Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread MIUI ROM Available For IDEOS X6

Huawei IDEOS X6 is mid-tier Android phone and recently a section on XDA was dedicated to this phone’s development and hacking. In my opinion, the phone emerged quite victorious in a market ruled by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG. The IDEOS X6 came with AOSP Android 2.2 Froyo on board and due to the fact that not much exposure was given to this phone on Android forums and portals,there wasn’t noteworthy development. As soon as the phone acquired a dedicated section on XDA forums, we can see that developers are emerging for this phone. MIUI custom ROMs are the most favored custom Android firmware when it comes to aesthetics, usability and stability. And recently this ROM made it to X6!

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HTC Runnymede ROM Available For Desire S, Inspire 4G And Desire HD [Sense 3.5]

HTC has been really active lately with a massive Android line-up all ready to be unleashed in Q4 this year. HTC Bliss, Runnymede and HTC Sensation XE are all high-tier Android phones that will make it to general users in October / November. Although all these phones are to launch with HTC Sense 3.5 as their primary UI, but it is interesting to see that Bliss’s Sense 3.5 is different than that of HTC Runnymede. Both these phones had their system dumps [ROMs] leaked couple of days back and now developers are busy cooking custom ROMs based on these RUUs. Previously we discussed HTC Bliss’s Sense 3.5 getting ported to different handsets and today it’s about HTC Runnymede stealing the show. The Sense 3.5 version on Runnymede is certainly a succession of HTC Bliss with lockscreen bearing distinct brightness and music widgets.

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Install CyanogenMod 7 Android Gingerbread ROM On HTC Sensation [Guide]

We have been witnessing unofficial CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 Gingerbread ports on HTC Sensation for quite sometime now. However, the official Alpha version of CM7 has been released yesterday that can be installed on your phone as a daily drivers. Since CyanogenMod nightlies were temporarily halted due to security situation with, so this Alpha CM7 for HTC Sensation is your best shot for now. For those who don’t know, CyanogenMod is a custom Android firmware based on AOSP code that is directed towards delivering enhanced and highly optimized user experience. Recently we did a comprehensive post on the features of CyanogenMod 7.Read More

Download Official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM For Samsung Galaxy S

Sam Firmwares has done it again! Yes folks, the official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROM for good ole’ Samsung Galaxy S has been released online by For those who don’t know, Sam Firmwares have this “ability” to get hold of unreleased official Samsung ROMs through methods best known to themselves. This Android portal also released leaked Galaxy S, Spica and other Samsung Android phone officials ROMs / patches since it came into existence.Read More

Android 2.3.6 Update For Nexus S Rolling Out [Fixes Voice Search]

Google Nexus S is primarily a developer phone which makes it lucky enough to get first taste of any Android update that rolls out. According to count less sources, Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread is rolling out for Google Nexus S right now. The new update is basically targeted towards fixing the notorious voice search bug which in some instances is becoming a deal breaker all together. However there are multiple claims of different blogs, forums and portals that this Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread update for Google Nexus S basically breaks your phone’s tethering capability altogether! We don’t know what to make out of this, but if these rumors stand to be true, then it’s better not to update to this version unless it is clear if tethering works or is broken.

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The Complete Review Of CyanogenMod 7 [Walkthrough & Guide]

CyanogenMod is to Android, what Shelby is to Ford. CyanogenMod is easily the most popular AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROM out there today, with MIUI catching up quite fast. While both ROMs are appealing in their own manner, MIUI ROM is based on CyanogenMod, and that alone is a testament to its awesomeness. How did the ROM start out, and when? You can read all about it on CyanogenMod’s Wiki page. We are not here to talk of the past, but to offer a complete in-depth review of the ROM that paved the way for the future of Android modding!Read More

Instructions To Install Android Gingerbread On TouchPad Now Available

HP TouchPad, the dual core WebOS tab, sold like hot cakes after HP decided to streamline their ever rusting stocks. One prominent reason for these insane sales was the fact that someone managed to get Android on their TouchPad. After the price drop to $ 99, nearly everyone ordered a TouchPad for the sole purpose of porting Android OS to unleash the real potential of this tablet. A bounty of well over USD 2000 was in place and there were a number of teams and individuals working day and night to get Android on TouchPad for the sake of this hefty sum.

