How To Add & Remove Shortcuts From Windows 8 Win + X Menu [Tip]

Compared to Windows 8 Developer Build, there are a lot of things that have been added to the Consumer Preview. In the past, we have extensively reviewed all the changes that have been made to the upcoming version of Windows. For instance, the removal of the Start Menu button has conjured up quite a debate on whether this radical change was for the good or the bad. Some people cite it as a step towards the future, while others claim this move to be a poor judgment on Microsoft’s part. Apart from some critical subtractions, there are some worthwhile improvements and additions in Windows 8. For example, the new Win + X menu of Windows 8 provides an easy way to access numerous System Utilities such as Programs and Features, Network Connections, Power Options, Task Manager, Control Panel, Run dialog box etc. However, there is no default option to easily edit this menu according to your own requirements. In this post, we will guide you through the process of adding and removing items from Windows 8 Win + X menu. Read More

PasswordBox: Secure Online Password Vault & Manager [Chrome]

Passwords are perhaps the sole protectors of your identity in a lot of cases, and even more so when it comes to online accounts. We all have different passwords for our personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and what not, as using the same password for all services is practically suicide. On top of that, it's recommended that you regularly change your passwords, so they don't get compromised. Managing old passwords and remembering new ones can be a real pain, particularly if you use a lot of different services. This is where PasswordBox can help. This slick Chrome extension simplifies your life by keeping a record of all your login details, all protected by one master password, so in case you forget a password, you can always retrieve it with merely a couple of clicks. It even provides you with the option to set your passwords to be shared to an address of your choice in case something happens to you,. The extension comes with multiple categories, each having an extensive list of popular services. Another thing; if you're interested in giving PasswordBox a try, you should hurry on past the break and to the download link as the password manager will be absolutely free for the first million users. Read More

HAPaudioTags: Perform Folder Wise Editing Of Music Tags

If the music in your computer is properly tagged, you will be able to easily search for and locate it when required. Editing tags manually can be a big time consuming and tedious task, since you have to open the file properties of each and every file separately. Previously, we have covered a lot of audio tag editors that allow you to quickly add and edit tags to your music files. Last year, Usman covered Toe Tag, a fast open source multi-tag editor that lets you modify ID3 tags of your music collection by offering two rule-based features to match filename with meta tag information, and then, back in 2010, Aatif reviewed Mp3tag, an easy-to-use audio metadata editor offering a wide range of features and supporting a wide variety of tags, including ID3v1, ID 3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes, MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE. Today, we have another audio editor for you, called HAPaudioTags, that allows you to change the ID3 tags of audio files, as well as display information about the file. You can add or edit the Cover picture for songs and change between next and previous track in the selected folder from inside the interface. Read More

PhotoEnhancer Core: Improve Photo Quality By Changing Light Level [Mac]

The number of photo editing apps available for just about any platform easily outnumber photo enhancement apps. For those of you wondering what the difference between the two is, a photo editor can let you add a spectacular handlebar moustache to a portrait, while an enhancement app will let you improve qualitative aspects of it. These enhancements can be light, exposure and contrast control or managing the levels of color in an image. PhotoEnhancer Core is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that allows you to improve the quality of an image. If you use the filters right, you can actually change time of day in an image. Read More

Snapheal: Retouch & Remove Unwanted Objects From Images On Mac

Image editing apps aren’t rare for Mac, but the majority of them focus on adding color filters, image effects or cropping and rotating a picture. As far as real image editing goes where you can actually add or remove elements within the image, the apps that let you do that are rare. Snapheal is a Mac app worth $14.99 in the Mac app store that lets you erase objects in an image, retouch, rotate and crop images. It has a powerful retouch feature that allows you to adjust the contrast, saturation, sharpness, blur, and light intensity for any particular area on the image. You can compare your two images and save them to any format of your choice. Read More

Snappy: Capture Screenshots On Time, Mouse & Keyboard Events

A lot of different screenshot tools tend to offer different options for taking screenshots. Some of them are good for grabbing screen area, some work best for capturing whole windows, while others are useful when you want to take scrollable screenshots of webpages. However, a screenshot tool can only have so many options. Since these applications are mostly focused on capturing screenshots, while their image editors don’t have a lot of options. Snappy is a desktop-capture software for Windows that allows users to capture the screen of your computer and edit the image, such as its RGB settings, brightness, contrast etc. It also features a very interest “Event Capture” option, allowing you to take a screenshot of your desktop when specified events occur. Moreover, it also allows you to export the screenshots in BMP, JPEG, PNG, PDF, XML and AVI formats. More on Snappy after the break. Read More

ShiftN Automatically Adjusts Vertical Line Distortion In Landscape/Building Photographs

If you have a lot of images and photographs of buildings and landscapes, some of them might be tilted a little to the side, or may have some disorientation that is ruining the whole picture. Converging lines in architectural images of tall buildings are a common fault that occurs due to the different perspective of the photographer and the camera lens while taking the picture. This makes the shots look unnatural when the vertical lines get distorted, even when using professional SLR cameras. This problem can be solved using special lenses designed for the job, but they are too expensive  for everyone to afford. If you want your pictures to look professional and don't have the resources to spend too much on photography equipment, try ShiftN instead. It is a very light-weight and easy to use application for Windows that automatically fixes the line distortion effect without forcing you to make any effort. More on ShiftN after the break. Read More

