Stitch Pictures To Create Panoramas Images With Hugin

Image stitching is the method for joining multiple images with overlapping fields to produce a segmented panorama image. Image stitching software help combine similar images to create a unified picture. Hugin is an open source image stitching application which helps assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete panorama image. With this cross platform app, you can stitch overlapping picture with a bunch of other images to created a single image. This might be helpful in combining images which may be too large to be scanned as a single image and to bind together related images from your memorable photographs. Hugin has version available for both Windows and Mac. Read More

Fusion Is A Free Tool To Merge Photos With HDR Tone Mapping

If you can’t afford professional-grade photography and image processing software, and/ or are tired of losing precious detail in your photos to unfavorable ambient lighting, we have just the thing for you. Fresh out of the oven, Fusion is a free, easy-to-use image processing tool that, with only a few clicks, allows you to automatically align and merge any number of photos with same or differing exposures using HDR (High Dynamic Range) tone mapping or simple summation. Merging multiple snaps of the same scene, each with a different exposure setting, you can preserve image details in both the brightest and darkest parts of the scene. Read More

Write Single Image File To Multiple USB Flash Drives With ImageUSB

Just a few days back we reviewed multi-boot USB/ISO image creator called XBoot, which allows anyone to create a package of multiple ISO files and then write it to USB in one go. Today we came across ImageUSB, which will be utterly useful for users who write images to USBs on regular basis. ImageUSB is developed on a different concept than XBoot but keeping the very same users in mind. It enables you to write an image file to multiple USB flash drives simultaneously, so you wont need to wait until writing process on one USB gets completed, just plug-in USBs to write data on all of them at once. Read More

Apply Styles, Effects, And Upload Photos To Facebook With Picture Dude Image Uploader

We have covered some tools and plug-ins (of famous applications) which offer on the fly image uploading to Facebook, to name a few, Bloom, Picasa Uploader (Picasa plug in), LiveUpload to Facebook (Windows Live Gallery Plug-in), Rightload, and Easy Facebook Photo Uploader. The latter two offer the fastest way, allowing users to upload selected photos to Facebook photo album via Windows right-click context menu. Picture Dude Image Uploader is not just an application for uploading albums/images, it comes with in-built image editing and re-touching features to make your photos look more the way you want. Effects like, Colors shades, Art effects, Edge enhancements, Blur and sharpen, etc., are also included in the package. Read More

Make Your Android Device Icons Look More 3D [Tip]

One of the things that allow human beings to perceive things in three dimensions (3D) is the depth of field. When you focus on something that is close, the objects in the background become out of focus. This lets our mind know which object is close and which is farther away, and hence capture the right dimensions for the object. It is not possible that out mind focuses both near and far objects at the same time. With this tip, we will guide you how to make the icons on your Android phone appear more 3D by moving the background wallpaper to a more unfocused and blurred state, with the result that icons appear to float above the wallpaper. Read More

Imgur Uploader Allows Easy And Fast Image Uploads From Desktop

If you’re an active user on Reddit or Digg, you are probably already using Imgur. For those who are unaware, Imgur is a quick and easy image sharing service offering both account-based image sharing, as well as free, community images visible to all. Most common usage of Imgur is to quickly upload images for sharing, and hence the software Imgur Uploader wants to make the process more easier from any desktop. Read More

Adobe’s Project Rome Is A Powerful Content Editing Platform (Free For Now)

Project Rome is one of the latest offerings from Adobe. It is an all-in-one content creation and editing platform devised with both novice and experienced users in mind, and offers an interface that lets one inject the dynamism of multimedia and animations in every day projects, be it a brochure, greeting card, or something as diverse as a website. Read More

