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eType – Auto Complete Text And Translate Words Anywhere

When composing an email, it can be quite embarrassing to make spelling mistakes. Moreover, a communication on a professional level (e.g. via LinkedIn) makes it even more important to carefully examine the content we send out. eType is an application that auto completes, provides suggestions and translates words while typing anywhere, be it social networking websites, browsers, word processors, or desktop applications. It also helps us in preventing spelling mistakes and recommending words while writing a long research paper or thesis.

When installing eType, users are given the choice to install an active dictionary in any preferred language. Dictionaries in multiple languages can be added later from eType settings.

eType Installation

After installation, eType starts providing automatic suggestions as you type across browsers, websites and applications. This not only helps in getting accurate spellings, but can be useful in polishing your language skills. Communication can also be facilitated by translating text from other languages. Hovering the mouse over the Dictionary icon allows searching in added dictionaries (from multiple languages). Whereas, the second icon allows managing settings for eType.


The General tab in settings can be used to set a word/time limit for receiving suggestions and adjusting hot keys.

General tab

To choose an active dictionary and add dictionary from other languages, head over to the Manage Dictionaries tab. The suggested words can also be completed in a single or two dictionaries by adjusting the appropriate settings. Users can also choose to translate text from multiple languages to and from English (e.g. Dutch to English and vice versa).

Add Dictionary

To stop eType from any application, you can enable or disable applications from the Enabled programs tab. The same can also be done with the default Ctrl+F8 hotkey.

Enabled Programs tab

The Advanced tab provides options to manage general settings. For instance, you can enable it at startup, add words automatically, hide eType window automatically when there are no suggestions and move eType icon to the notification area by checking the relevant checkboxes.


eType is an integrated dictionary, translation and language assistant that is good to have around for seamless text communication. This application was tested on Windows 7 64-bit OS.

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