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Desktop Groups Is A Fences-Like Desktop Organizer For Mac OS X

The best desktop to work on is the one with the least clutter. With the Dock, Launchpad, and Spotlight on Mac OS X, you certainly don’t need shortcuts for an app on your desktop so it’s mostly just your files that are there. Objectively speaking, the number of files you need to have on your desktop varies from person to person, but the one thing most users want is a clean and organized desktop. Desktop Groups Lite is a free Mac app that not only helps you organize files on your desktop, but also keeps it clean. It lets you create frames on your desktop that confine files dragged & dropped within their boundaries, much like Fences, a popular desktop organizer for Windows. You can add as many files as you like to a frame and resize it according to your requirements. A scroll bar allows you to see the files in a particular frame when they exceed the number that can be visible with the current size. The Lite version is a stripped down variant of Desktop Group (priced at $5.99) and allows adding only up to five frames.

Desktop Groups Lite creates an individual folder for each frame. Like Fences, you can drag the files over the frame to add them to your frame. Alternatively, it allows you to add files and folders to frames’ folders, so they can appear in the frames you added to your desktop. For the first time usage, it asks you where you want to create these folders on your system. Desktop Groups Lite adds a frame by default with a few pictures to give you an idea of how it works. You can rename the frame by double clicking its title. Files can be selected and dragged out to remove them from a frame. You can add multiple files to a group at once.

Desktop Groups Lite

To create a new folder, move your mouse to the right end of the title of an existing frame and a drop down arrow will appear. This pull down menu has options to add a new group, refresh the files and change the icons’ size and grid spacing. Alternatively, go to Group>New Group in the app’s menu to add a group.

Desktop Groups Lite new group

Desktop Groups Lite has been developed by the same people who made Desktop Shelves Lite. Comparing the two, Desktop Groups Lite seems much better since it sticks to functionality instead of visual appeal. The frame is plain and simple and does not take up extra space, it is easier to scroll through the files and it supports quick preview if you select a file and press the Spacebar or Command+Y.

Get Desktop Groups Lite from Mac App Store


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