Set iPhone Apps To Auto-Update In The Background At Regular Intervals

No matter how annoying that App Store icon badge seems at first, app updates are important. If you are in the habit of ignoring updates for a long time (like many iOS users), you might be missing out on some great new features of your favorite apps and games. A majority of users don't like updating apps out of sheer laziness. It only takes about three or four taps to initiate an app's update process, but some people just don't consider even this much effort worthwhile. For such procrastinators, Cydia store now has the perfect tweak. Auto App Updater makes sure all of your apps are always up-to-date, and you don’t even have to launch the App Store for the tweak to work! Auto App Updater works in the background and installs updates for any app you want. Read More

LiveWire Adds A Cool New Unlock Animation To The iPhone Lock Screen

In the past, I have been an avid user of both PaperLock and Unlockize, but within a few weeks, the novelty factor wore off and I came back to the stock iOS lock screen. Another thing that contributed towards my getting bored of these tweaks was the lack of really unique animations. On that front, the newly released LiveWire should struggle (at least in theory) since it only offers one animation, but after using it, I can safely say that the tweak is sure to reside in my iPhone for the next few days at least. The unlocking animation offered by LiveWire is very simple, and does not cause any lag. After some time, you might even forget that it is not a default part of your iDevice. The tweak is extremely simple, requires no configuration and looks awesome in action.Read More

Add A Flip Clock Widget To The iPhone Notification Center

Flip clocks are pretty common on Android but for iOS devices (even jailbroken ones), these fancy time displays are still a bit of a novelty. The closest thing to an iPhone flip clock we have ever seen is iWidgets, which lets users add an HTML 5 time widget to their SpringBoard and lock screen. If you want a fully customizable flip clock widget though, your best bet is the newly released Flip Clock for Notification Center. The widget is capable of displaying time in the format of your choice as well as the the current date, and also lets you tinker with the color settings of the digits. The fact that you can use it with Dashboard X and other similar tweaks to place the flip clock on other areas of iOS makes the widget near-perfect.Read More

Apply Live Wallpapers & Scrolling Backgrounds To iPhone Home Screen

Live wallpapers are no longer completely new to iOS, thanks to Cydia apps like LivePapers and Go Desk. LivePapers is great, and comes with a bunch of options, but if you are not looking to spend a considerable amount of time navigating through a lot of complicated features, you might want to avoid that app. Go Desk faces too many issues and a lot of people have complained that it causes SpringBoard crashes. Fortunately, now jailbreak users have a new option to get animated and widescreen wallpapers for their Home screen. LiveWallpaper is a new app that offers a truly one-tap way of applying interactive live wallpapers and parallax-enabled backgrounds to your jailbroken iPhone's Home screen.Read More

Create & Send Doodles From The iPhone Messages App

The great thing about Cydia tweaks is that they make stock apps perform tasks that can usually be done only via third-party apps. A few days ago, we covered MessageMe - an iOS messenger with a pretty decent feature list. Among other great things, MessageMe can also let you draw freehand and share your drawings with your contacts. Doodle Message is a new tweak that adds a similar feature to the stock Messages app! Now you can create colorful drawings without moving away from the SMS app, and send them to your friends all in one go. The tweak even lets you choose between several brush sizes, and makes it possible to use a photo as the background for your doodles.Read More

Make iPhone Alarms Read Aloud Weather, Battery, Time & Other Info

When it comes to third-party alarm apps for smartphones, there are some that won’t let you snooze the alarm until you thoroughly shake your device, or perform some complex logical tasks, but you won’t find many ways of adding similar capabilities to the stock Clock app in iOS. Unless you have a jailbroken device, of course. Wake Info is a new Cydia tweak that takes a gentle, yet effective approach towards making sure you don’t keep snoozing your alarm, and start your day with the right kind of motivation. The tweak endows the stock alarm app with the ability to read aloud any information you want to hear in the morning. The information can be anything from the battery level of your phone to the unread email messages waiting in your inbox.Read More

Add A Stopwatch To The iPhone Lock Screen With Stoppur

Whenever you have to use the stopwatch available in your iPhone, there is a possibility that you will forget all about it once it goes to the background and you start using another app. This is because for some inexplicable reason, iOS does not show any notifications or even an icon badge when the stopwatch is in operation. Stoppur solves this problem quite efficiently. Recently released in the Cydia store, this tweak does something even more useful than adding a badge to the Clock app; it adds the entire stopwatch display to your device’s lock screen. Of course there is no way of controlling the timer without launching the Clock app, but having the continuously updating time display right on your lock screen can certainly come in handy in a lot of situations. Read More

