View Passwords For WiFi Networks Saved On Your iPhone With NetworkList

It is not the easiest of tasks to remember passwords for all the WiFi networks you use regularly. On most devices, once a password is entered for a hotspot, you can forget all about it as next time the device connects to it automatically. When you switch to a new device though, or have to tell the network’s password to a friend, things can get really tricky if you don't remember it. On desktop computers and even Android devices, there are ways of viewing saved passwords for authorized networks without too much fuss. In the past, we have seen tools like SterJo that are capable of listing passwords for all recognized networks on your desktop within a few seconds. If you are using an iOS device, though, there has never been any easy way of viewing old passwords for WiFi networks. However, jailbreak users can finally enjoy a solution to this problem, thanks to the newly released NetworkList tweak, which adds a list of all your saved WiFi passwords to the WiFi section of the Settings app. Read More

Create A WiFi Network Blacklist & Get Connectivity Alerts On iOS With NotifyWifi

SBSettings is the first thing that compels many users to jailbreak their iPhone as soon as some developer comes up with a solution to get Cydia working on the latest iOS version. Within SBSettings, the most useful thing is its easily accessible dropdown window, housing a string of options including several system toggles. While all these toggles are really useful, the WiFi control is probably the most frequently used. During the course of the day, most users switch between multiple WiFi networks, making the WiFi section of the Settings app really important. As the internet umbrella continues expanding, more and more WiFi hotspots are becoming available publicly. If you like keeping your device’s WiFi on, it might end up connecting to networks you wish to avoid, without you ever noticing. Tweaks like AutoProtect and CleverPin can give you some indication regarding connectivity, but its still not as clear as getting a proper notification. That’s what NotifyWifi does. This tweak sends users a push notification every time they connect to a WiFi network or there is a change in the network’s status. NotifyWifi can also be used to keep your device from ever connecting to some networks automatically. Read More

View & Kill Running Apps From iPhone Home Screen With AppSwiper

For a long time, developers over at the Cydia store have been looking for ways to improve the App Switcher tray and task management in iOS. Some take the approach of automatically uncluttering the RAM at regular intervals, while others add the App Switcher to unlikely areas of the OS such as the Notification Center. All such tweaks are useful in their own right, but the approach taken by AppSwiper is refreshingly different, and lets you keep an eye on memory usage without being too obtrusive. With this tweak, apps that are currently running in the background are distinguished from others right on the SpringBoard. AppSwiper lights up the name of all active apps, and even lets you kill any app you want with a single swipe on the Home screen. Read More

XPasscode Replaces iPhone Passcode With Themeable Patterns & Input Methods

If there is one area of iOS that can start getting a bit boring after some time, it’s the lock screen. Maybe that’s why the Cydia store has so many themes and tweaks aimed at keeping things spiced up even before your device is unlocked. Recently, we posted a list of top Cydia tweaks to make the iPhone lock screen better, and the newly unveiled XPasscode is as good as most of the tweaks that made it into that compilation. Some might say that it is nothing more than a novelty tweak, but it does more than just giving your iPhone some extra oomph. Much like the popular tweak Piano Passcode and the previously covered Control Unlocker, XPasscode replaces the usual passcode keypad with different interesting items. For now, the tweak has only four themes, but the developer seems to have made it really easy for others to build themes that are compatible with XPasscode, so it is sure to get even more awesome with the passage of time. Read More

CodeScrambler Makes Your iPhone Passcode Harder To Guess By Randomizing Keypad Digit Positions

Does anyone here watch the excellent "Sherlock" TV series – a modern take on Arthur C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective novels? If you do, and have seen a certain episode, you will remember that the titular character was able to guess part of a PIN code by observing the fingerprints on the buttons. This is the main reason why we suggest avoiding pattern locks on Android, and recommend iOS users to opt for a strong alphanumeric password. However, entering a lengthy alphanumeric password so many times each day just isn't convenient, so what do we do about it? What we want is the enhanced security of an alphanumeric password, with the relatively quick input of a 4-digit passcode. The solution lies with a new tweak for iOS called 'CodeScrambler'. Read More

