myMail Is A Beautiful Replacement For Stock Android & iOS Email App

Although we have super fast smartphones in our pockets that enable us to play 3D games, watch movies, check on the news, and update social media accounts, what do the professionals among us really use them for the most? You got it right - checking emails on the go! Sending and receiving emails right from your mobile device can be a lot more convenient than having to power up your computer. Both iOS and Android devices have the excellent Gmail app available, besides generic stock email clients, but besides these, there’s a wide spectrum of third-party options available as well. Pretty much the same holds true for iOS devices. myMail is one of the newer email apps for iOS and Android that’s nothing short of spectacular.  It lets you manage messages from multiple accounts including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook, Hotmail, and other IMAP/POP3 services in its refreshingly impressive UI.Read More

Give Your iPhone Photos That DSLR-Like Blur Effect With Tadaa SLR

Due to aggressive physical dimension constraints, smartphones are never truly going to be able to match DSLR cameras when it comes to image quality or just the sheer number of customization options available to them, at least on a hardware level. However, you can achieve some of the effects of a DSLR-quality image with software. If there's one place where smartphones are arguably better at than DSLRs, it is the software running behind the scenes. We recently came across Tadaa SLR for iOS. The app does two novel things: it allows you to achieve a shallower depth of field than you physically can with your camera, and you can 'tap to focus' on foreground vs. background after you've taken the photo - similar in concept to Lytro's light-field camera. Read More

Vinyet Offers Camera Roll Uploads, Filters & More Editing Features For Vine & Instagram Videos

Vine and Instagram Video may share a similar conceptual foundation: both have drastically reduced video length limits (6 and 15 seconds, respectively), and both force you to stick to sharing videos in a square (1:1) aspect ratio. Instagram Video may indeed be more feature-heavy because it comes with video filters and more flexible sharing options, but with the app we're about to discuss, not only can you boost these features for Instagram, but also enjoy them on Vine. Yes, video filters and a whole lot more for Vine. Read on past the jump. Read More

Hop For iOS Aims To Make Email More Accessible By Giving It An Instant Messaging Feel [Review]

I didn't quite understand all the hoo-hah around achieving 'inbox zero' until I started working at multiple blogs, enrolled in an educational institute with a proper mailing system, and took up several other side-activities that relied on email for communication. I thought 'inbox zero' was just another concept made up by the overly & unnecessarily hyper-productive to sound productive. Now, however, I don't just want to achieve Inbox Zero; I need to. If there is any unread, unreplied or unarchived email in any one of my three Gmail inboxes - separate for work, school, and personal - I feel as if I am lagging behind.In other words, modern email is a chore. It's a laborious task to manage. It's something you have to deal with in the modern world. Apps like Mailbox, and Triage do make the process shorter but it still feels like work.Hop (previously known as Ping) wants to make email a more playful experience - much like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik or the dozens of other instant messaging apps available across all mobile platforms today. Does it succeed? That's what we shall find out in this review. Read on. Read More

How To Edit Videos & Save Recording Sessions In Vine For Android & iOS

When Instagram brought video to its app, quite a lot of users and app reviewers, including myself, were convinced that it had a much more intuitive capture scheme compared to the then leader of the video sharing scene, Vine. Vine had absolutely no room for error. If you made a mistake, you had to redo the whole thing from the very beginning. More than just a few times, I've seen users and professional Viners alike complain about the lack of editing features. Well, Vine fans, it seems your voices have finally been heard. In its latest update, the Vine app for Android and iOS delivers both editing features and saving multiple recording sessions for later! The editing features, while not as snappy as those offered by Instagram Video, are definitely more powerful in comparison. Support for uploading videos from the Camera Roll / Gallery is still absent, though. Join us after the break to learn how the two new features work. Read More

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout For Android & iOS Helps You Burn That Belly Flab

In today’s hectic routine and fast paced lifestyle, it can be tough to find some extra time to get in a full workout regime. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health and wellbeing just because you can't manage enough time for the gym, pool or a jog each day. There are plenty of mobile apps available now that aim to get you in shape and teach you to work out better, eat smarter and live a healthier life. Runtastic is a pretty popular name when it comes to health and fitness apps, and we already know why after seeing their Runtastic Pro, Timer and Altimeter Pro. The developer has recently added another awesome addition to their fitness apps library called Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout, which lets you learn various techniques for getting that well-defined six pack you always dreamed of having. Available for both iOS and Android, this app guides you through several curls, crunches, twists, leg lifts and more to help you get the perfect abs.Read More

