Customize Website Access For Your Child With Weblock For Kids

Weblock for kids is a parental control application, which allows browsing only custom approved websites by parents. It can be easily implemented to apply browsing restrictions on children, so that you can customize your child's homepage with the included artwork, defined colors or even your own images. Furthermore, you can prevent access to your computer and other programs by password protecting browsing, and for exiting the “Kid Mode”, which limits browsing sessions.Read More

Browser Swap: Set Default Browser For Wi-Fi/2G/3G & Websites [Android]

Previously reviewed Android app, Smart Browser Chooser, provided the users with the option to set a default browser while surfing the web under a different internet connection type. Based on more or less the same concept, Browser Swap is a fresh entrant to the Android Market that provides you with the option of specifying a preferred web browser through which a specific user-defined URL would open. For instance, you can set up the app to open the desktop variant of a website with Boat Browser, and the mobile variant of the same website with UC Browser, or vice versa. This feature, when coupled with the option of easily specifying specific default browsers for browsing the internet under Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G connections, make Browser Swap a rather unique prospect in its own regard.Read More

Install Amazon Kindle Fire’s Silk Browser On Your Rooted Android Device

The Kindle Fire from Amazon is a nifty little gadget that is primarily meant to enhance your reading experience on an Android device. The eBook reading capabilities of this Amazon brainchild aside, it is the app's overall design and features list that make it an immensely useful mobile device. One of the standout aspects of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is its stock browser (Silk browser). Until now, the browser was, of course, available only to Kindle Fire users, but hats off to XDA-Developers member TyHi, who has managed to successfully port it to other Android devices. The process currently works only for rooted devices, involves side-loading a handful of APKs, and pushing a few files to your device’s system directories. If you’re interested in getting the taste of Silk browser on your Android device, join us after the break for a step-by-step guide.Read More

ICS Browser Plus: Enhanced Variant Of Stock Android 4.0 Web Browser

As mentioned in our overview of Android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich features, the latest Android operating system sports a plethora of handy features and UI enhancements including Face Unlock, NFC Beam, instant task switching, built-in option to capture screenshots, and an all-new stock browser with the Quick controls option that it borrows from its Honeycomb counterpart. As compared to the tablet version, said option is quite limited in the ICS stock browser. XDA-Developers member appelflap has released a beta build of his very own variant of the ICS browser that sports Honeycomb-style Quick Controls. It's called ICS Browser Plus and is compatible with Android devices running ICS (v4.0 or higher). In addition, the app lets you change the user agent (UA) string of your Android browser to desktop, iPad, iPhone and other devices. Read More

SimilarWeb: Find Similar Websites And Discover Latest Buzz [Chrome]

SimilarWeb, a browser extension, allows you to access the best sites related to the current one you are browsing. It makes your browsing experience more productive & interactive by letting you find similar top sites and the latest activity for any website. Once you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar, and a pop-up will be displayed with three main categories, Similar sites, Top sites and Buzz. For each category, you will be able to view websites with image thumbnails and titles. SimilarWeb is a handy tool that can help you find popular websites, competitors and much more.Read More

Opera Mini Available For Fully Unlocked WP7 Custom ROMs

There are several mobile browsers available for a range of smartphone devices but among all of them, Opera Mini's smooth and light browsing experience makes it perhaps the most popular choice among mobile device users. Currently, Windows Phone 7 is the only major platform that doesn't have the browser in its app store. Fortunately, XDA-Developers member ultrashot seems to have successfully ported the Windows Mobile variant of Opera Mini 5.1 to the metro platform. However, it isn't for everyone unfortunately, since to run the port, your device must have fully unlocked custom firmware (such as DFT Freedom) flashed to it. Let's find out more about Opera Mini for Windows Phone 7 after the jump.Read More

Beyond Browser For WP7: Designed For Quick Access To Favorite Sites

It is a tiresome task to type the URL of a website on your smartphone every time you launch the browser. Beyond Browser for Windows Phone 7 seems to have been designed for quick access to your favorite sites. It displays a collection of Quick Links and Popular sites on its homepage along with your bookmarks and browsing History. In addition, the browser allows you to add your own links to the page so that you don't have to enter their URLs or search for them from within browsing history each tie you launch the app. Beyond Browser also supports screen lock, which is pretty rare for Windows Phone 7 apps.Read More

