Hide/Unhide Desktop Icons On OS X With Terminal Command

I usually keep critical files on my desktop, as many of us do, because it reminds me of what work I need to finish as soon as I boot my system up. However,  I would take all my files and either put them on my desktop or create a random folder and drag it away from view when I wanted some clean space for taking a screenshot. It was an inelegant solution, but I didn't know that I had a problem on my hands. Along comes a solution for a problem I didn't know I had. Sure there are auto organization tools like Hazel or hotkey solutions like Clean Slate but you have to admit, nothing beats the comfort of the terminal; bringing the entire process down to a single line of code. Read More

Desktop Groups Is A Fences-Like Desktop Organizer For Mac OS X

The best desktop to work on is the one with the least clutter. With the Dock, Launchpad, and Spotlight on Mac OS X, you certainly don’t need shortcuts for an app on your desktop so it’s mostly just your files that are there. Objectively speaking, the number of files you need to have on your desktop varies from person to person, but the one thing most users want is a clean and organized desktop. Desktop Groups Lite is a free Mac app that not only helps you organize files on your desktop, but also keeps it clean. It lets you create frames on your desktop that confine files dragged & dropped within their boundaries, much like Fences, a popular desktop organizer for Windows. You can add as many files as you like to a frame and resize it according to your requirements. A scroll bar allows you to see the files in a particular frame when they exceed the number that can be visible with the current size. The Lite version is a stripped down variant of Desktop Group (priced at $5.99) and allows adding only up to five frames. Read More

Automatically Unclutter, Organize Your Mac Desktop Everyday With Clean

A while back, we featured Desktoday to organize Mac OS X desktop items. The application focuses on organizing files and folders by dates; it lets you move items used today to respective date stamped folder. The only drawback of Desktoday is that it doesn’t include an option to automate the process, thus, requiring user to select the option from menu bar to clean the desktop from unnecessary items. Clean is relatively powerful application for Mac which performs desktop organization in somewhat similar fashion. Clean has been designed specifically to automate the process of cleaning desktop from superfluous files and folders. It can clean your desktop everyday without requiring you to launch the application or select any of its desktop cleaning options. It checks if it is a new day after every 60 minutes in order to clean your desktop. Read More

Clean Up Windows Desktop With Zum [Application Launcher]

Zum is an awesome application launcher which can also be considered a piece of art. The application is beautiful, have an eye-candy look, is easier to use, and the interface is minimalist. Combine the great look of the app with usability, it is unlike other application launchers, beautifully executed and a tool that users will actually want. Read More

Windows 7 Desktop Cleanup Wizard – Clean Desktop

For those users of Windows 7 and Vista who miss the desktop cleanup wizard of Windows XP, here is an app which performs the desktop clean up operations for Windows 7 and Vista. Clean Desktop scans & detects desktop items which have not been used in the last 30 days and lists them down. You then have the option to delete them.

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