S Converter: Convert Units With This Material Design Done Right App [Android]

How many pounds in a kilogram? Back when calculators, and smartphones weren't so common, the best you could do was learn little tricks that could help you get a near estimate. For example, you can double the value of Kg and then add half more to get a near enough figure of how many pounds are in it. Fortunately, you can now convert units from the Google search results page or, if you're offline, you can use a conversion app like S Converter. It supports unit conversion for acceleration, currency, area, digital storage, energy, force, fuel consumption, and more. The app works great and if you want another reason to use it over any other run-of-the-mill conversion app then take S Converter's design into consideration which is all Material.Read More

Convert, Transfer & Host Documents Online With CometDocs

If you want to store a file online to be able to access it from any device, you have over a dozen web services to choose from. On Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 8 and Ubuntu, you get one cloud storage service integrated into the OS itself, and then there are the already established names like Dropbox and Google Drive. For newer services trying to compete with these giants, this means beating the competition out with additional features. CometDocs is a web service that offers a myriad of features for files uploaded to it. It provides you 1 GB of storage space that you can use to upload and host files. You can also convert documents between different formats, and share them easily with others. The service offers a very clean interface and supports a reasonable number of formats that you can convert to and from.Read More

Batch Resize, Watermark & Compress Images Easily Using Snap Converter

You can find a whole host of screenshot and image editing apps for OS X, Skitch being one of the most famous and comprehensive ones among the lot. With most of these apps and utilities though, what you get is one thing done well; you will find an app that is excellent at compressing images with little to no loss of quality, another one that's great at renaming files in bulk, and yet another one that rocks at adding watermarks to them. What's hard to find is a Swiss Army knife that does all such related tasks, and does them really well. Snap Converter is a Mac app worth $ 3.99 in the Mac App Store that handles five major functions for images in bulk: it lets you resize, rename, compress, convert between popular image formats, and add a watermark to images.Read More

Batch-Convert Subtitles Between A Number Of Different Formats

The subtitles aren’t for the deaf or hard-of-hearing only, they also help you enjoy your favorite foreign movies in your native language. Perhaps this is why subtitles are a fundamental part of every movie production and its home media (Blu-ray/DVD) releases. Video containers such as MKV and MKS have the ability to let you sync custom sub files, in case the subtitles themselves aren’t hardcoded. However, subtitle files also come in various formats, for instance, SRT, ASS, STL etc. What if the required subtitle file that you have downloaded doesn’t support the video file, or is entirely out of sync? Or maybe, the sub file is not encoded properly? The aforementioned issues can be resolved using Batch Subtitles Converter. Just as its name implies, the application is designed to let you convert multiple subtitle files in one go. According to the author, the input files can be converted into nearly 100 different formats, such as Avid Caption, Caroke XML, Captionate, Structured titles, DVD Studio Pro, Realtime, Scenerist, CSV, XML, JSON and so on. Along with format conversion, it can also encode the sub file as well as change its FPS (frame per second).Read More

autoConvert: Interchange Units Between Metric & Imperial System [Chrome]

From time to time, almost anyone would find themselves in need of converting something from one unit to another. These conversions can get a bit confusing, especially when some parts of the world are using the Metric system, while others still stick to the Imperial one. Hence, one would undoubtedly find a need for a unit converter, be it a simple app, an online tool or browser add-on. autoConvert is a clever Chrome extension that is rather different from others, as it automatically converts values on websites to units that you are familiar with. The original values get highlighted while the converted ones can be viewed in a tooltip by hovering your mouse over the highlighted part. Additionally, the Options for this extension allow you to set your preferred measurement system (Imperial, Metric, or a mix of two), change the highlight color or disable it altogether, and more.Read More

Simultaneously Convert Multiple Videos To Different Formats On Mac

Video converters are some of the most useful (and ridiculously common) type of apps you can find. Surprisingly, they don’t stop coming, and Video Converter Master is yet another video converter for Mac that is free, supports conversion to multiple formats and can convert files in batches. The app lets you choose a format for each file you add before beginning conversion. By default, Video Converter Master opens the output file after the process is complete, but the app has the additional ability to put your system to sleep or shut it down once conversion is done. Since converting large videos can take a significant amount of time, it might be a task that you leave for the end of the day, and that’s where it might be extremely convenient to have the app turn your system off when finished. Video Converter Master also comes with a player that will play any and all supported formats, but is ad supported. It also allows you to take snapshots of a video when it is playing. More after the break.Read More

Converber: Convert Between 2000+ Units From 53 Different Categories

Unit conversion can get a bit confusing, especially with the Standard System being used in the US and Metric System being used elsewhere. Whether the US should adopt the Metric System has been the topic of debate since a long time, but as long as the our friends there continue to use the Standard System, all the rest of the world will have to bear with it. Due to these different systems for unit conversion being used in the world, having a good unit converter is necessary at times. The default calculator included with Windows allows you to convert between some basic units, but if you want a tool to help you in converting a wide range of complex units, try Converber. It is an application for Windows that allows you to convert between 2072 units, divided into 53 different categories. More on Converber after the jump.Read More