Paste Text Like: Change Format, Text Case & Remove Blank Spaces From Clipboard

It seems as if Windows native clipboard utility will never get support for keeping multiple items at once and users who find the need to continuously copy paste text snippets always have to look for third-party solutions. Earlier, we have covered numerous clipboard tools, for multiple operating systems, including Clipboard Magic for Windows, and TetBom for Mac OS X, both of which happened to be quite useful. Most clipboard managers are capable of recording multiple clipboard entries, whether text snippets or files paths, letting you keep spamming that Ctrl+C before pasting the required text anywhere. Last year, we also covered a software called Dolphin Text Menu, an on-screen text cleaner that performs a range of text-specific operations over any text editor, including  append and prepend text to lines, delete blank lines, change text case etc. We found it quite handy and unique, and tried to look for other similar alternatives. Today, seemed to be our lucky day and we have an open source tool for you called Paste Text Like, which lets you perform all the aforementioned functions over the clipboard content. More details regarding Paste Text Like after the break. Read More

Scan Tailor: Perform Batch Editing & Adjustments On Scanned Pages

Scanning documents is a great way to save them in digital form and ensure that they won't get destroyed or misplaced. The issue with scanning documents is that we have to set everything manually, and if anything goes wrong, we have to scan the page again, which can be quite annoying. Scan Tailor is an post-processing tool for scanned pages to edit them once they are loaded into your computer. It allows you to perform different operations on the scanned page, such as fixing the orientation of the page, splitting the page into two parts, deskewing the page to rotate it left and right, removing extra material from the page by selecting only the required portion, setting the margins and fixing alignment of the page. More on Scan Tailor after the jump. Read More

Picuzo Editor Is Drawing Tool & Picture Editor Combined In One

Remember a decade ago when we were fond of creating, drawing and editing images, and all we had was Windows very own Paint? Internet has revolutionized things in all aspects, and today, we have multitude of web applications to perform almost every task that we can think of. One such web application is Picuzo Editor, which lets you create and edit images, make drawings and manipulate images, all online. You can create vector art with this web service as well. It also lets you import your photo albums from your Facebook account, Dropbox, Picasa, DeviantArt, Flickr etc, as well as your hard drive. You can save your edited images and drawing on Facebook, your PC, as well as the Picuzo Editor server. Read More

ArcGIS Brings Its Comprehensive Maps Database To Android

Love exploring maps? How about taking the ArcGIS route? ArcGIS is Esri’s free cross-platform GIS-powered client for Android and iOS that fetches worldwide maps using Microsoft’s Bing service and lets you find and view information about locations all over the globe. ArcGIS features maps hosted by worldwide users and lets you access your own maps from the ArcGIS Server. With comprehensive map details, layers, a huge online gallery, extended map sharing, editing and measurement options, ArcGIS ensures that you do not have to rely on multiple navigation-based apps and atlases to quench your exploration needs. Read More

PerCal Allows Keeping Track Of Your Events Even When Offline [Chrome]

Most people have probably done away with their table calendars but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. Online calendars are some of the most basic and often best types of to-do list managers and, having one on your desktop, on your phone or even inside your browser, are useful. PerCal is a Google Chrome app that adds a calendar to your browser. The app is lets you browse to any month of any year and add different types of reminders. Reminders are categorized by colors and several different reminders can be added on the same date. The app allows you to schedule and keep track of your life, letting you manage personal and work events . Featuring drag & drop editing, quick navigation and an uncluttered interface, PerCal is a simple personal calendar app that tracks different types of events and gives a quick monthly view of upcoming events. Read More

How To Record, Edit, And Burn Audio Files With Free Audio Editor 2009

Free Audio Editor 2009 is the most powerful audio editor I have come across that is both free and easy-to-use. I mentioned that it records, edits, and burns audio files, but actually it does a lot more than that. You can crop any piece of audio file and merge two different audio files, apart from that you can record your own audio and mix it with some background music. You can reduce noise with ‘Noise Reduction’ feature or add tons of custom effects. The build-in Text-to-Speech feature actually works pretty well and seamless. Read More

VirtualDub – Desktop Video Processing And Capture Application

I recently was searching for a video processing tool when I came across VirtualDub. It is a free opensource software that can capture, edit and process videos instantly. Recently the author has added the support of  MPEG2 / DVD ,WMV / ASF, AC3, QuickTime, Flash Video, MP4 / 3GP, FLIC PVN, R3D (Redcode RAW files), and DirectShow. It was originally made for processing AVI format only.

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Convert Your Photo Into Painting, Sketch, Drawing, Or Cartoon With FotoSketcher

Do you have a photo and would like to convert it into something more fun? Try FotoSketcher, it is a free little app that automatically converts your photos into art with the click of a button. You can create professional art images, make greeting cards out of them, or simply print them out and hang them in the wall. According to the developer,
Different styles are available: pencil sketch, pen and ink drawing, various painting renderings. You can also improve your original photo with simple tools (enhance contrast, sharpen, simplify image, increase luminosity, color saturation etc...).
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Remove Program Shortcut Or Desktop Shortcut Arrows In Windows 7 / Vista

Honestly speaking, I do love Windows 7 / Vista but there are so many small awkward stuffs around that makes it look just stupid. Desktop shortcuts is one of them. Have you ever noticed a large arrow on lower-left corner of the icon in every desktop shortcut program? I hate this arrow, and if you have same feelings like me, welcome to the post where I am going to teach you how to remove it in the most easiest way. There are two methods, tweaking the registry and through a software. Read More

20 Free Software To Create, Mount, Burn, Edit And Extract ISO Image Files

If you are looking for a free ISO software, but cannot decide which one to use? We have compiled a list of top 20 software in random order, each of them have some “pros” and cons”. All ISO software listed here are free and have different capabilities such as to Create, Mount, Burn, Edit(Manipulate the content), and Extract(Copy content to hard disk) an ISO image file. It’s for you to decide which one you want to go for :) Read More