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Moo0 File Monitor Displays File Changes In Real Time & Logs It [Windows]

When you perform tasks like software installation, file copy or program execution on a Windows machine, it’s hard to tell what really is going on in the background. And the only indication that something might be happening is if the CPU or RAM usage has increased, which you can easily monitor in Task Manager. But if you want to monitor file changes in real time and see information that relates to it then Moo0 File Monitor is a small freeware application for the Windows operating system that tracks files and directories and provides information  regarding each drive of your system. The small size of the application makes it an ideal solution for tracking files without bogging down your computer’s performance.

Moo0 File Monitor is available in both portable and installable forms. Whichever version you choose, the application works great. Its interface is dead simple and user-friendly, designed for both advanced and casual users alike.

When launched, the application immediately starts monitoring files, detecting any modifications made to them and displaying pertaining details for you, including the date and time, change type (Create, Write, Rename or Delete), and the file name, size and path. You can use the checkmark toggles at top right to specify what type of file operations you need to monitor. Similarly, you can also specify required drive volumes with ease.

Moo0 File Monitor

As stated earlier, all the information is logged in real time and if there really is a lot of activity then the log may scroll faster than you may need. To simplify that, the application lets you control update frequency so the log is refreshed less frequently letting you keep up with it. To do that, click the Views menu at the top left, navigate to ‘Refresh Frequency’ and choose your desired one from the sub menu. 1 seconds is the default frequency but you can increase and decrease it by choosing a refresh interval from the presets.

The View menu also enables you to toggle options like start on boot and keep on top. Additionally, you can change UX skin from here among many different color choices. Coming back to the main functionality of the application, it also lets you stop and restart data logging with a click. You can also clear the log or save it as an HTML report for later use.

Moo0 File Monitor_Frequency

With its well-designed interface, lightweight design and ease of use, Moo0 File Monitor is an excellent software for Windows, It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Moo0 File Monitor


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