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How to convert files to other formats from the context menu on Windows 10

Files can be converted from one format to another. This holds true for all file types; documents, images, audio, video, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Results may vary if you’re dealing with proprietary formats but format conversion is still possible. You do need a dedicated tool for the job, especially if you want the output to be good. In many cases, a specific tool is used for a particular type of file.

File conversion can be a tedious process, especially if you have a lot of files to convert. If the file you’re converting, and the format you’re converting it to are common, you can use File Converter. This app lets you convert files from the context menu and in doing so, it effectively cuts a few steps out of the conversion process.

Convert files from the context menu

Download and install File Converter from Github. The app is free and open-source. It hasn’t been updated in a while but it works perfectly on Windows 10 1909.

Once installed, right-click a file that you want to convert and go to the File Converter option in the context menu. This option will have a sub-menu that will list the formats the file can be converted to. The listed formats will be dynamic i.e., they will change based on the file type that you right-clicked on. Select the format you want to convert the file to.

A window will open showing you the conversion progress.  The converted file will be placed in the same location as the original one once conversion is complete. It will have the same name as the original file.

File Converter can also convert files in batch. Select all the files that you want to convert, and right-click any one of them. Go to the File Converter option and select a format to convert the file to, from the sub-menu.

Batch file conversion only works if all the files are of the same type e.g., images. You can’t select a text file and an image file and be able to convert them to different formats.

As for supported file formats and the quality of the converted files, you should head over to the app’s settings. Not only can you see a complete list of the supported formats, but you can also change the conversion quality of the output files.

File Converter has one additional feature that isn’t related to file conversion; it can rotate images. The option to rotate images is listed under the File Converter menu when you right-click an image file.

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