enable it. Normally when you type something in the address bar of Windows Explorer, it searches for it first. In this post, we will explain to you how to enable the Inline AutoComplete feature in Windows Explorer and Run dialog box. Keep reading.Read More

View Damn You Autocorrect & Other Funny Picture Blogs In One App [WP7]

Life can get monotonous at times, and when you are bored, some mindless fun might just be the thing you need. Most of you must be familiar with popular time-wasting, humorous blogs like Damn You, Autocorrect and “Why Siri, Why?”, as they are the best place to go when you are looking for a few laughs. Won’t it be nice if, instead of going from one website to another, you could just browse through the funny content on these blogs in one app? That’s exactly what Damn You Autocorrect does for Windows Phone 7 users. With this hilarious app, you get a convenient method of viewing the recent and most popular posts in some of the well-known photo blogs.Read More

eType – Auto Complete Text And Translate Words Anywhere

When composing an email, it can be quite embarrassing to make spelling mistakes. Moreover, a communication on a professional level (e.g. via LinkedIn) makes it even more important to carefully examine the content we send out. eType is an application that auto completes, provides suggestions and translates words while typing anywhere, be it social networking websites, browsers, word processors, or desktop applications. It also helps us in preventing spelling mistakes and recommending words while writing a long research paper or thesis.Read More

A.I Type Speeds Up Typing By Showing Suggested Words / Phrases

If you badly suck at typing and your mind goes completely blank as to what to type next, A.I type is what you need. It is by-far the most interesting and intuitive typing tutor/master, which offers a list of words right beneath the Insert Cursor. Apart from being a typing assistant, it also makes it much easier and faster to type by auto-completing the correct words for you. No matter where you are typing, in Notepad, WordPad, MS Word, filling forms on web, composing email, etc., it will always pop-up to help you out with typing by suggesting words and sentences. Moreover, it uses an intuitive typing mechanism which shows a list of smart words that are in some way or the other related with the phrase/sentence.Read More