FilePro: Graphically Analyze Disk Space From Multiple Perspectives & Criteria

If we keep installing large applications in our system, the hard disk can run out of space pretty quickly. Games and application such as Adobe Photoshop take up a lot of space on the hard disk during installation. More space is consumed by them when saving a game or an edited picture or video. So, when your hard drive runs out of disk space, you have to manually check what is taking up the disk space in order to decide what can be deleted to free up the memory. Applications to analyze disk space come in very handy at this time, which allow you to view which file is taking up how much memory and where the files that are consuming the largest portion of memory, are located. Previously, we have reviewed some very good disk space analyzers, including WinDirStat, Folder Size, Over Disk and TDP x-Ray Lite. Today, we have another disk analyzer for you named FilePro, which allows you to graphically view the distribution of hard disk space among files. The space can be analyzed from multiple perspectives, such as Tree Map, Tree Size, Folder Statistics and File Statistics.Read More

Sequenzetto: Affix Numerical Sequence To Folders & Files [Mac]

In the past, we’ve covered multiple apps that make it easy to rename files in bulk. Files are normally renamed on a given pattern or syntax that the app defines and where the user enters the variables. What most file renaming apps do is change the entire name of the file altogether. We recently recommended FreshBatch to replace a word or character in a file name with one of your choice. Sequenzetto is a Mac app that lets you add numbers to all files or folders, within a folder. It retains the original file name and simply adds numerical prefixes to each item.Read More

Gemini: Scan For Duplicate Files & Folders On Your Mac [Paid]

Do you often keep duplicate files on your system on purpose? Some people might do so to ensure they always have a copy of a file in its original format while they play around with the duplicate. Others might just accidently end up downloading the same file again and again and saving them to a different folder each time. Clutter creating habits aside, even the best of us end up with duplicate versions of the same files, and it is hard to track them down. Gemini is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that is a superb duplicate finder. It doesn’t automatically remove files; rather, it allows you to decide which ones to remove. The app can detect duplicates based on the name, and even if a file name is appended with (1) to avoid overwriting an old version, the app treats it as a duplicate as such.Read More

SearchInFiles: Search Text Within Files By Line Number & Context On Mac [Paid]

Spotlight search in Mac is plain amazing. Even if you advocate actively for Windows PCs and insist that the Start Search is possibly one of the best features to have come to Windows, you will still be blown with the search results from Spotlight. While it is amazing and all, it does have a few limitations, or, as some might say, slight complications. The file type search isn't as conspicuous as it should be, and the iFileX utility reviewed earlier was one way to make it easier. SearchInFiles is a Mac app that is free for a very limited time (just a few hours), which lets you search text within files and display the results by line number. The app works with TXT, RTF, HTM, CSS, XML, C, M and Java files. PDF files are not supported.Read More

ManageMyFiles: Rename Multiple Files Individually With Status Check [Mac]

We have covered multiple batch file renamers that allow you to rename files on a given syntax, and recently, we covered FreshBatch, that allows you to replace any set of regular characters in a batch of files with any other character. ManageMyFiles is a free Mac app that lets you rename files individually but forgo the need to click each one. Files are added by dragging & dropping them on to the app’s interface, and editing the file name. Once you’ve renamed all files in the list, click the Commit button and the files will be renamed at the source. Although small in functionality, if you have to rename a lot of files, each one with a unique name, this app can be very useful.Read More

FreshBatch: Rename Part Of File Name & Convert File To Any Format [Mac]

You will find numerous Mac apps that let you batch rename files; what most of these apps do is to let you enter a renaming syntax for multiple files and increment each file with a number based on the syntax you’ve provided. There are relatively few apps that allow you to rename only a part of the file name and retain the rest. FreshBatch is a free Mac app that gives you two amazing features; it allows you to rename any part of a file name, and is much like the Find and Replace option in Microsoft Office. It is also a format converter. Read past the jump for details.Read More

LookDisk: All-in-One Search Tool With Text, Archive & Duplicate Lookups

Previously, we have covered some very useful tools for quickly searching through files and folder by defining certain criteria and specifying parameters, such as UltraFileSearch and SearchMyFiles, and applications that allow you to search and delete duplicate files and folder on your system, like NoDupe. Today, we have a portable tool for you, called LookDisk that combines both these functions and allows you to search duplicate files, files and folder using filters, such as file size, date and attributes, search for text in any file including PDF, displays the disk overview and search within multiple archive formats. More on LookDisk after the break.Read More

