Encode Secret Messages As BMP Images With Text to Color For Windows

We should all know by now that transferring sensitive personal data such as credit card information, social security number, bank account details or even your Facebook account credentials through email, cloud storage or similar services has never been the ideally safe method for the task. Even though some of these file sharing channels provide ‘military grade’ protection against many kinds of hacking and cracking, it’s much safer if you rather choose to manually encrypt your text using many of the third-party apps available free of cost, before transferring them over any of these mediums. Although there’s no carved-in-stone guarantee that those ciphers will be absolutely unbreakable, having an extra layer of protection does make sense. One amazingly simple, yet highly effective app for doing that is Text to Color that allows you to encode your secret messages into a BMP image file. Read More

Encrypt Facebook Posts, Tweets Or Any Online Message For Select Contacts With Scrambls

Sending coded messages can come handy either for fun or out of necessity. The common way to share a message publicly while ensuring that only a few people in that public forum/group can view it is to use services that encrypt them and require decryption on the other side. Services like this have a drawback; they leave it to you to share the password/decryption key with your intended audience. Scrambls is a browser extension that works with a service at the back end and lets you easily scramble your message across any public or private online medium including social media services, forums, blogs, comments and the like. You can create groups using email addresses of your intended recipients, allowing them alone to unscramble the message. In order to unscramble the text, the recipients will have to install the Scrambls extension and sign up for a free account with the service. Read More

Encode Videos Or Extract Their Audio Using Mac Finder [Tip]

The Finder in Mac is generally just a file explorer with no hardcore features that would warrant calling it anything else, but it isn’t really as bare as it seems. As far as videos are concerned, the Finder can do much more. Specifically, you can use the Finder to encode and resize videos, as well as to extract their audio. The feature, built into Mac, requires no codecs to be installed, and works only on files that Mac supports. Hence, Flash files cannot utilize this encoding, but the common MP4s can be used without needing to think twice. Read More

DivXRepair: Re-Encode AVI Files To Eliminate Bad Frames

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is one of the most popular multimedia containers around, as it can house both the audio and video data within a single file. In addition, it provides a perfect balance between size and quality. It often happens that when we download a video (particularly a movie that is in AVI format) from any popular video sharing platform, it shows frame skipping, frozen images or pixel distortion problems. This can lead to a major annoyance as it ruins the whole movie experience by making it unwatchable. Although a few powerful media players like VLC, Media Player Classic or KMplayer come with the ability to handle frame skipping issues, and attempt to play the video without any lag or whatsoever, they can not render videos with severe multiple frame skips.  The only way to watch such videos is to grab them from other sources. However, there is one more way that you can give a try before you re-download the video. Labelled as DivXRepair, it is a lightweight open-source application that can repair corrupt AVI files and get rid of frame freezing. It does so by automatically detecting and eliminating un-decodable/freezing frames, re-encodes a new copy and saves it to the same directory that contains the original file. Read on for more details. Read More

x264GUI: Encode High Definition Videos & Add Multiple Audio Streams

Encoding video files from one container to another can be a sophisticated and complex task, especially when you don’t know much about its related technical jargon. Moreover, you need different codecs and switches to perform the encoding process before making your final copy. X264GUI is an open source x264 video encoder that provides graphical user interface (as the name implies) by integrating different codecs. It can mainly be used for encoding high definition video files to MKV, AVI, x264 and MP4 containers, as these are the most popular ones among high-def freaks. The application contains many advanced features, and lets you encode a video from an avisynth script (you can read more about avisynth here). There are various preset codec profiles integrated within this tool, or you may create your own according to your preferences. Read More