Remote Potato: Access Windows Media Center Across Network

Microsoft Media Center didn't receive much attention from users as a whole. Its market was niche and moreover, there were better alternatives to it such as the far-famed XMBC. All that changed when Windows 7 perfected the existing Windows Media Center, making it arguably one of the best (if not the best) central application to listen to music, watch videos and movies, and view images. It allows you to create a media library by specifying folders containing different types of data. Apart from all the useful features and an appealing and user-friendly interface, its major drawback is its inability to be portable (unless of course you have a portable device). Remote Potato takes care of this problem, and turns Windows Media Center into a server, allowing you to access your media from any PC with a browser and an internet connection. Just put in your PC’s IP address and gain remote access to your entire media library, eliminating the need to carry media around in a USB flash drive. Keep reading to find how to set it up.Read More

Monitor & Receive Email Notifications Of Internet Activity With Gold Monitor

The internet is full of distractions that make you lose focus while working. A lot of websites exist just for the sole purpose of wasting your time when you have nothing else to do. It is important to keep a check on yourself when you are working, since there is a lot of chance that you will lose focus for a minute and end up wasting hours on such websites. Today, we have an application that allows you to monitor internet usage and browsing patterns to find out where is all that time wasted. Gold Monitor is an internet monitoring application that lets you monitor the web browser activity, allowing you to receive daily, weekly and monthly reports of browser activity. You can get reports according to Top 10 most visited websites, All visited websites, Websites visited today etc. Parents can use this application to monitor internet activity of their kids, companies can use it for monitoring employee activity, and individuals can use it for checking time-wasting websites to increase their productivity.Read More

BT Engage: Create Free And Functional Themes For Firefox & IE [Web]

In the world of marketing, getting your message across effectively is probably the best advertising technique, and brands, organizations, companies etc, employ all possible means to achieve this. Generally, when consumers are continuously reminded of a product/service, chances are high that they’ll remember it more than others. This appears to be the thought behind Brand Thunder’s Engage – a free web app that allows anyone to create a browser theme (currently supporting Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer). Since a browser window is almost always present in front of a user when surfing the web, having your theme splashed across their screens is, arguably, one of the best ways to market yourself. So, if you’re a blogger, service provider, product manufacturer, or would just like to brand yourself, hit the jump and see how Engage can serve you.Read More

MobiUS Web Browser For iOS Unleashes The Full Potential Of HTML 5

HTML 5 has really started to replace Flash in most areas of web browsing. The number of iOS users who complain of the lack of Flash support in iPhone and iPad is diminishing by the day, all thanks to HTML 5. Despite this, not everything, unfortunately, that HMTL 5 has the potential to do, has been done yet. MobiUs for iOS is just a web browser on the surface, but in reality it offers so much more that you might be surprised. It is developed by placing a special focus on web applications, and aims to run them akin to independent, native apps. Hit the jump to read on.Read More

Clea.Nr Removes Clutter From YouTube And Amazon [Web]

YouTube’s new design has greatly improved the viewing experience since it give more room to the media player itself and because comments can be browsed without having to leave the page. Suggested and featured videos have also been moved further down the page. While the new interface is better compared to the last one, it isn’t exactly what you would call clutter free. If you prefer a clearer interface and want to avoid all the clutter, then is just what you need. is a bowser extension available for Chrome, Safari and Firefox that allows easier navigation on YouTube by eliminating the clutter leaving behind the player. If you move your mouse, the search bar, sign-in option, share options for the video and its title appear.Read More

UC Browser 8.0 Saves Cache To Cloud, Allows Faster Browsing [Android]