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Install Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.5 On HTC Incredible S

Since we caught wind of a Sense 3.5 in existence on the HTC Bliss, the UI has been leaked and ported over to a number of HTC devices. The Incredible S is one of those devices and has received an Android 2.3.4 ROM sporting the latest Sense 3.5 UI. The ROM is actually a port of the mySense 3.5 UI, that is T-Mobiles variant of the Sense UI, and credit goes to XDA-Developers forum member newtoroot who also ported this very same ROM over to the Droid Incredible 2. Named HTC Bliss, the ROM is in its beta stage and is being worked on for further improvements.

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Install Gingerbread Custom ROM On Sensation 4G [Dual Core Support]

Earlier we covered the Android Revolution custom ROM for the HTC Sensation 4G, which was the first ROM on the block for the Sensation 4G to bring complete dual core support; in essence the ROM utilizes both the cores of the device for increased performance. While that ROM in itself is a brilliant one, who does not like options? Enter QuikSense with Sense 3.0 and complete dual core support courtesy of XDA-Developers CdTDroiD. The ROM is  Android 2.3.4 based on stock RUU 1.45.401.2 and boasts to be really easy on the battery.

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Gingerbread Custom ROM With Sense 3.0 For Google Nexus One [Install]

The Nexus One may have been superseded by the Nexus S, but the Android device has a long standing bond with the development community and that is making sure that the device does not fall behind it’s successor. One such effort is the development and release of a Sense 3.0 custom ROM based on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for the Nexus One. To be more precise, the ROM is actually a port of another ported ROM being ported from the HTC Desire Kingdom / Pyramid port. All of this has been made possible by XDA-Developers forum member dbasabe and without a doubt, a shout out to the HTC Desire’s developers responsible for the original port.Read More

Gingerbread For Motorola Droid 2 Global Leaks [Download & Install]

We have confirmation that a full Gingerbread firmware for the Droid 2 Global has been leaked on the internet. The firmware here is 4.5.606 and is not rooted, with everything else stock and functional. Credit for this release goes to RootzWiki forum member aceoyame. If you’re familiar with SBF packages, you would know, it’s not the easiest of files to install, but not the hardest either. In this case the ROM we’re installing will not be using SBF but you will need SBF, we’ll show you why. So if the terms, SBF and RSDLite make sense to you, you would have no issues installing this ROM on your phone. If not, we’ll show you just how you can do that.Read More

Get Custom ROM For Droid Incredible Based On Official Android 2.3.4 Leak

For those who are a little bummed out that the the official Gingerbread leak (4.06.605.2) for the HTC Droid Incredible has not yet received a working rooting method, can now simply fall back to installing a custom ROM that is based on that official Gingerbread leak with the stock elements largely intact. The appealing factor however being, that it’s rooted! Credit for developing and releasing this ROM goes to XDA-Developers forum member incubus26jc. The ROM is based on Android 2.3.4 and has a few more features to offer.

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Gingerbread Custom ROM For Motorola Photon 4G [Download & Install]

Things seem to be on the on the roll for the Photon 4G with development for the device moving at a fast pace. From when it was first rooted as soon as it arrived on the scene, we now come across the second custom ROM for the device that is Moto Blur based. With the bootloader unlocked one would expect some pure Android ROM to be released, but hopefully that shall happen soon. For now, you only have two custom ROMs available for the device and this would be the latest one. Named Alien ROM, it has been developed by XDA-Developers forum member kennethpenn and is a mix of Gingerbread and Blur with an added green theme to it.Read More