How To Tell If The Image Is Fake Or Original? Use Image Error Level Analyzer

Many a times we come across images where we are stuck into thinking if it is original or photoshopped (fake). Image Error Level Analyzer or simply ELA, is a free web service which helps you in determining if the photo is real or not. So how does it work? Neal Krawetz (Ph.D) explains it nicely:
Error level analysis (ELA) works by intentionally resaving the image at a known error rate, such as 95%, and then computing the difference between the images. If there is virtually no change, then the cell has reached its local minima for error at that quality level. However, if there is a large amount of change, then the pixels are not at their local minima and are effectively original.
Read More

fixPicture – Online Image Resizer And Converter For Digital Camera Owners

fixPicture is an image editing application for quickly resizing, adding effects, and converting your photos online. It is developed for digital camera owners who want to quickly retouch their photos while on the go. It comes with two versions: light-weight and flash-based image editor with subtle differences. The light-version is HTML based, facilitating users with slow internet connections, whereas flash-version is rich in features, offering a great number of effects along with basic image editing tools. Read More

Optimize And Resample Images With RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)

Radical Image Optimization Tool or RIOT, is a free Image optimizer which offers a wide range of features and tools for image resampling while a staunch compression tool is included to compress image files. Its main usability revolves around optimizing images, you can adjust compression parameters according to your needs, edit image meta information and change image masking (offers basic transparency threshold, and let user blend image with solid background). To bring ease in manipulating images, it offers multiple re-sampling filters having different attributes, some of which are; Bilinear, Catmul Rom, B-spline, and lot more. Read More

FilerFrog: Brilliant Windows Context Menu Shell Extension That Is Now Free!

FilerFrog is a brilliant context menu shell extension which was formerly a commercial product but is now a free open source software. It integrates with Windows shell to provide you the most important tools for performing routine file/folder manipulation actions easily and efficiently. The application facilitates user with exhaustive file-specific functions, some of which includes, Files extraction to/from folder, Copy/Move Files and Folders, Delete empty files and folders, Bulk renaming, File encryption/decryption, File split/join, Image manipulation, and Album creation. Read More

Image Analyzer: Enhance And Retouch Photos Without Using Photoshop

Image Analyzer carries wide range of advanced features, options and tools which will greatly assist user to analyze different parameters of images. It is geared towards users who loves to analyze and enhance images either for fun or for professional use. According to the developer, “The program contains both most image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites”. In short, it allows you to enhance photos without needing to have Photoshop installed. Read More

SunlitGreen PhotoEditor Brings Multi-Channel Graph Level Curve And Layer Support

Previously we covered bunch of awesome image editing tools some of which are; Thumba, which is Silverlight based online editing tool, Imagina-uses 3D technology to revamp your images and finally Pixelitor, which offers layers support. SunlitGreen PhotoEdit is a portable photo editor, comes with editing tools and options which are necessary for advance image editing. The application is light on resources but the significant part is that it offers a fast image processing speed and can apply transformations over an hefty image in short period of time. Read More

BulkPicMe: Resize, Rotate, Flip And Change Image Format In Bulk

BulkPicMe is a free application that can perform multiple operations over images in bulk. It let user easily rotate, flip, resize and change output file format of all the specified images. The best part is that you can assign different actions to be performed over selected images, which mean that you wont require to perform same set of operations over all the images, just select image(s) from the list and specify an operation to be performed exclusively. Read More

Perform Multiple Batch Operations Over Image Set With ImageBatch

Every now and then, we need to perform multiple operations over enormous image set. Most of the times, batch conversion is needed, or bulk resizing with watermarking is required. Considering this immediate need, ImageBatch is a simple yet powerful portable tool which is designed to do multiple batch operations over images, some of which includes; resizing images, text watermarking, picture watermarking, flip, rotate, and crop images, etc. It supports all the eminent image file formats like; PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP. Read More

Show Image CSS Properties In Firefox [Extension]

Extensions are one of the main reason why users tend to opt Firefox as default browser. While facilitating novices with enhanced functionality, it also helps the advanced users alike. Image Spider is a small Firefox add-on, contrived especially for webmasters to let them know image attributes instantly during the process of publishing or managing web pages. Read More