Encode Messages & Valuable Text Inside Images Using Cipher Image Free

Transferring sensitive information from one place to another without compromising the privacy of data is a tricky business in the current world, where not even your account statements are safe from hacker groups and privy individuals. Hiding information inside images is called Steganography, and it is a rather safe method for transferring sensitive data. This way, until unless knows that a picture contains data, and has the key to decrypt it, no one can get  to it. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to hide data into images, read on. Cipher Image Free is a tool that lets you encode images and hide valuable text into any image. Several encrypted images together with hidden text can also be saved into one file. The program supports more than 21 image formats, and allows saving the output file in 7 different formats. Cipher Image Free uses 128-bit encryption, and allows you to either generate an automatic key or create one of your own.Read More

How To Encrypt Ubuntu Home Folder From Command Line Using eCryptfs

Drive encryption is meant to secure your hard drive in case your computer is stolen or compromised with critical information in it, such as bank account credentials, credit card or social security number. During the installation of Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, an option is provided to encrypt the Home folder to secure your files and folders. In case you haven’t selected this option during installation, you can easily do it using the ecryptfs-utils command line. eCryptfs is a cryptographic stacked Linux file system, which stores cryptographic metadata in the header of written files, to allow encrypted files to be copied between hosts. The file is then decrypted using the proper key in the Linux kernel keyring.Read More

FileWall Brings Real-Time (On-The-Fly) Folder Encryption In Windows

We always put great emphasis on data protection. As today, we are living in an era where everything's digital, including our credentials and other important files - any unintended hands can easily misuse such information, if insufficiently protected. Thankfully, PCs now have various data security software that keep everything in check and well protected from intruders. Windows 7 alone is quite robust in protecting our files, but if you were looking for a file encryption tool that is not so easy to crack, then what you probably need is FileWall. It is an encryption application that can quickly encrypt and decrypt files stored in your hard drive. It integrates into the Windows Explorer right-click context menu for instant access and uses AES-128 bit encryption as the default encryption algorithm. It supports real-time encryption on folders which allows the data to be encrypted before being written to the disk. That means that no one will be able to access the existing and newly created documents inside a folder without entering the password. Read past the jump for more details.Read More

What Is VPN & Tunneling; How To Create And Connect To VPN Network [Beginner’s Guide]

When it comes to deploying a highly secured and reliable data transmission system to meet the inter-organization and intra-organization communication needs, most organizations choose to adapt one among 3 types of networking techniques; Private Network, Hybrid Network and Virtual Private Network. In this post, we will look at each network type, and discuss Virtual Private Network, VPN tunneling, techniques & types of VPN and how to create and setup a VPN network.Read More

Copy, Combine And Encrypt Your PDF Documents With Jeves PDF Utility

PDF is arguably one of the most widely used document formats in the world. A lot of websites host various type of documents, such as Brochures, Instructions manuals, Guides etc, all in PDF format. Adobe Reader is undoubtedly one of the best PDF file viewers out there (Adobe is the company behind the format, after all), but there are still some options missing from it. Jeves PDF Utility is a portable, Java-based application that copies PDF document to another one, merges multiple PDF files together, adds text watermark and encrypts PDF documents with a password. You can copy a PDF document as a whole or only a few pages to specified PDF file. Apart from password protecting the document, you can choose which access permissions to allow for recipients.Read More

BoxCryptor For Android: Access Encrypted Dropbox Data On The Go

Dropbox, or any other cloud storage service for that matter, presents a brilliant concept of storing your vital data on a remote drive and accessing it from anywhere. You own valid login credentials for your specific account that can be used to access, view and modify your Dropbox content. Authorized access to individual accounts means added security to your data that is lying on cloud storage. However, if you want to enhance the security of your Dropbox conten, then BoxCryptor could prove to be effective. BoxCryptor is a cross-platform cryptographic freeware that secures your cloud data synced from various cloud storage services (such as Dropbox) using AES-256 encryption through its desktop client. Just recently, said service has launched its Android client that can be used to access Dropbox data encrypted with BoxCryptor.Read More

