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Encoding Decoding: Quickly Encrypt/Decrypt & Password Protect Files

Encoding Decoding is an encryption software, which provides a dead simple mechanism for encoding files, i.e., by dragging them to the applications interface and entering a password for them. This easy to use application makes it possible to quickly secure your important files, to protect them from unauthorized access. Furthermore, it does not replace the input file, but rather, creates a more secure version of it. The only thing that you may have to be concerned with is to remember the password, in order to gain access to protected files. Encoding Decoding (application) can be used to encrypt any kind of file, including pictures, code files, Excel sheets and other MS Office documents, PDF files, etc.

Currently, Encoding Decoding is available as a stable and beta package (version 3.0.0). The testing that we performed was on the beta version, which worked quite well. To get started, drag and drop a file to encrypt it. This will provide you with a password prompt to password protect the file. While entering the password, you will be presented with the security level of your password. It I recommended that you use at least 8 characters in your password.

Enter the password encoding

After you have entered the password, a new encrypted version of the file will be created, while the original file will be left unencrypted, (which means that securing that file is up to you). During testing, deleting the original source file after creating a new, more secure version of it, did not create any problems in terms of recovering the file. We first created a new encrypted version, then deleted the source file and finally recovered the content from the encrypted file by launching it (via double click) and entering the password. This means that you can backup or remove the unencrypted version of the file, and only keep secure versions, which can be extracted any time by executing the encrypted file and entering the respective password.


Encoding Decoding works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Encoding Decoding


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