UC Browser is a cross-platform web browser for mobile devices with support for all the renowned operating systems/platforms that currently exist. Be it Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile or any other, UC Browser has almost all the bases covered. Just recently, the company has launched UC Browser 8.0 for Android and a handful of other platforms. The browser (currently in beta) vows to enhance web browsing experience on your device through faster, smoother rendering of pages in multiple browsing modes. Users can opt to view pages with full-content support in PC mode or revert to the mobile/no-image view to save bandwidth. In addition, the browser boasts several other features such as full-screen browsing, URL-auto completion, real-time search suggestions from Google, customizable zoom level, image quality and browser orientation, in-page search, built-in download/file manager, better privacy controls, detailed Traffic stats, day/night mode support, extensive bookmarking, editable quick-dial buttons on homescreen and much more.Read More

Take An Ubuntu 11.10 Test Drive Before Downloading It

Many Ubuntu users have been quite confused regarding upgrading to version 11.10. This seems to be a dilemma that is often experienced by Ubuntu users, due to the time it takes for the new version to become more stable. For example, many Ubuntu 10.10 users did not upgrade to Natty until Oneiric was released, mainly because it took Natty quite a while to stabilize before it could be trusted by users. Also, its not just the kernel and back-end issues that users are concerned about. With each upcoming version, Ubuntu is experiencing radical user interface changes, which can be difficult to predict. For this reason, Canonical has provided an official Ubuntu Tour via a simulator that you can access within a web browser. This tour provides automatic and manual simulations to help you test drive Ubuntu 11.10 before downloading it.Read More

Save Bandwidth While Browsing On Android With TextOnly Browser

Are you one of those fellow “Androiders” who browse the web on their phone/tablet via data connection due to unavailability of Wi-Fi? Or have you ever wondered if you can keep your mobile data costs under check and browse the internet “freely” at the same time? If your situation is similar to what has been described above, then read on - for you may like it. TextOnly Browser has recently been released in Android Market with the sole purpose of controlling and reducing data connection expenditure. According to the app developer, the mission of TextOnly Browser is to reduce data usage by only displaying readable content and skipping everything else. The browser also claims to skip ads, heavy java script files and everything that can be a burden on your precious data connection bandwidth.Read More

KeyStroke Adds Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts To Safari

Using Safari as a primary web browser and want to enhance the browsing experience by associating keyboard shortcuts with common tasks? KeyStroke is a Safari extension that adds a slew of keyboard shortcuts for routine browsing tasks, such as, navigate between tabs, zoom in and out, switch to next page, change input field focus, reload page, open new page, wrap text and so on. Apart from these, you can quickly access KeyStroke preferences, save changes made to settings, associate numeric keys with tabs, and define both blacklisted and whitelisted websites. Moreover, when you type in a URL in address bar, these shortcuts get disabled, letting you enter the website link you want to visit.Read More

Dolphin Browser HD 7.0 Syncs Bookmarks, Gestures & More [Android]

Dolphin Browser HD is easily among the most popular web browsers for Android and iOS. Browsing through tabs and gestures, easy bookmarking, content-rich webzines and customizable settings are some of the salient features of said browser that make it a standout contender among its counterparts. If you’re using Dolphin Brower HD on your Android, rejoice, for we bring good news! Dolphin Browser HD for Android has just been updated (to v7.0) with a couple of handy features, and is available on the GetJar App Store for free (download link provided at the end). As of now, the updated browser would remain available exclusively on GetJar until coming Sunday (Oct 23), after which it would be released on the Android Market as well. Dolphin Connect and improved webzines are some of the noteworthy changes that come along with the update, and we shall explore both the features in detail after the jump.Read More

Open URLs In Separate Android Browsers For 2G, 3G & Wi-Fi Connections

2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and all; there are so many different routes to gain access to internet from your Android device. In case you’ve subscribed to an unlimited data plan with your network provider, you can afford to browse through the various content-heavy websites and/or download data on your device rather profligately. However, there are situations where you might be charged a lot even for surfing plain websites, thereby having to keep a close check on your rather constrained tariff plan as well as your download habits. If you’re often confronted with such a situation where you have to browse the internet under various connection types but do not want to repeat the tedious process of adjusting the download preferences of your browser again and again, then Smart Browser Chooser could prove to be more than effective for you. Smart Browser Chooser, as its name implies, automatically selects a specified web browser (for instance, when you tap on a URL) depending upon the internet connection that you’re using.Read More