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SocialCamera For Android – Tag Photos Of Friends Faster With Face Recognition

There aren’t many apps on the Android Market that allow you to tag your friends or phone contacts in photos before sharing them over the web, and none that do so automatically via facial recognition. None except Viewdle’s SocialCamera, the mobile counterpart of ViewdleUploader for Windows 7.

SocialCamera is a free photo-sharing app for Android that syncs with your phone, Email, Flickr, Facebook & Twitter contacts, allowing you tag them in the photos that you choose to share, while providing you with tag suggestions using face recognition. The more you tag your photos, the more accurate the suggestions get. Still in beta as of this writing, the app is yet to include the option to tag Twitter contacts. However, said feature will soon be included in a future update. More after the break.


Though SocialCamera only retrieves contacts from the mentioned services, it allows you to upload photos to a variety of web services and platforms, most of which display tags added to a photo in its caption/description. The interface is simple to use yet quite easy on the eyes. All available sharing options are arranged in a rotating dial on the right side of the sharing/tagging screen.

You can snap a new photo from within the app or  import one from your gallery. Tapping anywhere on a picture brings up the contact list affiliated with the chosen sharing option. Tap a face and select a friend from the list that appears to tag him/her in the photo. To remove an added tag, simply select it from the tags list on the left of the photo or from within the photo itself and tap the little ‘x’ that appears over it.

Remember, the more you tag your photos, the more effective the face recognition feature will get.



In our test run, we found that tag suggestions began to appear for certain contacts after the same were tagged in two to three uploads.

The following advertisement shows the app in action.

SocialCamera, requires quite a lot of processing power (no surprise there), which is why the developers have recommended using it on nothing slower than a 1 GHz Android device. The app supports Android 2.1 and above. You can grab it for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Viewdle SocialCamera

Update: The app seems to have been taken down from the Google Play Store for reasons unknown. If you find an alternative link, do let us know.


  1. This app looks interesting! But I Doubt if it will work all the time…gonna give it a try anyways 🙂

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