Quickly Queue Songs In The iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

iOS’ Music player has remained pretty much dormant since its initial release on the original iPhone back in 2007. It can be argued that it is this way because Apple did everything right the first time, but that’s just not true when you compare the stock Music app with music players available on other platforms. One of the many features lacking in iOS’ Music app is the ability to dynamically queue songs without going through the process of creating a playlist. Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has developed a new tweak that solves just this problem. Check it out after the jump.

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Supercharge The iOS 6 Stock Email Client With Mail Enhancer Pro

It has been a little more than a month since the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was released, but the compatibility list of Cydia tweak has already become pretty impressive. Almost all big-name tweaks have been updated with iOS 6 support in the past month, with Mail Enhancer Pro becoming the latest to hop onto the iOS 6 bandwagon. A lot of third-party mail apps have been gaining popularity on iOS recently, but tweaks like Mail Enhancer can help keep you sticking to the stock Mail app. With the tweak’s latest update, it has gained a few new options as well, which takes its already impressive feature list to a whole new level. There are now advanced notification management options to complement existing functionality like account highlighting, HTML signatures and defining detailed rules for different scenarios. Read More

Raise iPhone To Your Ear While Messaging To Quickly Call A Contact

Users of jailbroken iOS devices have access to a lot of gestures, but there are a few gestures that Apple has made available for all users. One such gesture is the display’s automatic blackout whenever you are taking a call. The iPhone makes use of its proximity sensor to detect your face against the device during a call, and turns the screen off accordingly. Another use of this sensor is to launch Siri whenever your device is raised to the ear. There have also been a few tweaks in the past that utilize the proximity sensor for some useful purpose, like automatically turning off the screen when you put the phone in your pocket. There is now another Cydia tweak in the jailbreak store that brings a new touch of automation to your iPhone. Thanks to RaiseToCall, you can place a call to anyone right from their SMS thread simply by raising the phone to your ear. Read More

Enable Guest Mode To Restrict Areas Of Your iPhone With iPrivacy

As smartphones keep on improving, perhaps the time isn't too far when computers will be replaced by handheld or maybe even wearable devices. Even now, iOS and Android have lured a lot of users away from frequent use of their desktop or laptop computers, but there is one area where phones and computers differ a great deal: an iPhone doesn't provide the level of privacy that a Mac or PC can. Sure you can put a passcode on the device, but if a situation demands sharing your phone with someone, you can’t just log them into a guest account so that you personal data and settings won’t visible. At least by default you can’t, but there's a Cydia tweak for that. iPrivacy adds a highly customizable guest mode to jailbroken iOS devices that you can enter with a single gesture. It bars access to any app, folder or feature that is for your eyes only. Read More

DirectionBar Adds A Customizable Compass To iPhone Status Bar

Cydia tweaks like WeatherIcon, NowPlaying and TypeStatus demonstrate full potential of the iOS status bar. By default, the bar shows the current time, your battery’s status and an iPhone’s signal strength, but thanks to the customization options available for jailbroken devices, it truly becomes a useful source for all sorts of information. The status bar is visible in most areas of iOS, so anything shown there is sure to come to your attention almost constantly. Suppose you are lost somewhere and just know the general direction you want to head in. Launching a full-featured app like Sygic might not be too practical, especially if you are also using your iDevice as a flashlight at the same time. DirectionBar is a tweak that can help you in such situations; it adds a compass needle to your device’s status bar, which indicates North in real-time and instantly responds to any changes in the orientation of your iPhone. Read More

Extract Any iOS App’s Sounds As Ringtones Or Songs With AudioExplorer+

Most mobile games are pretty simple and when you take a careful look at them, there isn't a lot going on except repetition. This doesn't make them any less addictive though, and you are likely to find yourself constantly going back to your favorite endless runner, jetpack acrobat, or pig smasher. The presence of catchy sounds in these games play a major part in breaking the monotony and keeping things interesting. If you have ever found yourself humming a tune from an iOS app or game and wished , you might have wished there was some way of exporting that track to your Music library or ringtone collection. Users with jailbroken devices have had this option for quite a while in form of AudioExplorer, but that Cydia app comes with a considerable number of limitations. The same can’t be said about its freshly released pro version, AudioExplorer+. Now instead of just MP3s, the app can be used to extract a lot more audio formats, and that too in a more quick and efficient manner. Read More

Make Your iPhone Home Screen & App Icons Do The Harlem Shake!

