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Install Incredibly Re-Engineered Android ROM On HTC Droid Incredible

Incredibly Re-Engineered ROM Droid IncredibleLately, we haven’t been able to show HTC Droid Incredible much love but that is about to change as we are about to bring you an awesome ROM as well as a killer theme for this Android device. The first one is the ROM called Incredibly Re-Engineered which is based on the stock ROM with added enhancements.

Incredibly Re-Engineered has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member chingy510 and is based on an already popular ROM called ReEngineered by aamikam, which in turn has been built upon the latest official FroYo ROM by HTC. The ROM retains HTC Sense UI while significantly changing its looks by theming it extensively.

The ROM is very fast and stable. The latest version has been released just a few days ago and the feature list has been updated. It is deodexed, rooted, zipaligned at boot and includes some other performance tweaks. All languages other than English have also been removed from the APK files of all the applications, decreasing their sizes by several times and making the ROM even faster while consuming considerably less memory.

Amongst the included apps are Spare Parts, Facebook, Hulu, Adobe Reader and Wireless Tethering. To keep it lean and fast, the developer has removed many apps but they can still be found in and installed from a folder on the SD Card called “Incredibly_Re-Engineered_Optional” once the ROM has been installed.

Other features include Wireless tethering, a custom Rosie, Myn’s Rosie settings, DSP Manager. a modified version of Flash Player that works with Hulu, custom animations, 4-in-1 boot menu, 5 column app drawer, themed Gingerbread keyboard and many more.

To install this ROM to your device, download it from the link given below and flash it from recovery after wiping data, cache and Dalvik cache. Don’t forget to take a backup before you begin.

Once you have installed this ROM, you can try out an awesome Tron based theme that we found for it. Refer to our coverage of Tron Theme for HTC Droid Incredible for more information.

Download Incredibly Re-Engineered ROM for HTC Droid Incredible

[via XDA-Developers]

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