What Is iCloud Keychain & How To Set It Up On iOS

Released after Apple's event came to an end yesterday, iOS 7's third incremental update, iOS 7.0.3, brought with it long-awaited fixes for iMessage and certain UI animations that seem to have been triggering nausea in users. The star of the update, however, was the inclusion of iCloud's 'Keychain' sub-feature that was announced for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks earlier this year. In what follows, we explain what Keychain is and how you can set it up on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Read More

Top 10 Twitter Apps For iPhone

In a relatively short period of time, Twitter has taken over from Facebook as the social network where all the cool folks hang out. The service comes with native integration in iOS, and the official Twitter app for iPhone is pretty neat as well. Having said that, a lot of people still prefer using third-party Twitter clients, owing to all the extra features they offer. Not many Facebook clients are very popular in the App Store, but Tweetbot, Twitterrific and some of the other Twitter apps can certainly give the official one a run for its money. Choosing the best Twitter app for your iPhone is not the easiest of tasks though, since there are a lot of them, and many are paid. So, here is our compilation of the best Twitter apps to help you with your selection. Go through it, and you might end up finding the perfect way to browse your timeline while saving some bucks.Read More

Microsoft Remote Desktop App For Android & iOS Now Available

Smartphones and tablets nowadays boast striking touch displays, surprising power under the hood and a dazzling array of features. So it's not surprise that Microsoft has decided to give users a way to control their PCs straight from their mobile devices. The Redmond comany has released its Remote Desktop app for Android and iOS devices, which allows you to connect to your Windows PC remotely over the same WiFi network, provided you have enabled remote desktop functionality on your desktop . It’s free and doesn't require you to install any client agent app on your PC to use it. And the procedure to setup the whole thing? Pretty simple. Let’s find out how it works after the jump.Read More

Hangouts For iOS Gets Free US & Canada Voice Calling & Google Voice Integration

There was once a time when Google's suite of communication apps included Google+ Messaging, Google Talk, Google Hangouts, and Google Voice. It made for a very disjointed experience for people sticking to Google for all their communication needs. Then, Google combined the first three services and called them "Hangouts". It didn't have a pretty start, but Hangouts has seriously improved across the board since launching back in May this year. Read More

Cricout Is The Ultimate Social Network For Cricket Fans On iPhone

While America has its baseball, basketball and their variation of rugby (that they refer to as football, for some reason) and the rest of the world has its real football (that Americans call soccer, for some reason), the most popular game in many countries such as Pakistan, India, England, Australia, South Africa and several others, is cricket. However, there has been no truly great cricket app with support for discussing matches live as they happen. There's the ever-famous ESPNcricinfo app that's available for pretty much every platform, but that's about it, and there's been a lot of room for more options. Earlier this week, I came across an iPhone app called Cricout that has the slickest of user interfaces, and a strong featureset for following and discussing matches. Check out our hands-on experience with it after the jump. Read More

FindIt Offers Unified Search For Gmail, Google Drive & Dropbox On Android & iOS

FindIt, first released for iOS a couple of months back, has now been rolled out to the Android platform as well. As the name itself suggests, the app lets you universally search for all your data in famous cloud services, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Dropbox. While services like Gmail and Google Drive do offer their own search functions, FindIt will allow you to easily sift through all three services from one screen. We take a closer look at the app, right after the jump.Read More

ExpandIt For iPhone Lets You Check If A Shortened URL Is Safe To Open

As more and more people turn to their smartphones and tablets for browsing the web, some things just have to change. When Twitter first started, the concept of URL shortening suddenly came into the mainstream. Back in those days, most of the users of Twitter accessed the website from their computers, but now iPhone and Android devices claim a considerable slice of that traffic. As browsing trends evolve, so should security measures that go with them. In the past, we have covered services like URL Uncover, which tests the trustworthiness of a shortened URL without forcing users to actually open it. ExpandIt does the same, but rather than being a web service, you get this as an iPhone app. There aren't too many features on offer in ExpandIt, but it does get the job done and is really convenient for everyday use.Read More

Add The Photographer To A Group Photo With groopic For iPhone & Android

We all have that one friend who is really into photography, and somehow always ends up being the photographer during group shots. Even if you shuffle things around a little, it is not always possible to get the whole group into a single shot, unless you are willing to ask a passerby for help. iPhone apps like eyeReport and Signature Camera take a rather naïve approach towards solving this problem, which is a far cry from actually squeezing every member of the group into a picture. groopic might be offering the best solution to this issue. This iPhone app (update: now on Android as well) lets you capture two photos, both with different people behind the lens, and then combines the two photos automatically, giving the impression that every one posed for the picture at once. As an added bonus, you get some pretty decent photo effects, and the ability to share your group shots directly from the app.Read More

