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ShiftN Automatically Adjusts Vertical Line Distortion In Landscape/Building Photographs

If you have a lot of images and photographs of buildings and landscapes, some of them might be tilted a little to the side, or may have some disorientation that is ruining the whole picture. Converging lines in architectural images of tall buildings are a common fault that occurs due to the different perspective of the photographer and the camera lens while taking the picture. This makes the shots look unnatural when the vertical lines get distorted, even when using professional SLR cameras. This problem can be solved using special lenses designed for the job, but they are too expensive  for everyone to afford. If you want your pictures to look professional and don’t have the resources to spend too much on photography equipment, try ShiftN instead. It is a very light-weight and easy to use application for Windows that automatically fixes the line distortion effect without forcing you to make any effort. More on ShiftN after the break.

The basic usage of the application is pretty simple. First, drag and drop your image into the main interface of the application. ShiftN will analyze the image and display the available EXIF information about it, such as its resolution and other parameters.

CUsersTestDesktopesb1.jpg - ShiftN

Once the image is loaded, click Automatic Correction button available at the top to apply line distortion correction on the images. If you are not satisfied with the results, click Re-optimize to align and correct the image again.

CUsersTestDesktopesb1 Corrected

In our testing, the automatic correction feature worked very nicely, but if you want to configure the settings yourself, select Adjust Correction from the top to edit the Shift, Rotation, Distortion and Horizontal Shortening values of the image.

Adjust correction

The Options menu at the top provides you with different settings to specify parameters, change application language and define type of output (JPEG, its Quality, BMP, TIFF, Trim Pictures Automatically, Sharpen Pictures etc)

Type of output

Overall, ShiftN is an excellent tool to quickly modify the perspective of your photographs without much image degradation and unnatural look. The application works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Download ShiftN

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