3 Tools To Create And Embed Graphs Or Charts Online

Nothing beats a good graphical representation of data. You can sit and write a very well-worded explanation of what a data set represents but if you don't have a nice graph to show the overall t rend, you may have written in vain. As far as desktop apps are concerned, you have excellent options like  iWork for Mac, Office Libre for Linux, and MS Office for Windows. These are all desktop solutions that can be used to create great charts for documents and presentations. With online publishing, presenting charts is different; you can use a graph created and exported from a desktop app, or you can use the many online tools that have been created for presenting better graphs to an online audience. Here are three free tools that do just that and come with an embed feature.Read More

Calistic For Android Generates Multiple Graphs & Charts For Call Stats

If you’re not overly amused by the rather simple-looking call logger of your Android, and are looking for a feature-packed alternative, then you should consider trying Calistic! Fresh to the Play Store, Calistic is a neatly-designed call analytics app for Android that keeps a close tab on your phone calls to present you with breakdown of all the logged content via various graphical illustrations. Be it the learning about your most frequently called numbers, total number of calls made/received during a specific time period, breakdown of the duration of these calls, a timeline of calls made to your top 10 contacts, or the analysis of call history by individual contacts, Calistic lets you check them all from under the same roof, and via visually appealing graphs/charts. The app has the capacity to automatically detect all calls made after a specific analysis instance, and hence refreshes its statistical content accordingly. In addition, Calistic also has a touch of social media integration, which means that you can use the app to share your call history with a specific contact to your Facebook Wall. It is free from any sort of configurations whatsoever, and can present you with updated analysis, facts and figures regarding your call logs upon request.Read More

Generate Detailed Graphical Analysis For All Your Chrome Bookmarks

Often, while browsing the web, we tend to quickly bookmark multiple websites without organizing or giving them meaningful names. This cannot only clutter your Bookmarks Bar and folders, but can also be very difficult to organize these at a later time. In such a scenario, you won't normally be able to get an idea of the nature of content that is stored for later in your favorites, or the origin of most of them. This is where Gleana Bookmark Infographic comes in useful. This nifty Chrome extension quickly generates an infographic-style visual report for your browser bookmarks, letting you view various aspects of your collection, such as folder structures, largest folders, deepest folders, top domains, total number of folders, bookmarks and more. It does this by displaying bookmark statistics in bar charts, line graphs and mind maps. Gleana seamlessly integrates with Chrome, letting you view, access and arrange bookmarks in a unique and interesting way.Read More

Infogram: Quickly Create Embeddable Graphs & Charts For Your Website [Web]

Graphs and charts are a great way to understand and summarize large sets of data values. There are tons of apps out there that let you create charts/graphs, but if you want to create embeddable graphs for your website, then you need to take a look at Inforgram. This handy web application brings you the best themes, templates and designs, which you can use to create attractive charts and infographics. Infogram requires you to login via your Facebook or Twitter account. The Templates and Chart options allow you to choose from a variety of graph types, which can then be edited and embedded on your website or blog. Moreover, the values for each of these graphs can easily be edited by accessing a spreadsheet in the left pane, and you can even use the Load Data option to import data from an MS Excel file.Read More

s-peek Offers Business-Oriented Reports, Graphs & Statistics [Android]

Whether you’re an investor, tycoon or someone interested in getting a financial overview of various globally acclaimed businesses, chances are that you might have to sift through a plethora of news sources on daily basis to get your dose of the latest happening from the world of finance. Well, if you own an Android device, then you might be quite pleased to learn about the release of s-peek, a highly informative and neatly designed Android app that brings the latest reports, statistical analyses (with comparison charts and graphs), trending info, credit limit rating, user opinions and comprehensive up-to-date data pertaining to some of the leading European companies of the world. Using the app, you can browse the list of featured companies, or manually search for your required firm, and explore all the data relevant to each through a rich intuitive interface.Read More

GeoGebra: Plot Algebraic Expressions, Find Geometric Coordinates [Mac]

If you hated Math and disliked your Algebra teacher with the force of a thousand Reddit downvotes, then you will envy GeoGebra. In all fairness, no one in their right mind would try and plot algebraic equations unless it were required. You seldom hear people say, "I’m going to chill out with this geometric theorem", but for those that are still doing sums and plotting lines, this app is heaven sent. GeoGebra is a Mac app that plots algebraic equations for you. It also lets you place any two points on a graph and find out the resulting equation, plot angles & geometric shapes, and find their coordinates. Life would indeed have been easier if this app were allowed in school.Read More

Graph Made Easy Goes Free; Now Make Beautiful And Attractive Graphs

Graph presents one of the best way to summarize and analyze huge data sets, but sometimes it’s not as easy to plot data on the graphs as doing data entries. Since creating graph of each data set present in data sheet often requires mapping all the related data fields and then choosing the best graph type to represent the extracted data values in a way that can be easily understood by the target audience, many of us choose to depict relationships among data in tabular form instead of plotting them on graphs.Read More

Office Excel 2010 Charts And Graphs

Charts and graphs are a great way of representing your data. Microsoft Excel 2010 offers almost every chart type and makes it easier to draw them so that your data can quickly understood in a graphical format. In this post you will learn what each chart and graph represents and the additional functionality that you might not have heard about.Read More

Create High Quality Interactive Charts, Timeline, And Maps Online

Remember the days when it was impossible to embed high quality charts, maps, and diagrams on a website or blog. Well those days are over, with the advent of internet technology, more and more online services are popping up that allow you to create interactive charts for free. We have covered some here, here, and here.One online service that has recently grabbed my attention is Chartle. It not only lets you create simple and interactive charts, but can also make bars, diagrams, and maps without any fuss, and is far the most easy-to-use service in this category.Read More

Create Free Professional Charts And Graphs From Any Data

So you have some data which you need to present to someone? There is always a better way of doing it, instead of simply showing the numbers why not create it’s chart? By creating a diagram, the data can be better visualized. Of course, you can view the data in a chart and graph by using e2spreadsheet, but it’s only useful if you are making a spreadsheet.

Verifiable is a free online service that lets you create charts and graphs from any data. Creating a new diagram is fairly easy, watch the video on their main page to understand how it works. Just enter the variables and drag them to either X or Y axis, the changes made will be real-time.

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