“Con los terroristas” has been the opening sound for many hilariously stupid videos in recent weeks. After people finally got bored of Gangnam Style, the world was looking for its next hit, and Harlem Shake took the opportunity to rise to the occasion. The dance videos based on the Harlem Shake song are all over the internet, and we got in on the fun a few days back with our take on the easiest ways to make a Harlem Shake video. Though don’t you think that there have been enough Harlem Shakes featuring people? A new Cydia tweak aptly named Harlem Shake mixes things around a little, and lets your iPhone SpringBoard do the Harlem Shake. As you can imagine, app icons look even funnier than human beings when they are dancing to the tune of a strange song. Read More

Send SMS & Mail From iOS Notification Center With Compose Widget

While iOS 5 brought the most revolutionary changes to the platform, iOS 6 fine-tuned those changes and made them almost perfect. Notification Center widgets have been around for quite a while now, but it was iOS 6 that unleashed their full potential. Apart from the usual stocks and weather widgets, there is now a sharing widget in NC as well that lets you compose a new tweet or Facebook status update with great efficiency and ease. Based on a similar concept, the newly released Compose add-on lets its users create messages and emails from within the Notification Center. By just tapping the buttons added by this widget to the NC, you get a composing environment without having to actually launch the stock Messages or Mail apps. Read More

Prevent Facebook Messenger For iOS From Sending ‘Seen’ Receipts

In a bid to keep pace with changing times, Facebook is always introducing new features. While some changes are welcomed by users universally, there are others that end up being vastly unpopular. The ‘Timeline’ view caused quite an uproar when it first started rolling out, and now the read receipt feature recently added to Facebook messages is being deemed by many to be an invasion of their privacy. To be fair, a lot of users don’t mind it much, but things can get a bit embarrassing at times. There are already a few ways to disable the ‘Seen’ stamp if you are reading the messages on your desktop, but FBMessengerUnseen is among the first iOS-focused solutions to the issue. As you can probably guess, FBMessengerUnseen is a Cydia release. The tweak makes sure that you can read any message on the Facebook Messenger app without the sender knowing that you have seen it. Read More

Use Activator Gestures To Quickly Change iPhone Screen Brightness

There are already a few pretty good ways to control your iPhone’s screen brightness, if you have a jailbroken device. The famous SBSettings has a brightness toggle in its dropdown window and Notification Center options list, Springtomize lets you put the iPad-like brightness slider in the App Switcher, and then there is a whole collection of tweaks for other easy ways of changing your iPhone’s brightness level. In the past, we have seen the likes of LSBrightSlider, BrightVol and Brightslide trying to offer quick and efficient ways of controlling screen brightness using various means. Most such tweaks, however, focus on bringing the brightness slider in action. The new Brightivator, on the other hand, does not depend upon any buttons or slider. Thanks to this Activator-based tweak, users get to define any gestures they want for increasing and decreasing the screen brightness. There are no intermediate steps involved, and the tweak can work from anywhere in iOS. Read More

Peekly Is A Lock Screen Theme For iPhone With Weather & Live Feeds

We rarely cover iOS themes, but Peekly is anything but just just another Winterboard package. The theme really transforms your iPhone’s lock screen into something completely different, and comes with a touch of usefulness as well. Peekly doesn’t mess with every area of iOS, and sticks to changing just the lock screen. It has weather information, a beautiful clock, and the ability to display your Twitter or RSS feeds. You have to manually do some work to get Peekly up and running on your jailbroken phone, but the level of customization the theme offers makes the effort completely worthwhile. Read More

Sticky Icky Keeps iOS Notification Banners On Screen Till Dismissed

Almost all major iOS apps offer support for push notifications to some extent, and these real-time alerts are specially important for social networking, instant messaging, news and task management apps. As is the case with most areas of iOS though, users don’t get full control over these banner notifications; they appear for a predefined amount of time, forcing many people to repeatedly visit Notification Center even if they take their eyes off their iPhone for just a few minutes. Sticky Icky can change that, and do even more for your iPhone. This newly released Cydia tweak lets users control the duration for which notifications appear on the status bar; you can dismiss the banner as soon as it appears, or keep it pinned to the screen for hours. Read More

Disable Uploads & Downloads In iOS Photo Stream & Exclude Screenshots

Since the initial, post-release confusion cleared up, iCloud and Photo Stream have proved to be really useful for iOS users. With the arrival of iOS 6, both these features have become even better than before, and if you own multiple iDevices, this automatic media syncing can save you a lot of time and effort. Having said that, Photo Stream still comes under a lot of criticism from some users, since it does not give them total control over sharing. iControlPhoto, as the name implies, lets you configure your Photo Stream to act just the way you want. If you are just looking to download photos from other devices as soon as they become available but are wary of automatic uploads from your end, this tweak can help. iControlPhoto can also make Photo Stream avoid uploading screenshots automatically, which is a feature a lot of users are going to appreciate. Read More