Get Album Art & Gesture Controls In The iPhone Volume HUD

The translucent box that shows up on your iPhone’s screen every time you change its volume might not be the most important feature of iOS, but the Cydia store already has a few tweaks that focus on this HUD to enhance it. Some tweaks let you add more information to the volume display but if you don’t want to alter it too drastically, there are options like Hud that add album art to the box whenever you are listening to music. Music HUD is a new Cydia release that can be deemed a combination of the two aforementioned tweaks. It doesn’t focus on a single particular feature, though everything it offers is related to music. Thanks to Music HUD, it is possible to control song playback by performing gestures on the HUD, add album art to it and tweak the music info that is displayed. Read More

Quickly Record A Voice Memo In iOS Using An Activator Gesture

Not many people use audio recording as regularly as they shoot videos on their iPhone. There are some situations, however, where capturing just the sound is enough, and you don’t have to waste your device’s battery as well as storage space on a video clip. Audio recording is also great for taking notes during a lecture or interview. iOS comes with a stock audio recorder of its own, by the name of Voice Memos. It might not be the most frequently used app on your iPhone, but it can come in handy every once in a while. A lot of people (including yours truly) are too lazy to go through the hassle of unlocking their device, launching Voice Memos and then pressing the record button. The steps might not sound too tedious but in a pressure situation, every second might be precious. This is why Ryan Petrich’s new Voice Memo Toggle for Activator might be a good add-on to keep in your iDevice. Thanks to the tweak, you can begin a recording session from any area of iOS merely by performing an Activator gesture; there is no need to even look at the screen!Read More

PSSP Is A Full-Featured PSP Emulator For iPhone

Some people argue that handheld gaming devices don’t have much of a future due to the constant progress smartphones are making. There can be no denying the fact that modern smartphones offer a huge variety of titles, but those who prefer quality over quantity still go for the likes of PlayStation Portable or Nintendo 3DS. A lot of people are sure to appreciate a way of combining the positive points of smartphones and handheld gaming devices. PPSSPP doesn’t exactly do that, but it comes pretty close. This PSP emulator has been around on Android and Windows for quite a while now, but has just arrived on iOS. As you can imagine, the app is available as a Cydia download, since Apple isn't likely to allow such a thing to appear in the App Store. PPSSPP can be deemed a work in progress, but some PSP games that are fully compatible with it look pretty awesome on the iPhone. Read More

Completely Control Pandora Playback From iPhone Lock Screen With ThumbsUp

Pandora users, rejoice! What the famous service hasn't been able to do for its iPhone app has been accomplished by a third-party developer and released at the Cydia store. Pandora for iOS has always - rather annoyingly - lacked lock screen controls. You can keep listening to music from Pandora while using other apps or even when on the lock screen, but you have to launch Pandora itself every time you need to skip a track, add it to your bookmarks or give it a thumbs up. A lot of people have been demanding support for lock screen controls and now you can have them, thanks to a Cydia tweak by the name of ThumbsUp. The tweak lets you take full control of Pandora playback without ever having to open the app again and again. The buttons added to the lock screen are pretty neat, and look like they have been added to your iPhone by the Pandora client itself.Read More

Create Notes, Reminders & Calendar Events From iOS NC & Lock Screen With Tap To Widgets

Notification Center widgets have been around on iDevices since iOS 5, and the next likely step would perhaps be the arrival of lock screen and SpringBoard widgets in iOS 7. Though as with many other features officially incorporated in iOS updates, Cydia users have had these for a long time now. Tweaks like AnyLock and Dashboard X let users place useful and cosmetic widgets in areas of iOS that are even more easily accessible than the NC. The tweaks themselves are great, but the problem has always been the availability of good widgets on these platforms. The ‘Tap to’ series of widgets has been around for some time now, letting users perform different functions within the Notification Center, and their developer has now decided to polish things a little more by combining five widgets into one package. Tap to Widgets lets you manages all of the offered widgets from one place, and lets you use them with Dashboard X as well.Read More

Get ‘Remind Me Later’ Options For iOS Mail, Messages, Alerts & Safari

The Remind Me Later options offered by iOS 6 brings a lot of convenience to the life of many. As always, Apple has done pretty well with the feature in terms of innovation, but the implementation can be deemed a little limited. Some might argue that restricting such a great feature to just calls is a big waste and if you agree, AnyReminder is the perfect tweak for you. This new Cydia release brings the Remind Me Later option to Safari, emails, text messages and notifications from all apps. Anyone who is always a little too lazy to create a new reminder can now do so right from within an app or important notification. The tweak can also help you with clearing the entire list of pending notifications from your lock screen.Read More

