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Split, Join And Encrypt Files With Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner

Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner (KFSJ), as the name suggests, is an application for splitting and joining files. Other than providing file splitting and joining features, it comes with additional options that are not found in conventional applications of its kind, e.g., it  enables comparing two different files by their checksum or size. KFSJ can assist and facilitate file separation, merging, checksum calculation and comparison.  It also provides a number of encryption types to encrypt files that are to split, including Blowfish, Twofish, Des, Ice, etc.

A file can be easily be split by selecting the file, file splitting mechanism (e.g., by number or by size), output name and output directory. Optionally, you can also delete the source file, and encrypt file data with Des, Blowfish, Twofish, Cast (128/256), Ice, RC (2-6), Rijndael, Serpent or Tea.

Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner v0.9.3 beta

Similarly, you can join files by selecting the different file parts and the destination directory.


Unlike other file splitting applications, like Axe and Cryogenic, KFSJ delivers a comprehensive set of options to verify file integrity, and to compare files by performing a checksum or file comparison via the Compare File tab. On the contrary, you can select the maximum buffer size, adjust application priority and enable system tray minimize from the Configure tab.


It must be noted that the interface of KSFJ does have some issues, as the interface elements seem to overlap a bit, and some buttons appear almost hidden, especially the file splitting and joining button that requires either hitting the Enter key, or require some effort to click on them. Hopefully, the developer will resolve these issues in upcoming versions. Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner is available with both an installer package and in portable form. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Khayalan File Splitter and Joiner

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