Move Multiple App Icons At A Time On iPhone Home Screen With EasyIconEdit

Ever since folders were introduced in iOS, users have gained the capability of keeping their iPhone’s SpringBoard as organized as they want. While I personally prefer stacking apps inside folders, many others like making full use of the app pages available on iOS. For some reason though, the platform puts plenty of restrictions on moving icons between screens, as you always have to adhere to the predefined iOS grid, and there can’t be any blank spaces between icons. Of course, there are Cydia tweaks that can help you bypass these restrictions with ease. We have already covered AlwaysArrange that makes icons ready to be rearranged even without entering jiggle mode, and MultiIconMover that lets you reorder the SpringBoard easily by moving multiple icons simultaneously. EasyIconEdit is based on a similar concept, but has a much more appealing look. The tweak gives a visible indication of the selections you make, and then lets you move them to a new page in a very intuitive manner. Read More

Lock The iPhone Camera App’s Orientation In Any Mode With CamRotate

The orientation lock might not be the most discussed feature around on iOS, but it is certainly used several times each day by most people. Whether inside stock apps or third-party ones, control over landscape and portrait modes can really improve your overall user experience. In the past, we have seen tweaks like UIRotation for Activator, which expands the amount of control you have over the orientation of different areas of iOS. LandscapeVideos does something similar, but for a very specific type of items on the device, namely videos. CamRotate is another app-specific Cydia tweak, but it can still be really helpful in a number of situations since it deals with the stock Camera app, which is among the most frequently used entities on iPhone. The tweak can be used to lock the app in an orientation mode of your choice, change the way mode switching works, and even spice things up a little by tinkering with rotation animations. Read More

App Tracker Shows A Graphical Representation Of App Usage On iPhone

Keeping track of what you do on your iPhone can help you take control of your life. At times, a person can really get so engrossed in a game or social network that important stuff starts getting ignored. To avoid this situation, there are tweaks like AppCap available in the Cydia store, letting you block any app every time it has been accessed a set number of times each day. AppCap is just a tweak though, and can be disabled any time you want to use a time-waster too badly. If you just start following your app usage history using apps like App Stat, however, things can gradually improve as you get a clear idea of how much time you are actually spending on an app each day. Having said that, App Stat is a fairly simple app and doesn’t come with too  many elaborate options. The newly released App Tracker, on the other hand, doesn’t just provide stats regarding app usage; it plots those stats in form of bar graphs and line charts. You can also view history details for a specific time period. Read More

10 Best Cydia Tweaks For The iPhone Lock Screen

The most common reason people jailbreak their iDevices is to modify the way iOS looks by default. Apart from themes, the Cydia store has everything from widgets to tweaks that can make your iPhone completely different from that of a friend. It’s not just about theming though, as a lot of tweaks make using iOS a much smoother experience than it originally is. Anyone who has jailbroken their device is sure to have noticed that no area of iOS is out of the reach of developers over at Cydia store. SpringBoard, stock apps, third-party apps, lock screen and Notification Center can all be totally revamped, thanks to the amazing collection of Cydia tweaks available. While all these areas of the OS are important, there is just no getting around the lock screen of your iPhone, since it is the first thing that shows up every time you switch on your device, or wake it up. So, here are some of the best tweaks that can make the iPhone’s lock screen more useful and gorgeous, without requiring much effort on the user’s part. Read More

Watch Any Video In A Floating Window On Your iPhone With VideoPane

Thanks to its true multitasking capabilities, there are quite a few Android apps that are not restricted to one particular region of the OS and actually 'float' system-wide. Apart from the Facebook Chat Heads feature that got a lot of attention, a couple very fine examples would be floating video players Super Video and Popcorn Player, that let you view videos in a persistent, resizable panel. You can enjoy a similar experience on iOS if your iDevice is jailbroken. Case in point: VideoPane, a new Cydia tweak by Ryan Petrich that lets you create a floating window out of any video being played. This detachable pane can be dragged around to different parts of the screen, works on the SpringBoard, and is even functional inside other apps, bringing a taste of real multitasking to iPhone. Read More