Encrypt Messages Using Combinations & Password With scrambled-egg

The internet has brought with it many advantages to the users, but there are certain drawbacks as well - one of them being ripping user privacy apart. scrambled-egg is an open source application which allows encrypting plain text messages and files by letting you select an encryption algorithm and text encoding combination. This combination, and optionally a password, can be applied to encrypt your text file or message.  The supported encryption formats include, AES, ARC2, Blowfish, CAST, DES3 or RSA, with encoding combinations from Base64, Base32, HEX, Quopri, string escape, UU, XML or Json formats. The encrypted text can be copied to clipboard or exported later in XML, JSON, UU file or PNG format. This adds an extra layer of security to your encrypted data, as decrypting it not only requires the knowledge of the password but also the combination used to encrypt the text.Read More

eMount Creates And Mounts Encrypted Disk Images & Partitions In Ubuntu

eMount is an open source Linux application to create, mount, encrypt and manage disk images and to create encrypted system partitions. The plain or encrpyted disk images can be created from the following supported formats, ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT-16, FAT-32, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, ReiserFS and XFS. When creating an encrypted volume, you can password protect it by entering a pass phrase or by importing a text file.  Disk images (plain or encrypted) can be mounted using eMount to access your data. eMount also supports enlarging disk images from ext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS and XFS formats. Other than physical disk images, you can also mount ISO images to view and manage the content.Read More

Create, Edit And Encrypt Text Documents Using crypTN

If you require working on a shared computer at office or home and need to save TXT  files securely, then it might be a good idea to use crypTN. It is an open source application which provides the complete functionality of Windows Notepad with additional utility to encrypt and password protect text files. crypTN is primarily a text encryption tool which uses the AES 256-bit encryption algorithm. You can use cryptTN when you want to create secured text documents and keep them from prying eyes. For example, you may have written and saved a classified project details file at office. To avoid this information from being copied by your co-worker, you can simple open the document using crypTN and encrypt it.Read More

Merge, Encrypt And Optimize Quality Of PDF Files With PDF reDirect

Are you looking for an application which offers a simple yet intuitive way to manipulate PDF documents? If you’ve been using stripped down version of previously discussed PDF995, you can opt in for PDF reDirect, which is a full-featured alternative to both PDF995 and CutePDF applications. PDF reDirect offers a quick way to create and to generate industry standard PDF files. The application offers tools to merge different PDF files together in user specified order and to encrypt the PDF document. Its major focus is on post-PDF file creation options. You for instance create PDF file of your document from word processor and then tweak with page settings and PDF layout options using PDF reDirect. Before you save the document through PDF reDirect, you can set the View Style of your document the way you see fit. It contains 6 different view style which are accompanied with 7 different zooming levels ranging from Fit Width, Fit Page, 50 % zoom to 200% zoom.  Moreover, you can switch between document conversion engines; by default, it uses GNU Ghostscript, but can be replaced with AFPL Ghostscript.Read More

Encrypt Excel Spreadsheet & Selected Data Range With Sheet Encryptor

Sheet Encryptor is an add-in for Excel which protects the whole spreadsheet and also encrypts any selected range of data set. As as far encryption strength is concerned, it uses user-specified encryption key to encrypt and to decrypt the Excel spreadsheets. The add-in is programmed to read external text files for encryption keys. You just have to specify the file where keys are to be extracted from and it will apply encryption over selected data values.Read More

Encrypt Dropbox Files With ENCFS In Ubuntu

ENCFS is an open source software which provides an encrypted file system in a user space. It runs without any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel module to provide the file system interface. ENCFS can also be used to encrypt your Dropbox files in Ubuntu to create a separate directory which auto encrypts data before synchronization. In this post we will tell you how to setup an encrypted directory for your Dropbox files using ENCFS.Read More

PDFill PDF Tools Is A Swiss Army Knife For PDF Files

Want to create, merge, and modify PDF document content? Before using a dedicated tool to perform each operation, have a look at PDFill PDF Tools. It is a standalone Windows utility that packages 15 PDF manipulation and processing tools for performing numerous operations over PDF files, including, split PDF pages, re-organize document pages, encrypt PDF files, decrypt password protected documents, add text and image watermark, add PDF meta info, convert PDF into images, rotate pages, crop PDF file and so on. All you have to do is to bring it up and select the required tool to modify PDF file in a way you want. The application uses extensive Java-PDF library for creating and manipulating PDF files.Read More