Batch-Convert XLSX To XLS Without MS Excel Or An Online Converter

When Microsoft released Office 2007, all the users faced one common problem; the format in which files were saved by default was not compatible with previous versions of Office. The newer version saved documents in a different file format, which could not be viewed or edited in previous versions. Microsoft had to face a lot of criticism because of this, since a large number of users do not upgrade to a newer version of the software immediately after it is released. A lot of third party applications, as well as web services, were created in order to facilitate users in converting Office files to formats supported by the older version. Previously, we compiled a list of simple ways to convert MS Excel 2007 (XLSX) files to the older version (XLX), but those methods either require you to have Microsoft Excel 2007 installed on your system, or have an internet connection available every time you want to convert a file. Convert XLS is a Windows application that allows you to convert XLSX to XLS without MS Excel or access to the internet.Read More

Super Unit Converter: Conversion Tool With Support For More Units Than You Can Count

With the  tremendous amount different units, we often find the need to perform unit conversions. Moreover there are two units of measurement sanctioned among USA and the rest of the world (metric and imperial system), which increases even more complications. Even though Windows comes packed with a calculator application that lets you perform most of the basic unit conversions, most users would prefer using Google search instead,  to quickly convert a required unit's value into another. But sometimes we don't have any quick access to the internet, so having an offline Unit Converter readily available, comes in handy. If you've been looking for an advanced, offline unit converter that supports a wider range of units, then give Super Unit Converter a try. Unlike previously covered ESBUnitConv (an extremely comprehensive unit converter), it provides a cleaner and good looking interface. It has the ability to convert almost any unit including Power, Volume, Temperature, Area, Bits and Bytes, Mass, Pressure, Speed, Density, Force, Fuel Consumption and more.Read More

Merge Multiple PDF Files Or Convert Them To ePub, HTML Or Plain Text

PDF is a popular format for documents since it ensures the integrity of how the document looks and prints on someone else's systems. Reading a PDF file is simple enough with web browsers acting as fairly decent PDF readers but there is more to a PDF file than just reading it. To create or edit a PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat, a paid app from Adobe. For small and simple functions like merging or converting a PDF file, the app is not worth the purchase. If you need to merge or convert a PDF files, a more sensible solution is to use an app that can do that for you. PDFMate has two apps that do just that. Free PDF Merger and Free PDF Converter can merge two or more PDF documents into one, and convert a PDF document to multiple EPUB, Text, Image, HTML or SWF respectively. More on these applications after the break.Read More

iConvert: Convert Videos, Extract Audio & Send Them To iTunes [Mac]

When it comes to converting videos into iOS devices’ compatible format, there are numerous applications available at your disposal, but unfortunately, only a few media conversion utilities offer an easy way of converting videos into different formats. The video converters require setting video size and resolution, along with video and audio parameters to convert and optimize video for iOS devices. However, if you’ve been looking for a tool that can not only convert videos into iOS devices’ supported formats, but also send converted video to iTunes, then give iConvert a shot. The application has been designed keeping the need of quickly converting videos and synchronizing them with iOS devices in mind. It has the ability to not only convert videos for iPhone, iPod and iPad, but also extract audio from video and send it to iTunes Music Library.Read More

Free Video to GIF Converter: Create GIFs From Frames Of Videos

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format image is one of the few graphics image formats that can be used to create simple animations. It supports a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame, and you can use a GIF animation tool, like AnimateGIF, a portable application that can create flawless GIF images with custom frame delay and option to run the animation once or in a loop,to combine multiple GIF images into a single file for creating a low-end animation. The previously featured GiftedMotion is another easy-to-use animator for GIF images, which lets you create animations from a series of digital images. These tools work flawlessly, but what if you want to create GIF animation out of video clips? Both of these applications lack the option to create GIFs out of video. Today, we came across a tool for creating GIF animations, called Free Video to GIF Converter that enables you to easily create GIFs from video clips. It has a low learning curve and supports a wide range of popular video formats including AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV, FLV, MP4, 3GP etc. Keep reading after the jump to find out more about the software.Read More

Convert Videos To A Format & Resolution Supported By Your Apple Or Android Device

Gone are the days when there was only a single CD or DVD player in the house, which allowed you to watch movies on TV. Today, almost everyone has their own portable device which can play movies, songs, open documents and do pretty much everything. However there’s a catch; all the devices have their own video format that can be played. The world famous Apple & Android devices also have certain limitations when it comes to playing videos. Apple devices require different formats and resolutions for each device, while the Android devices have different screen sizes and supported resolutions. Today, we are reviewing two applications from the same developer, called Apple Video Converter Box and Android Video Converter Box, which allow you to easily convert video files to Apple and Android specific formats and resolutions in a quick way. Read on to find out how to use Apple Video Converter Box and Android Video Converter Box.Read More

