How To View All Photos Sent Over An iMessages Conversation Thread

There are a lot of messaging apps available for iOS but I've never really been sold on any of them. iMessages is my go-to app for messaging even though it doesn't work when I need to message someone who uses an Android phone. That said, my one reason for preferring iMessages over all other apps is that I know I can use it to send high quality photos and videos from my phone. The photos and videos aren't compressed and I don't have to worry about them not being sent/received. iMessages maintains a complete history of your conversation, including images, unless you choose to delete them yourself. This means you can scroll to the top and read older messages. If you aren't concerned with the text-based conversation you've had over an iMessages conversation thread and would simply like to see the photos and videos that have been exchanged, you don't need to load older messages to do so. There's a simpler way. Read More

Disable Alerts For iMessages From Anyone Not In Your Contacts

Have you upgraded to iOS 8.3 yet? If not, there is one great reason to do it and I do not mean the new emojis. The update adds a seriously great feature to the Messages app that specifically targets iMessages from unknown numbers or email addresses. When enabled, it not only stops notifications for any incoming iMessages from people who are not in your contacts but it also sorts them into a separate tab in the Messages app. Here's how to enable it. Read More

Can’t Receive Messages After Switching From iPhone To Android? Now There’s An Official Fix From Apple

Apple is known to poach Android users, and when someone decides to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone people are more than just curious as to why anyone would make a decision like that. Whatever the reason to switch may be, anyone who previously went from an iOS device to an Android device or Windows Phone would have experienced a delay or a complete failure to receive messages sent by iPhone using friends. Try as one might, they just couldn't get iMessages or even regular texts to find their way to the new Android phone. This happens when you don't disconnect iMessages from your  phone number. You may have removed your Apple ID from a device but iMessages is a service that must be turned off and simply removing your Apple ID from a device just doesn't cut it. Unfortunately, not a lot of people will know this until it is too late. This very issue got a significant amount of attention in the blogsphere earlier this year, and Apple has just released a tool to let you deactivate iMessages from any browser using your Apple ID. Read More

MessageEnhancer Makes Both Cosmetic & Functional Changes To Messages App [Jailbreak]

The Messages app is a popular app in iOS that jailbreakers like to tweak. You will find lots of tweaks like Messages Conversation Photos that make it better. Now imagine everything you wish the Messages app did, everything you wish you could change about it, and whatever else in between that annoys you about this particular app. MessageEnhancer is a Cydia tweak available for free in the BigBoss repository that lets you tweak just about anything and everything in the Messages app that you could ever want. The tweak can enable a fullscreen mode for the app, a dark keyboard, contact photos appearing within conversation threads, wider message bubbles, and more. It can also hide features you don't like such as separators, the camera button, and the delivered label. Read More

MSGAutoSave: Automatically Save Photos & Videos Received In iMessage [Jailbreak]

Sending videos and photos is one of those little things that iMessages does that I take for granted sometimes but in retrospect, I get a lot of use out of. Specifically; I can sketch out a design, snap a picture of someone's visiting card, and just about any information that I would otherwise have to spend time writing down, and share it with others. Likewise, I receive a lot of information in similar fashion. It's great except for when I forget to save an photo to my camera roll and have to scroll through long conversations just to find it. It's time consuming. MSGAutoSave is a Cydia tweak available in the insanelyi repository that automates this function; any and all photos or videos you receive are automatically saved to your camera roll. The tweak can enable a confirmation message if you don't want all photos and videos being saved. It can also resize photos and videos before saving them. Read More

Unofficial iMessage App For Android Available For Download, But With Security Risks

The inherent flexibility of Google’s mobile OS is one of the major factors that makes it so attractive to its users, and it is this very quality that makes it possible for Android users to get the features, look and feel of other platforms with nothing but a few taps. While certain Android fans might smirk at the idea of porting features over from rival platforms – iOS, in particular – others will welcome such alternatives as long as they add a significant value over stock provisions. Case in point: iMessage. Why would anyone want to use iMessage on Android, you ask? It is likely that you have at least one or two good friends, if not many more, who own iPhones. iMessage will enable you to converse with them for free over the internet without them having to install any additional IM apps and vice versa. iMessage Chat for Android makes this possible. However, for now, there to be talk of suspicious behavior and security risks surrounding the app. Read on past the break for details. Read More

Export All Media Files Sent Or Received In iOS Messages App From One Place

Just the other day, while testing the tweaks that allow users to attach long videos with their iMessage and MMS, I realized that for anyone who texts a lot, finding media files in the Messages app is a real headache. Even the search feature in the stock Messages app is limited, and only works for parts of threads that have been loaded manually. In this situation, a section maintaining a collection of all media files saved in the Messages app might have been really useful. Since no such feature exists in iOS, the Cydia store has a pretty decent solution up its sleeve. MediaExport is a Cydia app that shows photos and videos saved in all of your message threads. You can then save these files to the camera roll, or share them using the service of your choice. Read More

How To Share Videos Longer Than Max Limit From iPhone Messages App

iMessage is among the very few iOS features that is liked by almost all users of the platform. A few Cydia tweaks do offer ways of adding some new features to iMessage, but all the existing ones seem to have been implemented to perfection by now. Well, almost to perfection. There is a minor restriction that you might or might not notice even if you use iMessage pretty frequently. While trying to share a video using the service, it is only possible to send clips that are not too long. Even before iMessage, the same problem existed for MMS, and hasn’t gone away despite the emergence of 3G and LTE. So, it’s about time you got the option to send media files of any length via iMessage or MMS. As is often the case, the Cydia store has a solution for these issues. iMessage Unlimited Media Send and Carrier Unlimited Media Send are available as two separate packages in the jailbreak store, but serve the same purpose of letting you bypass the length limit for media sharing on iMessage and MMS respectively. Read More