Increase/Decrease Video Playback Speed In All iOS Apps With VideoPace

A few months ago, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of FastForward, which lets users control video playback speed in different apps on their iOS device. Not everyone might appreciate a tweak of this kind, but it certainly has its uses on some occasions. You can use it to quickly go through boring videos that just have to be watched, but not very thoroughly. It is, however, far from perfect and has a few glaring shortcomings. For one thing, you cannot slow down videos, as the tweak only has options to increase the playback speed. Also, there is also no option for choosing a universal speed factor that is applied across all apps installed on your iPhone, and each app has to be configured separately. Maybe these were the factors that compelled the popular Cydia developer Ryan Petrich (who most recently created FlipSwitch) to come up with a similar but better alternative to the tweak. VideoPace doesn’t require a lot of configuration, and can be used to both speed up and slow down videos. Read More

Get Quick Reply Windows For Incoming WhatsApp Messages On iOS With This Couria Add-On

Ever since discovering biteSMS on iOS, I have been looking for any tweak that lets users respond to messages from different messengers without actually launching the app. There are such quick reply tweaks already for Facebook Messenger, Viber and even the stock Messages app. Recently though, the jailbreak store got a platform exclusively for letting developers create quick reply extensions for various apps. Couria is an open-source package with a decent default theme, which makes it really easy for developers to come up with appropriate add-ons for different messenger apps on iOS. At first, Couria did not have any extensions, but now, after a couple of weeks of its release, we finally have WhatsApp for Couria. The add-on makes it possible for users to reply to WhatsApp messages simply by tapping on the corresponding notification, or unlocking to a message when you are on the lock screen. Read More

Apply Customizable Themes To iPhone Lock Screen With LockFlavours

The recently covered BuddyLock comes with an impressive array of customization options for the lock screen, but if you want to get a new look for your iPhone without too much effort, there are tweaks like Sodium capable of applying photo effects to a wallpaper directly. LockFlavors doesn't do anything to the wallpaper, but every other aspect of the lock screen can be altered using it. LockFlavors offers several lock screen themes, applying different colors and patterns to the top and bottom bars of the lock screen. In addition to these, the tweak also has different fonts for the time/date display, and even lets you change the text that appears on the unlock slider. If you aren't satisfied with any of the default themes offered in LockFlavors, there is also the option of creating your own custom themes by mixing colors for each part of the screen separately, and adding the fonts of your choice. Read More

Apply Tints & Effects To Your iPhone Wallpaper With Sodium

Anyone who likes to keep things fresh on an iPhone by frequently changing the lock screen background is sure to appreciate the plethora of wallpaper apps available on iOS. Not satisfied with those? You can always download any picture from the internet and use it as the wallpaper of your device. There are plenty of photo editors that can help you make ordinary photos look extraordinary, but what if there was a way of making your wallpapers special without having to do any work on them. In the past, we have seen Cydia tweaks like WAlpha that act directly on the wallpaper rather than the photo being used as the background. Sodium is quite similar, but with an amazingly large collection of features. The tweak lets you apply a tint with a particular blend mode to the wallpaper, change its alpha value, and toggle Grayscale and Negative image effects. Read More

Replace iPhone Lock Screen Passcode With A Game Controller Combo

Remember the good old days when you had to glean cheat codes off from your friends or gaming magazines, and then try fervently to apply them using your Nintendo controller before your character died or your favorite Pokémon escaped? If you really miss those times, there are plenty of ways to recreate them on an iPhone, using the awesome gaming emulators available for jailbroken (and recently, even non-jailbroken) devices. If truth be told though, the gaming community has moved on, and you are not very likely to spend a lot of time playing these older video games even if they are available on iOS. This is why Control Unlocker can be perfect for anyone who is nostalgic for NES, but not super-crazy for the actual games. The Cydia tweak makes it possible for users to set a cheat code-like passcode on their iPhone’s lock screen, making sure that the device gets unlocked only when the right combination is punched in using the displayed controller. Read More