DFIncBackup: Backup Tool With File Mask, Schedule, Encrypt & Compress Features

DFIncBackup is a powerful file backup utility for Windows that enables users to create highly customizable backup tasks and run them simultaneously. Supporting local and remote locations, the application can create backups in highly compressed and encrypted ZIP archive containers to prevent unauthorized usage from any external source. Moreover, the application presents an overly simple wizard to collect backup task requirements from user; it includes a number of backup options ranging from backup type (incremental and differential), source and destination folder, schedule options, file compression and encryption, and file change monitoring options. In short, DFIncBackup provides a comprehensive backup solution, carrying all the features and options that one would need to create backup tasks according to the requirements. More details to follow after the break.Read More

Clean My Desktop: Sort Files According To Type & Move To Folder [Mac]

If your desktop routinely looks like someone threw up icons on it, it might mean one of two things; you are either a bad organizer, or just too lazy to clean your desktop clutter. It can actually be both these things, but whatever it is that keeps you from cleaning up the mess on your screen, it needs a solution before you run out of places to click. Clean My Desktop is a Mac app that works wonders; it analyzes and sorts all files and icons on your desktop, categorizes them as Applications, Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music, Source Code, Folders and Aliases, and separates them into folders. All folders are created as sub-folder in any location of your choice.Read More

aiFILE Lets You Set Schedules For Regularly Moving & Copying Files

Mostly, we do not take out time to organize their downloaded files, and the main Downloads folder becomes cluttered with a lot of different types of files. We keep thinking about sorting the setup files, images, songs and documents into their respective folders but never get the time to do so. As a result, whenever yo want to locate a previously downloaded file, you have to go through heaps and heaps of files of different types.  If you manage your download files and put them in separate folders as soon as they are downloaded, you will not have that much trouble to find the required files. aiFILE is a organization application for Windows that allows you to easily move and copy files to different locations. The application allows you to set schedules for transferring or copying files from one folder to another on a regular basis. It can be extremely useful if you receive multiple files from different sources at regular intervals. You can just set schedules to automatically organize them in folders for easy access and identification. aiFILE lets you create multiple schedules, and specify different source and destination folders for different tasks. More on aiFILE after the break.Read More

iFileX: Search Files By Name, Size, Modification & Creation Date [Mac]

Spotlight search in Mac is, no doubt, one of the best utilities there is. It lets you search across any and all folders for all kinds of files, and remembers your frequently used files and apps so that the results are always more meaningful. While it is an excellent global search for the entire system, it does lack filters. iFileX is a Mac app that that lets you add several search criteria when you are looking for a file. Search can be narrowed down by name, modification date, creation date, size, folder or alias. You can also limit your search by specifying a particular location.Read More

DPWipe: Drag & Drop To Shred Files And Folders Using Multiple Methods

When you delete something from your computer  in the normal way, it goes into the Recycle Bin. You can select the Restore option available in the Recycle Bin to recover anything that you did not want to delete. Even after you delete the data from the Recycle Bin, it is still recoverable using the proper tools. This recovery option is what is used by data recovery tools that allow you to bring back accidentally delete documents, images and other important files. The data is still recoverable because when an item is deleted, usually, only the MFT (Master File  Table) entry is removed from the hard drive and the file data is actually still there. So, if you are deleting any sensitive files, keep  in mind that they are still recoverable. Previously, we have covered file shredding gadgets such as Multi Trash and Freeraser that allow you to shred files by dropping them over the gadget, as well as applications such as Hardwipe and Secure Wipe that let you erase file and folder contents. The aforementioned gadgets don’t allow you to use different shredding methods, while the applications don’t support the drag & drop functionality. DPWipe is a file and folder shredder that allows you to wipe files by just dragging and dropping them over the application. It allows you to choose a wiping method, such as Single Overwrite with Zeroes and Psedoram, RCMP, DoD Wipe etc.Read More

FileWing: Recover Deleted Files & Shred Data For Complete Removal

In every computer, there are some sensitive files that are not meant for everyone to see. When those files have a purpose to serve, we keep them buried deep inside our hard drives, encrypted and hidden from plain sight, but what to do with them once their use is complete and need to feasible disposal way? Sensitive information always remains sensitive, even if it gets old and you no longer need it. Almost everyone knows that simply deleting a file doesn’t ensure the complete removal of it from the computer; it leaves some traces behind, which can have disastrous effects if wrong people get their hands on it. For example, if you're working in a bank, sensitive information leak such as your clientele's credential, can be the worst possible situation one can imagine. That’s where file shredders come in, to eliminate any chance of file recovery. File shredders completely eliminate the data from your hard drive. Such data can not be used again. I discovered a very neat file shredding tool known as FileWing . The application not only lets you recover files, but as well as shred them using different file deletion algorithms, such as GOST, DoD (ECE), Bruce Schneider, Peter Gutmann etc. Read on to find out more about FileWing.Read More

