Perfect365 For iPhone & Android Makes Face Retouching In Photos A Snap

Adobe Photoshop is unarguably among the most comprehensive photo editors out there, but its lengthy feature list is the very thing that makes it a bit too intimidating for most users. There can be no denying the fact that you can do wonders with photos if you are a Photoshop expert. However, not a lot of people have got the time to learn the tool just so they can adjust the shade of their lipstick, or make acne disappear. That’s where Perfect365 comes into the picture, with its convenient, yet feature-rich, portrait editor. Perfect365 has had apps for Windows, Mac and iOS for quite a while, but to celebrate the recent release of its Windows 8 app, it has gone free for a limited time. The iPhone app offers just about everything that can be done on the desktop version of Perfect365. The app automatically detects faces in photos and lets you remove blemishes from them, change skin tone, tinker with the shape of facial features and a whole lot more with nothing more than a few taps. Read More

Flip Pages Of PDFs With Facial Gestures Using MagicReader For iPad

Tablets are often associated with eBooks, and there is a considerable number of users who use their tablets for reading books. An iPad might not be used for reading as much as Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, but the presence of iBooks and a sizeable collection of other literary apps make the iOS tablet a pretty good device to have for book-lovers. The best thing about eBooks is that you can read them almost any time, and with complete ease. We say almost because there times when you just have to leave your iPad alone, like when you are eating your dinner and your hands are messy, you won’t be too quick to touch your tablet’s screen to turn the book’s page. Won’t it be awesome if there was some way of turning the pages of the book you are currently reading without touching the screen? Now, there is an app for that! Meet MagicReader, an app for the iPad which uses the front-facing camera to let you navigate through documents with a nod of your head! Amazed? Read on to learn more. Read More

Shoot Photos With Funny Overlay Effects Using Funny Faces For WP7

Microsoft Research launched a fun-oriented Windows Phone 7 app pretty recently, named Face Swap. That app allowed user to choose a photo having two people, and then exchanged their faces with each other. Funny Faces makes changing faces a whole lot funnier and better. The app is based on augmented reality, and acts as a camera that overlays funny effects on the faces found in any view. There are some hilarious effects offered by Funny Faces, and you can find out all about them by heading past the break. Read More

Face Swap For WP7 Lets You Exchange Faces Of Two People In A Photo

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is riddled with apps that are there just for fun. Such apps might not strictly fall into the category of games, but their main purpose is to amuse. Microsoft Research's Face Swap is one such app. The app borders between an app and a game. Its purpose, as its name implies, is to swap the faces of two people in a photo. All you need to do is pick a photo with two faces clearly visible in it, and the app uses its face-recognition to do the rest for you - excellent for having some fun with your friends' photos. The best thing about the app is that the modified photos barely leave any tell-tale traces of graphical alteration; they actually look very real. Read More

RemembAR Uses Face Recognition To Identify Facebook Friends & Log Meetings With Them [Android]

So far, Android devs have been able to employ the concept of face recognition to tag photos uploaded to social media or as an unlocking mechanism for various facets of the OS. Whether it be tagging photos before uploading them to Facebook with Social Camera, unlocking protected apps on your device with Visidon AppLock or protecting the entire device with the Face Unlock feature incorporated into Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the functionality can't be categorized as something exclusive to the mobile platform. remembAR, however, is an innovative Android app that reminds us there’s much more to achieve with face recognition than the aforementioned. The app utilizes face recognition to identify your Facebook friends and lets you keep a record of your meetings with them. Not only can remembAR maintain a record of the time and number of meetings, it can also be set to post them to your Facebook Wall. Read More

Visidon AppLock For Android Uses Face Recognition To Unlock Protected Apps

Protecting the private data on your mobile device from prying eyes often comes at the price of convenience. To what degree your preferred security tool hampers your day-to-day usage depends on the method it employs to secure your privacy. Most users prefer setting a lock screen password, PIN or pattern. Although said method is the simplest, typing in a password/PIN or drawing a pattern every time you unlock your device can prove to be quite a hassle, especially if you only need to secure a select few parts of your device – messages, photos and contacts, for instance. Developed for Android devices with a front-facing camera, Visidon AppLock is a free tool that eliminates the need for going through said ordeal over and over again. The app allows you to lock any number of apps and set one or more faces as passkeys for unlocking them. Read More

ObscuraCam For Android Detects Faces In Photos & Conceals Them

The photography genre of Android apps is vast enough to offer you almost every type of flavor. There are simple photo snapping apps, countless photo editing monsters, apps that bring all the snazzy and exotic filters and effects to the table, alternatives to your Android's stock gallery, and whatnot. Then there are a few candidates that offer some weird, yet fun-filled, options, such as presenting you with a photobooth like interface, let you swap your face with some other person in the photo, and let you transform your photos in any way you like. Now, should you feel like getting your hands on an app that lets you distort a specific portion (specifically face) of an image, we have got a very handy solution for you. Better yet, if the app could automatically detect unwanted faces in the image, your task of hiding those faces would become all the more easier.  ObscuraCam is a free, handy tool for Android that uses facial recognition to detect faces within snapped/imported photos, lets you conceal them with any of the four available obscuring effects (Redact, Pixelate, Background Pixelate, Masking) and share the results with your friends. Effectively, ObscuraCam resembles Privacy Camera for Android but with slightly enhanced interface a few additional features (for instance, the face identification and image sharing features). Join us after the break for more. Read More

SocialCamera For Android – Tag Photos Of Friends Faster With Face Recognition

There aren’t many apps on the Android Market that allow you to tag your friends or phone contacts in photos before sharing them over the web, and none that do so automatically via facial recognition. None except Viewdle’s SocialCamera, the mobile counterpart of ViewdleUploader for Windows 7. SocialCamera is a free photo-sharing app for Android that syncs with your phone, Email, Flickr, Facebook & Twitter contacts, allowing you tag them in the photos that you choose to share, while providing you with tag suggestions using face recognition. The more you tag your photos, the more accurate the suggestions get. Still in beta as of this writing, the app is yet to include the option to tag Twitter contacts. However, said feature will soon be included in a future update. More after the break. Read More

Face Recognition Software To Login [Windows]

Impressive it was to see in movies how some high-tech system will recognize a user’s face and present a personalized interface. Thanks to the advancements in technology, we see face recognition systems in some high-profile offices as well. But how about having a similar system on your laptop or PC, which would just scan your face and log you in? Read More