Cancel iOS App Updates Mid-Download With CancelUpdate

How many times have you found yourself regretting an iOS app update? Previously, there was no quick and easy way to cancel one before its completion once started, resulting in apps that are either forever stuck in the ‘updating…’ phase until you get access to a stable internet connection, or, in some odd cases, updated to less functional versions – such as when YouTube restricted certain features of FoxTube/Jasmine for iOS. Thankfully, we have come across a method to quickly undo the update operation,  thanks to Cydia tweak CancelUpdate by Plipala. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Mappr Puts A Full Interactive Map In iPhone Spotlight Search Area

SearchAmplius has not been available in the jailbreak store for too long but despite that, it has managed to garner a considerable fan-following. While almost all aspects of the tweak are useful in some form, a lot of users find its ability to integrate results from the ‘Maps’ app something that really enriches the experience of using Spotlight. There are plenty of navigation-related apps available in the App Store, but being able to look for locations without launching an app is sure to be preferred by a lot of users. Having said that, the Maps results in SearchAmplius just give you a very basic idea of the location you are looking for, and most of the time, user end up launching the app anyway. The Mappr Cydia tweak, on the other hand, has a much better solution: it tweak places a full zoomable map in the Spotlight search area, which can be used to quickly pinpoint your current location or view other places on the map. Read More

Get A Proper Bookmarks Bar Below The Omnibar In Chrome For iOS

When Google Chrome was new to the App Store, Cydia tweaks kept getting released to take the browser closer to perfection. The flow has been somewhat stemmed now that the app has been around for quite a while, but that doesn't mean there is no room for improvement. The Chrome app resembles the desktop variant of the browser a great deal, but there are still some fairly obvious omissions. The bookmarks bar, for example, is nowhere to be found, and whenever you have to access your bookmarks, you either have to move away from the current page, or open a new tab to get to them. Wouldn't it be just perfect if Chrome gets a bookmarks bar that is visible everywhere, but still isn't overly intrusive? While the feature might get added to the app officially in a future update, you can get it right now if you have a jailbroken iPhone. BMarks Bar – Chrome is a new Cydia tweak that adds a customizable bookmarks bar to the Chrome app. Not only does the bar have all your bookmarks, but it is even capable of showing folders below the address bar at all times. Read More

InstaLauncher Is A Gesture-Activated Alphabetized App Drawer For iPhone

We have seen many lock screen launchers for iOS (such as the recently covered BuddyLock), but not many offered the ability to invoke app shortcuts from areas other than the lock screen. One exception that readily comes to mind is Deck, which shows a sidebar on the Home screen containing several system toggles and app shortcuts. Having said that, it must be pointed out that Deck focuses more on settings than apps, which doesn't make it a viable extension of the iOS dock or App Switcher tray. InstaLauncher, however, is a new tweak that's just perfect for anyone looking for an alternative and quick way of accessing all the apps installed on an iPhone. If you have a lot of apps, some of them are bound to be forgotten with time, tucked away into different folders. With InstaLauncher, this is never likely to happen as the tweak presents your apps in an alphabetically-arranged list, making sure that any app can be reached within seconds. Those who have used an Android device will feel at home with it, as it acts somewhat similar to the App Drawer from Google's OS. Read More

BuddyLock Brings A Snazzy Look, App Shortcuts & Widgets To iPhone Lock Screen

If Android’s lock screen widgets and other similar features have made you envious, the iOS jailbreak store has some pretty decent offerings for you. There are plenty of ways you can place widgets and even app shortcuts on the lock screen of your iPhone. BuddyLock is the latest tweak to offer that functionality, but it does even more. Pretty much like SlideToMod, this new tweak also offers a ton of customization options for the lock screen slider, the time bar and the camera grabber. The awesomeness doesn't end there though; BuddyLock comes with a few widgets as well, that allow users to change system settings with a single tap. To round everything off, you can even place your address book or music playlists on the lock screen area. Read More