Search Files, And Find Text In Files/Folders Using UltraFileSearch

Having a proper searching tool to look for required files and folders allows you to save a lot of time. Imagine if every you needed a file and you did not remember its location, you had to manually look through the hundreds of folders in your hard drive. A search utility allows us to save time by providing us with filters to quickly locate the required file. The default search utility of Windows works fine, but it does not have a lot of options, when it comes to applying filters, or choosing multiple locations at a time to search. UltraFileSearch is a search application that can find text, files and folders on your local, removable and network mapped drives. It lets you find files containing one or more than one specific words, define several file names and drives at the same time, and sort the results according to properties. The application allows you to search according to file names, text included in the files, date and size of files, or wild cards, depending on your requirement. The results can be exported to TXT, CSV, HTML and XML file formats. UltraFileSearch is a system-space and system-resource friendly application, as it does not use background indexing for searching.Read More

Depeche View Lite: Search, Load & Edit Thousands Of Text Files At Once

Depeche View Lite is a portable application for loading, viewing and searching text, CSV and log files within a directory tree. You can search a phrase (by simply clicking on it), fly through results by moving the mouse wheel, copy text and create bookmarks. For example, it can load thousands of text files in a single window, which provides you instant search facility (as you type). You can search a word just by clicking on it, by copying a line, creating bookmarks and adding self-defined commands on function keys. Details after the break.Read More

Easily Wipe & Clean Files, Folders And Hard Drives With Hardwipe

Deleting personal files and folders via the simple delete option in Windows isn't enough. Every time you delete data, it still remains in the hard disk and can be easily recovered using various third party software solutions. If you have an old hard drive, which you don't find any use and thinking to recycle it, its better to use some file shredders or disk wiping utility, before you dispose it off. There is one such software we found called Hardwipe. It is a file wiper and drive cleaner utility that can be used to erase file and folder contents permanently, wipe hard disk contents and clean unused hard-disk space. It is a document shredder that completely removes any traces of your data, preventing theft or accidental distribution of personal and business information. The software is also quite useful to quickly rid any confidential data, in case you're resigning from your job and don't want any traces of your personal information to be left behind. Hardwipe integrates with Windows Explorer, enabling you to wipe files from the right-click context menu. It works very efficiently when wiping large disks, as its cleaning process is very fast and it can shutdown your PC when finished deleting, allowing you to leave lengthy, time taking jobs running.Read More

Recover All Types Of Deleted Files With Pandora Recovery

Whenever you delete a file from a memory storage device, only the reference to the file data in File Allocation Table is marked as deleted. Until and unless more data is written over it, the content is not erased from the disk, and it can be recovered by making it visible for file system again. Pandora Recovery lets you find and recover all types of deleted files from memory storage devices. It provides you with an easy to follow wizard, which guides you through the recovery process. The application scans your memory drives and builds an index of existing and deleted files, which can then be recovered in a user-specified location. You can use search to find a deleted file if you remember full or partial file name, file size, file creation date or last accessed date. Pandora Recovery allows you to preview image and text files before performing recovery.Read More

7Files Is File Explorer With Easy Yet Powerful Windows Search Controls

Searching for files and folders in a library of hundreds of different documents is a difficult job if you have to manually go through each and every file to find what you are looking for. The native Windows search function provides you with limited options to search for files and folders. 7Files is a freshly baked file browser for Windows with extended search controls. You can search for files and folders created at or before a specified time, by the document type and file extension just by choosing required search parameters from the list. The application highlights the most frequently used files and folders and marks the last opened files, making it easy for you to browse them.Read More

Cloud Experience – 10GB Cloud Storage With Multi Device Sync

Dropbox is the one service that made cloud storage popular, sure there was Google and its cloud but Dropbox had more to offer and since then cloud storage services have been popping up like mushrooms with little to offer, except perhaps 1 or 2GBs of extra space. Needless to say that very few of these services could actually rival Dropbox but Cloud Experience is a cloud storage service that comes very close. Not only does it offer 10GB of free storage space and syncing across different computers but also has an app for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and works on both Windows and Mac platform. Add to that the fact that the interface is much better than that of Dropbox and you have a fairly good rival.Read More

Visually Compare Code & Text With Online File Comparison App ‘DiffNow’

Comparing text or code isn’t something that the average person has to do but for developers or programmers who are often plagued with this task, it’s nothing short of a nightmare especially if you don’t have an effective tool to help you do the job. DiffNow is an online app that lets you compare text, code (HTML, Python Unicode), PDF documents, binary files and Zip archives. The app interface is divided in to two panels that scroll simultaneously as you scroll up or down making it easier to compare code line by line. The app also detects the differences in text/ code and highlights it accordingly.Read More