Launch iOS Camera App With An Activator Gesture Using InstantCamera

Barely a fortnight ago, we covered QuickShoot - a Cydia tweak that lets you snap photos simply by double-tapping the stock Camera app’s icon. While that tweak is great for shooting photos without letting the whole world know what you’re up to, if you don’t have any particularly evil intentions and just want a quick way of getting the camera interface, there is now a much better option available. InstantCamera is not just about letting you shoot photos in the shortest time possible; this tweak lets you launch the actual Camera app without making your way to the SpringBoard or even lock screen. With InstantCamera, you just have to choose any Activator gesture for the purpose, and then perform it any time you want to bring up your iPhone’s stock camera app. The best part is that once you're done using the camera and press the Home button, the tweak automatically brings you back to the place where you performed the gesture. Read More

Enable iPhone Camera Flash In Panorama Mode With Flashorama

iOS 6’s panorama mode might be the most underrated feature to come with the platform’s latest update. A lot of apps allow users to capture panoramas pretty impressively, but having this feature in your iPhone’s stock camera really kills the competition. Despite all its awesomeness, the panorama has a glaring omission: you cannot use it unless the ambient lighting is perfect. Wen shooting ordinary photos or even videos, it is possible to turn on your camera’s flash any time you want, but the option is strangely missing in panorama mode. So, yet again, Cydia has to come to the rescue! Flashorama is a new tweak that adds the flash toggle to the panorama view in iPhone. You can control the flash before beginning to shoot, or even while moving the device around to capture the panorama. Read More

How To Fix Low Brightness Issue After Respring On Jailbroken iOS 6 Devices

iOS 6 hasn’t been Apple’s smoothest mobile operating system release. To date, it has faced issues like reduced wireless connectivity, unexpected battery drain, Auto Brightness unreliability, and a security bug that allows you to bypass the lock screen to get complete access to the Phone app. More recently, it was discovered that jailbroken iOS 6 devices are facing their own display brightness issues. Thankfully, a fix for it has been released on Cydia. Check it out after the jump! Read More

Add Articles To Read-Later Services From Safari & Chrome On iOS With Readr

If you have ever tried to read a lengthy article (like Haroon’s extremely detailed analysis of Ubuntu Touch Preview) on your iPhone, you are sure to have realized the usefulness of Mobile Safari’s ‘Reader’ view. However, you have to wait for the Reader button to show up by itself, as there is no way of invoking the mode at will. Readr is a new Cydia tweak that adds the Reader option to the sharing menu of Safari. And if you aren't satisfied with Safari’s own Reading List, the tweak also lets you associate your Pocket, Instapaper or Readability account with the browser so that you can add any post to these services without requiring a third-party app. The fact that it works with Chrome for iOS as well makes Readr absolutely perfect at what it does. Read More

Customize App Rows & Columns On iOS Home Screen, Dock & Folders With CustomGrid 2

The need for Cydia tweaks to be updated for iOS 6 has provided many developers with a chance to improve upon their former releases, and users are getting to enjoy revamped versions of some really popular tweaks. People have been waiting for CustomGrid to become compatible with iOS 6 for quite a while now, and the tweak’s updated version has finally been released with some great new features. CustomGrid 2 lets you give a makeover to your iPhone’s SpringBoard, Dock, App Switcher tray and folders. For those of you who haven’t used the tweak before, CustomGrid offers amazingly detailed options to change the number of app icons that can be placed in different areas of iOS. You can also change other aspects of this display grid, and arrange your apps in precisely the way you want. Read More

Always View Videos In Landscape Mode On iPhone With LandscapeVideos

If an app cannot play videos in landscape mode, not many people are going to use it on the iPhone’s rather small screen. Most good developers add landscape support for videos in their iOS apps, but the practice is not universal. Even if a video can be viewed in landscape, there is no way of bypassing the orientation lock just for video playback, and this can be really annoying for users who like to keep the orientation locked in portrait mode most of the time. LandscapeVideos is a new Cydia tweak that takes care of both these scenarios. You can configure it to bypass the orientation lock while playing videos, and it even forces some of the portrait-only apps to play videos in landscape mode. Read More

How To Quickly Clear Icon Badges From Any Or All iPhone Apps

When you stop to think about it, a handful of tweaks like Activator, SBSettings, Springtomize, Infinyfolders and a few others cover the bulk of customization needs of many users, while most other tweaks strive to bring some small new features or modified versions of the functionality offered by these famous Cydia projects. In the past, there have been some pretty decent options for you to get rid of the icon badges from your SpringBoard, with a few tweaks going as far as concentrating on just a specific app’s badge, like the previously covered noOTA. Springtomize, in addition to its various other virtues, has the most convenient badge-removal options available for jailbreak users. However, it does cost money and if you want nothing more than hiding icon badges, the investment might not be worthwhile. Clear Badges offers the same functionality for free, and even throws in an SBSettings toggle for those looking to remove all badges in one go. Read More