ESBUnitConv Is A Comprehensive Unit Conversion Tool For Windows

Unit conversion can get a bit confusing, especially with the Standard System being used in the US and Metric System being used elsewhere. Whether US should adopt the Metric System has been the topic of debates since a long time. Arguments, both for and against, the Metric System can be found everywhere on the web, but as long as the US continues to use the Standard System, all the rest of the world will have to bear with it. While the default calculator included with Windows allows you to convert between some basic units, should you need to perform a conversion that the default calculator doesn't allow, you have got to take a look in to Google. But what if you don't have an internet access? That's why it's advisable to keep an offline tool with your, in case you need one. If you want a tool to help you in converting a wider range of complex units of measure and works offline as well, then try ESBUnitConv It is a portable application for windows that provides you with an easy to understand GUI to easily convert between units of measurement. The application has a wide range of unit types to choose from neatly divided into separate categories for easy navigation. More on ESBUnitConv after the break, with a few included screenshots.Read More

Easily Convert JPG & Other Images To PDF Files In A Batch Process

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a hugely famous file format used to publish documents that must be viewed by the recipient as the author intended, no matter which program he is using to view the documents. If you want to send someone an image, but you want it to remain exactly the same, and there is a risk of the image being tampered with, you can convert it to PDF format restricting anyone from changing the contents. JPG to PDF Converter Free is a user friendly document conversion tool that allows you to convert your JPG images into PDF files. Opposed to its name, it can convert not only the JPG files, but also a lot of other image file formats to PDF, including PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PCX, PSD etc. The application lets you convert images individually or in a batch operation depending on your requirement. If you need to convert a massive amount of  images present in multiple locations on your PC, JPG to PDF Converter Free lets you easily perform the conversion. Other than converting the images, you can also add metadata =, such as Title, Author, Subject and Keyword to the generated PDF files.Read More

en2ki: Convert Evernote Notebooks Into Kindle MOBI Format

Ever wanted to read Evernote notebooks on your Kindle without going through the hassle of creating a MOBI file out of them? Enter en2ki, a simple, portable utility that can seamlessly convert Evernote notes into Kindle’s supported format. Additionally, you don’t have to manually download your Evernote’s notes to local disk in order to convert them into MOBI format. Using Dynamic-link libraries such as Evernote. dll and Thrift.dll from Evernote API and kindlegen.exe from Amazon, it automatically downloads your Evernote’s notebooks and converts them in Kindle’s MOBI format.Read More

FreshBatch: Rename Part Of File Name & Convert File To Any Format [Mac]

You will find numerous Mac apps that let you batch rename files; what most of these apps do is to let you enter a renaming syntax for multiple files and increment each file with a number based on the syntax you’ve provided. There are relatively few apps that allow you to rename only a part of the file name and retain the rest. FreshBatch is a free Mac app that gives you two amazing features; it allows you to rename any part of a file name, and is much like the Find and Replace option in Microsoft Office. It is also a format converter. Read past the jump for details.Read More

FotoSketcher Update Brings 20+ Drawing Effects To Turn Photos Into Art

Whilst painting and sketching has always been one of the greatest skills in the history of mankind, with technology integrated into the applications today and computer prowess, anyone can be an artist. This doesn't mean that we are mocking those great artists that shaped the world, but we are only commending the technology itself. All the technology one-upmanship aside, back in 2009, we covered FotoSketcher, a poweful image editing application that allows you to automatically convert your photos into art with just a few simple clicks. At that time, the application wasn't mature enough and had some stability issues. Along with that the number of usable brushes available to the user was quite limited. In the last 3 years, the application has come a long way and the developer has been regularly dishing out updates. Now time has taken the application to a point where FotoSketcher has over 20 drawing effects and is available for download in 18 different languages. We decided to take a revised look into the application to find the changes that have been made to it. More on the latest version of FotoSketcher after a short break.Read More

Convert Music Samples, Transpose & Shift Notes With Midi Sheet Music

A lot of people like listening to music, but some of them also like to play an instrument, Leaning to play music not an easy task and it requires a lot of time and effort to even get your head around the basics of a musical instrument. Like any other skill, learning the theory of music, including how to read the language is very important.  Today we have a tool that converts songs into sheet music. Midi Sheet Music is an open source application that allows you to play MIDI files and convert them to sheet music. The application plays the music files in MIDI format, and automatically highlights the current music note being played. It allows you to set different custom colors for each note, and plays the track on a user-specified speed. You can choose which instrument to show & which to hide from the sheet, and view the staves according to a different Key Signature, Time Signature and Transpose, Shift Notes, Measure length etc of tracks. It lets you enable and disable note letters along with the staves, and show/hide Measure Numbers of notes. You can save the staves as images, and print them from within the application. More on Midi Sheet Music after the break.Read More

E-Z Media Converter Lets You Convert Selected Part Of Any Media File

Due to the large number of media devices, files need to be converted to different formats in order to be played on them. Last year, we covered MediaHuman Audio Converter an easy to use audio conversion tool, and then MediaHuman Video Converter, a video converter that allows you to batch convert videos to a number of formats by providing you with a long list of presets to choose from. Today, we have another video converter for you, named E-Z Media Converter, that allows you to convert between a large number of, both audio and video media formats. Other than converting audio and video media files, it also allows you to select just a part of the file to convert. For instance, if you want only the first 2 minutes from a 10 minute video, you don’t have to convert the whole file. Just select the required portion and convert! Currently, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA and MP3 media formats are supported by the application.Read More