Add Security To Your Dropbox Account With SecretSync Encryption

If you’re thinking to deploy a security layer to your Dropbox in order to protect highly confidential data before being sent to Dropbox to sync them across all the configured systems, it’d would rather a time consuming process to first create encrypted container for holding classified info and then send it to Dropbox. An easy solution is provided by SecretSync. It’s a tool backed by 256-AES encryption algorithm which does nothing except encrypting your private data with a pass key and syncing it with your Dropbox account. Using that pass key, you can access your synced private data easily from anywhere, without worrying about recently revealed Dropbox security related issues.Read More

On-The-Fly Dropbox Encryption With BoxCryptor

Users who rely on cloud services have a host of tools in mind which can be used to secure files and folders along with all the classified information which are to be synced. From all the cloud based sync services, Dropbox is the most prominent for so many reasons. BoxCryptor is an application which comes with Dropbox support, allowing user to sync and encrypt files on the fly with RC4 algorithm.It doesn’t confine you to use only Drobbox folder, one can specify any location where data is to be encrypted. Encryption and decryption takes place in realtime without asking passphrase each time to perform the operation.Read More

Encrypt And Save Text Files With Cryptographic Text Converter

Cryptographic Text Converter is an open source text encryption software that allows saving text documents in a password protected and encrypted format. All text files are saved in the native (.tc) format of the application. The encrypted data can be easily decrypted by a single click after logging in with the account credentials. The text is encrypted using 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).Read More

Encrypt & Hide Text Before Sending It With Ncode.ME

It is generally advisable not to spill out personal information like passwords, credit card information etc, over the Internet – well, at least the public domain of it. Instant Messaging clients, social networks, forums etc, are the least safe place where you can share such information. However, what if you’re in a really dire need of sharing any personal information, and don’t have any other medium than to share it in risky environments. Or, suppose you want to deliver a message to a friend on a public forum and want to keep it such that only the two of you can decipher it? Does that hold true for you? This is where text encryption comes into play. These days, there are perhaps hundreds of free applications available that can encode and decode text for you using a variety of quite secure algorithms, and we've reviewed our fair share of them. With such a massive number of choices to pick from, one would usually look at, apart from the algorithm being employed, how easy the application is to configure and put to daily use. In that aspect, Ncode.ME is one solid contender.Read More

Create Public And Private Keys To Encrypt / Decrypt Text Messages With gpg4usb

Confidential information should not be exchanged in public locations because chances of data theft are considerably high, and if there is a dire need, communication must be carried out through one strong encryption tool. gpg4usb is a tool to let users encrypt and decrypt information to keep their exchanges safe from any external unauthorized usage.The application is backed by GnuPg (an OpenPGP implementation) to write, encrypt, and decrypt your text messages.  It supports multiple OS platforms, allowing users to achieve inter-operability. Its name suggests only one requirement - accessible USB port, you need to have open access to ports to secure information in public places, like internet cafés, public libraries, etc.Read More

Quickly Create TrueCrypt Containers With TruPax

TruPax is a portable application which aims to bring ease in creating TrueCrypt containers. For those who don’t have clue about TrueCrypt - it is an eminent opensource encryption program which comes with a long list of encryption algorithms to let users encrypt files and drives on the fly. The process of creating a Truecrpt container is simple but a bit dragging, since you need to specify multiple options in its wizard to create one. Trupax is built to shorten the lengthy process to create encrypted containers without demanding any pre-requisite, even TrueCrypt installation.Read More

Quickly Encrypt A File via Windows Right Click Context Menu

Encryption is an old phenomenon to secure file/folder through the process of ciphering it multiple times. We have come across many freewares that offer encryption on files and folders such as; SerCrypt (a simple encryption tool, suitable for carrying private text) and Secret Data Manager (a feature-rich file manager offering staunch encryption). Right-click Encrypter integrates with right-click context menu, offering a quick and easy way to encrypt your private files.Read More