Create & Share Turn-By-Turn Voice Directions With Mapkin For iPhone

No navigation app is truly complete unless it comes with turn-by-turn directions. You can always try and commit a route to memory, but the chances of taking a wrong turn or ending up in a bad traffic jam can never be eliminated. Services like Waze and Extra Mile provide considerable assistance in this regard, but at the end of the day, nothing beats human logic and common sense. Maybe this is why many people still prefer asking their friends for help whenever they want to find a route, rather than relying solely on maps. While Waze can be a really good way of getting the latest information regarding the current condition of roads, you still have to wait for the public to help you out, and the process is far from on-demand. With Mapkin, on the other hand, you can simply ask your friends for directions to any place, and they can add their own instructions to the ones Mapkin generates via MapQuest and OpenStreetMap.Read More

Browse iPhone Backups, Manage App Data & Media Files With iBrowse

iTunes might provide the only official way of managing data on your iOS devices, but there are many third-party desktop tools that do the same with a lot less hassle. iPhone Explorer and iDevice Manager are just two of the alternatives iOS users have for iTunes. Thanks to such software, you can drag and drop media, app data, notes, and contacts to your device without having to figure out the complicated syncing hierarchies that can make using iTunes a real pain in the neck. iBrowse is yet another tool that offers iOS file access, but it is unique to some extent, too. With iBrowse, you get to go through the backup data stored on your computer, without having to restore it to a device. When an iPhone is connected to your PC or Mac, iBrowse also shows full app data, along with the usual photo and video files. Read More

Instagram For iPhone Gets The iOS 7 Treatment

Instagram has just been updated to match the revamped UI in iOS 7, but if you were looking forward to some new features, you are bound to be disappointed. The update isn’t anything like the overhaul the Facebook app has undergone, but it’s still more than what the Twitter update has to offer. The changes in Instagram are subtle enough to prevent users from getting lost in a maze of new additions, but are still sufficient to make the app look at home on iOS 7. There are no changes in the camera screen, or in the photo filters, but every other part of the app has received some attention. Probably the most important change is that Instagram now displays photos in the feed from one edge to the other – something that gives the app a really refreshed look.Read More

Tresorit Is A Cloud Storage & Syncing Service With Focus On Security

One of the major concerns that many people have about cloud storage is how secure their data will be when saved to the cloud. Privacy-conscious people tend to hesitate in entrusting their confidential information to a company without the guarantee that no one else will be able to access it. There are countless cloud storage services out there such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Bitcasa that offer plenty of storage space to you for free, but they aren't exactly known for having strong data security and encryption, which has lead to the rise of third-party apps like BoxCryptor for adding that security layer. If security is what you look for in a cloud storage service, Tresorit is can be a good choice. It’s a simple cloud storage and file sharing & syncing app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that aims to provide the most secure cloud environment for your data, and comes packaged with an elegant interface.Read More

Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With iCloud On Windows

It’s been a fantastic month for Apple fans. Last week’s biggest Apple news was the highly anticipated release of the iOS 7 update. And this week, the folks at Cupertino have begun dropping more, smaller additions to its software lineup, which now includes an updated iCloud Control Panel for Windows that lets you synchronize Safari bookmarks between iOS devices and Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. While this feature was already available for Internet Explorer for quite sometime, it’s good to see the app’s expansion on to additional platforms. The iCloud Bookmarks extension enables you to save bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad, and have everything synced to desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox. Details after the jump.Read More

How To Qucikly Delete Gmail Messages In iOS 7 Mail App

Despite the myriad of changes that have come to the iPhone with iOS 7, the stock Mail app hasn’t undergone a major overhaul. Admittedly, there are a few UI changes, but no big features have been added or taken away. There is a minor change though, but since email plays such an important role in our daily life, this seemingly insignificant alteration has been bothering a lot of users. If you are a Gmail user but have so far avoided the official Gmail app for iOS, you have likely encountered the ‘Archive’ button that shows up in Mail every time you try to delete a message. Things were this way in iOS 6 as well, but in the previous version of the OS, it was quite easy to change this setting. iOS 7 has buried the option deep inside the Settings app, so you might not be able to discover it straight away, and that's what we're going to help you with.Read More