Kirara: Portable Video Encoder With Comprehensive Editing Features

Here we have yet-another video encoder titled Kirara Encoder. This application supports majority of the popular media formats, be it video or audio, and sports a very user friendly UI, which is instrumental in letting the user access all the advanced functions as well. Best of all, the application is a portable one for Windows, bringing you a tad bit more than just any other video encoder. Screenshots and more on the features after the break. Read More

inCrypto Lets You Generate Hash Values And Encode & Encrypt Text

Encrypting a file allows you to send it over the internet safely without worrying about its contents being read, or used by someone who is not intended to read them. for instance, a file that you upload on the internet might get hacked by someone with malicious intentions. If  the file contains sensitive information, that can create a lot of trouble for you. Hashing a file, on the other hand, can be used to make sure that the file you downloaded is exactly the one that was uploaded by the author and not a file modified by a hacker. Developers often post the hash value along with the uploaded file, so that anyone downloading it can be sure that it is the same file that was originally uploaded by the author. Previously, we have covered a lot of tools, such as SFV Ninja, a portable hash value generator, that can be used to generate and compare hash values of files in order to verify their integrity. We have also covered some text encryption tools, like scrambled-egg, an open source application that allows encrypting plain text messages and files using custom encryption algorithms. Combining the features of both these applications, today we have a new tool for you called inCrypto. It is a multipurpose portable tool that lets you perform, both encryption and encoding, from a unified interface. The application supports Base64 and AES text encoding and encryption methods, while MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 FIle Hash values can be used to generate hash values of files. Read on to find out more about inCrypto. Read More

Download VidCoder 1.0; Now Out Of Beta And More Stable

VidCoder is a famous open source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application that uses HandBrake  encoding engine and is considered to have a much easier-to-use user interface than HandBrake itself. We reviewed the initial version when it was released, and later when it added Blu-ray support. Today, VidCoder ended its beta stage and a stable package was launched (version 1.0). In this post we will take a look at some of its new features which have made it even better than before. Read More

Emit – Encode, Download & Stream Media From Computer To Android Over WiFi

If you are tired of continuously porting your favorite media files to your Android device from your computer or if your SD card cannot stand any more heavy media files, then may be it’s time to try Emit, a real-time media encoder and streamer that allows you to play media directly from your computer onto you Android device over WiFi. Air streaming seems to be the future when it comes to playing media files on your gadgets. No wires involved, no downloading involved, no copy/pasting involved and thankfully, no more long waiting sessions involved. All media content is streamed live from your computer via a server application without storing a single bit of data on your device. You can, however, pre-encode videos and download them to the device for offline viewing, play .mkv files with subtitles and download music from your iTunes library. Read More

EncodeHD – Convert Videos To Mobile And Home Media Player Formats

Last year we reviewed Encode HD which is a converter for re-encoding different types of video files. Since then, it has received six updates and has added new presets and changes. In this review we will explain the numerous changes and enhancements of EncodeHD up till its last update which took place in February 2011 and look into some of it's usage details. It is a highly recommended converter for beginners, due to it's immensely simplified encoding options. Read More

2 Best Tools To Convert Or Encode HD Videos For Windows Phone 7

If you’ve been hanging around Windows Phone 7 device for quite a while, you may have struggled a lot to get the best video quality with Zune. Since Zune video encoder often fails to encode videos in high definition, it becomes indispensable to get a third party video encoder which can directly encode videos for Windows Phone 7 compatible phones. If you’re looking for a video encoder for your Windows Phone 7 device, you can use previously featured VidCoder or Oxelon for this very purpose. Both tools offer a wide range of Audio and Video parameters to tweak with. In this post, we will look at how to set Audio and Video parameters in both Oxelon and VidCoder for achieving best video quality on your Windows Phone 7 device Read More

xAct Is Feature-Rich Audio Toolkit For Mac

Want a tool which can handle a wide range of audio file formats to perform encoding and decoding operations with all the variations involved? xAct might be the best toolkit you could pick up. It an opensource, multi-purpose tool for Mac which presents a simple GUI for popular Unix-based applications including, Shorten, shntool, monkey’s audio compressor, flac, cdda2wav while using the powers of LAME, AtomicParsley, TagLib and mp4v2. If you’ve been using 3 separate applications on your Mac to encode & decode, merge/split, and to tag audio files, you should try out xAct, since it can fulfill your audio files manipulation needs under one window. Read More