Set iOS Spotlight Or Any Home Screen As Default SpringBoard Page

Tweaks like DefaultSBPage make one wonder why such a brilliantly simple concept has never been implemented by anyone before. At one time or another, many iOS users must have idly wondered why repeatedly hitting the Home button makes the Home screen alternate between Spotlight and your SpringBoard’s first page. To be honest, there isn't much logic to it. Similarly, if you exit an app, the Springboard page from which the app was launched shows up. What if you want to always see a particular SpringBoard page or Spotlight search area whenever you come to the SpringBoard? This is exactly what DefaultSBPage lets you do. This new Cydia tweak lets users choose the default page of their Home screen. This might not sound too useful at first, but anyone who uses HomeSpringPage or SpringBoard widgets with tweaks like Dashboard X is sure to appreciate DefaultSBPage.Read More

Enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ On iPhone Using Siri Or A Lock Screen Toggle

Judging by the popularity of SBSettings, iOS users really like shortcuts for important system toggles. The dropdown window can be configured to show controls for Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and various other functions. One thing glaring omission from the support list however, is Do Not Disturb. The feature is fairly new to iOS, and maybe that’s why there haven't been a lot of shortcut options available for it until now. Thankfully, the Cydia community has finally started recognizing the true potential of this little gem, and there are now a few decent options to control Do Not Disturb without having to launch the Settings app. Two of the best tweaks for this purpose are Flusterless and Crescent. While Flusterless adds a very neat and unobtrusive toggle to the lock screen, the newly released Crescent hands the control of Do Not Disturb to Siri. Read More

Quickly Queue Songs In The iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

iOS’ Music player has remained pretty much dormant since its initial release on the original iPhone back in 2007. It can be argued that it is this way because Apple did everything right the first time, but that’s just not true when you compare the stock Music app with music players available on other platforms.One of the many features lacking in iOS’ Music app is the ability to dynamically queue songs without going through the process of creating a playlist. Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has developed a new tweak that solves just this problem. Check it out after the jump.

Read More

Supercharge The iOS 6 Stock Email Client With Mail Enhancer Pro

It has been a little more than a month since the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was released, but the compatibility list of Cydia tweak has already become pretty impressive. Almost all big-name tweaks have been updated with iOS 6 support in the past month, with Mail Enhancer Pro becoming the latest to hop onto the iOS 6 bandwagon. A lot of third-party mail apps have been gaining popularity on iOS recently, but tweaks like Mail Enhancer can help keep you sticking to the stock Mail app. With the tweak’s latest update, it has gained a few new options as well, which takes its already impressive feature list to a whole new level. There are now advanced notification management options to complement existing functionality like account highlighting, HTML signatures and defining detailed rules for different scenarios.Read More

Raise iPhone To Your Ear While Messaging To Quickly Call A Contact

Users of jailbroken iOS devices have access to a lot of gestures, but there are a few gestures that Apple has made available for all users. One such gesture is the display’s automatic blackout whenever you are taking a call. The iPhone makes use of its proximity sensor to detect your face against the device during a call, and turns the screen off accordingly. Another use of this sensor is to launch Siri whenever your device is raised to the ear. There have also been a few tweaks in the past that utilize the proximity sensor for some useful purpose, like automatically turning off the screen when you put the phone in your pocket. There is now another Cydia tweak in the jailbreak store that brings a new touch of automation to your iPhone. Thanks to RaiseToCall, you can place a call to anyone right from their SMS thread simply by raising the phone to your ear.Read More

Enable Guest Mode To Restrict Areas Of Your iPhone With iPrivacy

As smartphones keep on improving, perhaps the time isn't too far when computers will be replaced by handheld or maybe even wearable devices. Even now, iOS and Android have lured a lot of users away from frequent use of their desktop or laptop computers, but there is one area where phones and computers differ a great deal: an iPhone doesn't provide the level of privacy that a Mac or PC can. Sure you can put a passcode on the device, but if a situation demands sharing your phone with someone, you can’t just log them into a guest account so that you personal data and settings won’t visible. At least by default you can’t, but there's a Cydia tweak for that. iPrivacy adds a highly customizable guest mode to jailbroken iOS devices that you can enter with a single gesture. It bars access to any app, folder or feature that is for your eyes only.Read More

DirectionBar Adds A Customizable Compass To iPhone Status Bar

Cydia tweaks like WeatherIcon, NowPlaying and TypeStatus demonstrate full potential of the iOS status bar. By default, the bar shows the current time, your battery’s status and an iPhone’s signal strength, but thanks to the customization options available for jailbroken devices, it truly becomes a useful source for all sorts of information. The status bar is visible in most areas of iOS, so anything shown there is sure to come to your attention almost constantly. Suppose you are lost somewhere and just know the general direction you want to head in. Launching a full-featured app like Sygic might not be too practical, especially if you are also using your iDevice as a flashlight at the same time. DirectionBar is a tweak that can help you in such situations; it adds a compass needle to your device’s status bar, which indicates North in real-time and instantly responds to any changes in the orientation of your iPhone.Read More