Overclock Xperia Arc To 1.9Ghz With DoomKernel Custom Kernel

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a beautiful piece of hardware, that did not get the attention it deserved in terms of development effort. With not many custom ROMs or mods out there for this Android device, releases like custom kernels, rather OC kernels fast make headlines amongst the Arc fans. One of these kernels is the new DooMKernel OC kernel by XDA-Developers forum member DooMLord which pushes the phone’s CPU to a massive 1.9Ghz! The kernel is meant for the stock SE 4.0.A.2.368 firmware.Read More

Overclock HTC Sensation 4G To 1.89Ghz With Custom Kernel [How To]

A dual-core phone running at 1890Mhz sounds a bit crazy no? Not really, we’re talking Android here! And the beautiful hardware that is the HTC Sensation 4G. RootzWiki forum member TheDerekJay has recently released a custom kernel for the device, named demonspeed. While there are a few other features at hand, the most notable feature is the kernel’s overclocking ability taking the two CPU cores to a massive 1.89Ghz! While most may find the overclock useless, we are increasingly finding mobile phones fighting it out with some benchmarks just like Desktop computers. Why? Just to show that it can be done.Read More

Revolutionary 0.4 Gains S-Off On Droid Incredible 2 Running Gingerbread

Earlier we covered a post on gaining S-Off on the HTC Droid Incredible 2 but that was for devices running Android 2.2 Froyo, and rendered the tool useless for those who updated to the official OTA update to Gingerbread. So as of right now, Revolutionary has been updated to version 0.4 with support for Incredible 2 running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, and as for those on Froyo with S-On, Revolutionary no longer supports Froyo on your handsets, so you will have to move to Gingerbread in order to use the tool.Read More

Install Android 2.3.5 Based MIUI 1.8.5 ROM On T-Mobile LG G2X [How To]

It wasn’t long ago when the LG G2X began receiving the official MIUI support, and of course being officially supported meant the latest updates for the device as they come by for MIUI ROMs. MIUI 1.8.5 is the latest version released for a handful of Android devices, including the LG G2X. Those of you wondering what MIUI ROMs are, should see our guide on what is MIUI ROM for Android.Read More

Install HTC Flyer Tablet ROM Port On Droid Incredible 2 [How To]

The Incredible 2, since being rooted and having gained S-Off, has received tremendous development support. The new HTC Flyer Android Tablet’s ROM being ported to the Incredible 2 is testament to the development support we talk about. The ROM named BeatMod FlyerSense is an effort of zFr3eak, sbryan12144, Capychimp and samuel2706 and is a work in progress with quite a few functions broken right now. This renders the ROM as a non daily driver for now with the release being meant for trouble shooting where testers could point out the bugs that need sorting out.Read More

Gingerbread Update For Galaxy S Vibrant Available Via Kies [Virgin and Bell]

If you are a Bell or Virgin Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant users then there is something to cheer about! Apparently if you have Kies installed and synced with your phone, you should get a notification regarding the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. And if you haven’t synced your phone to Kies for sometime, then it’s advisable to do it right now before Samsung undergoes a change of mind [Just Kidding]. There are multiple reports that Bell and Virgin in collaboration with Samsung have started to roll out the official Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. However if you are a user with root and recovery installed, then be careful as there is a user who list his 3 button combo recovery boot capability. The firmware is 2.3.3 with UGKG3 baseband and Sj.0829.kwon Kernel version.Read More

Download AOSP 2.3.5 Gingerbread Dev-Null ROM For Nexus S / 4G

Getting ones device to the newest Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread is perhaps the hottest topic right now. Although we weren’t able to find 2.3.5 much different from it’s previous versions, but still the latest version has it’s own significance to Androiders across the globe. Previously we have been discussing on how different Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread ROMs made it to certain devices and today it’s about the Samsung Nexus S / Nexus S 4G. Although there are plenty of 2.3.5 boasting ROMs out there for your flashing pleasure, but if you really need to keep it AOSP, minimal and super fast, then Dev-Null AOSP Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread custom ROM might be the natural choice. Read More