Toggle iMessage Read Receipt Separately For Each Contact & Text

If Facebook ever allows users to choose whether they want others to see the accusatory ‘seen’ indicator below their messages, we are pretty confident that a significant majority will likely disable the feature for good. iMessage has been offering similar read receipts for a long time, but at least you can turn them off at will from the Settings app. There are occasions, however, when keeping these receipts enabled can help. If you are talking to a close friend, it is probably convenient to keep the read receipt enabled, but during a conversation with your boss, you might not want that. SelectiveReading is a Cydia tweak that grants you complete control over iMessage read receipts. Users can choose to turn of the receipts for certain contacts, turn them permanently on for others, or even choose to make the decision individually for every message they receive. Read More

Set Up Auto Replies For SMS & iMessage On iPhone With AutoResponder 2

Answering machines were insanely popular until smartphones with built-in voicemail capability came along. Now that we have smartphones, different solutions better than voicemail are also making their way to the the market. Though one thing that hasn't changed much for a long time in this regard is texting; there is no way of easily setting up automatic responses for texts received when you are busy. Fortunately, iOS users with jailbroken devices have had AutoResponder for a long time, which is a tweak that lets you configure automatic responses to texts that go unattended for a particular duration. Until now, AutoResponder only worked with older iDevices, and a lot of people on iOS have been missing it. Better late than never though, as the developer of the tweak has released AutoResponder 2 that is aimed just at iOS 6 users, and works with iMessage as well as SMS. Read More

Prevent iMessage Recipients From Seeing An Indicator When You Type

Out of all the messaging apps available for iOS, iMessage holds a special place due to its seamless integration with the stock Messages app. After all, everyone likes free texting, and iMessage make you feel exactly like you are texting the other person. There are a few things about iMessage that make it far superior to ordinary SMS. It notifies you whenever your messages has been read, and even has an indicator to alert youu whenever the other party is composing a message. To make things perfect, iMessage offers some great customization options. You can protect your privacy by not letting other know when you have read their messages, as there is a dedicated option available for this purpose in the Settings app. One thing you can’t do by default, however, is to hide the small indicator that tells your correspondents whenever you are typing a new message. As usual, Cydia has come to the rescue. The newly released TypingPrivacy tweak provides you with this handy option to grant you complete control over iMessage. Read More

Best Cross-Platform iMessage Alternatives For iOS Users

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is one of the biggest reasons why (a very small set of) people are still sticking to their BlackBerry devices. Apple saw this trend some time ago, and launched iMessage as part of iOS 5 in 2011. It’s almost exactly like BBM, right down to its propriety iOS and OS X-only nature. It’s great if you have lots of friends who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but it’s very limiting otherwise. In what follows, we will be discussing some of the most powerful and popular cross-platform iMessage alternatives for iOS users so they can communicate with their Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry-toting friends for free. Read More

Reply To Texts From Anywhere On iPhone Without Opening Messages App

GO SMS for iOS shed its beta tag just a few days ago, and I have been using it as the default messaging client on my iPhone ever since. While the app is still full of bugs, the interactive pop-up notifications it offers are extremely handy. So, won’t it be great if notifications like that came without the added baggage of a buggy and rather slow app? That’s what ImmediateSend is all about. This new Cydia tweak for iPhone works with the stock Messages app without messing with any of its existing functionalities. It displays a pop-up whenever you hit a banner notification for a received text message, or tap a message alert from the Notification Center or lock screen. In short, every button or notification that will normally route you to the Messages app brings up the quick reply text box. You will still have to go to the app to create a new message or read old conversations, but replying becomes a breeze. Read More

Attacher: Send/ Receive Any Type Of File As iMessage Attachment [Cydia]

A lot has been written about iMessage, and the newest iOS messaging service has caused quite a stir since it was launched with iOS 5. iMessage has truly made messaging bewteen iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, not only convenient but fast as well. Now - as with almost every other aspect of iOS - the developers over at the Cydia store have come up with many tweaks to improve the functionality of the messenger service. By default it is only possible to send and receive photos / videos as iMessage attachments, but now it is possible to attach any file in iMessage conversations using a Cydia tweak called, Attacher. Apart from letting you attach different files as attachments, the tweak will allow users to open received files with appropriate programs or iFile. Head past the break to learn more about this awesomely useful tweak. Read More

Messages2PDF: Backup iPhone SMS & iMessage Threads On Email [Cydia]

Messages2PDF might not be the first option available to iOS users for backing up their text messages, but it certainly is one of the most convenient solutions yet. If you text a lot, and happen to be a fan of the Cydia store as well, then you should know that every so often you have to do something with your iPhone which leads to the loss of all your text messages, like when you have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With the advent of iMessage, the problem of exporting and backing up your messages has spread to the all iOS devices, rather than just iPhone. So, Messages2PDF might be the perfect Cydia app for you if you want to export your messages in textual form, and with complete ease. Read More

Fix iMessage/FaceTime & Push Notifications On Hacktivated iPhone 4/3GS

iOS 5 brought with it a plethora of new features, including the infamous iMessage that allowed users to communicate with any other iOS 5 device over a WiFi/mobile data connection, effectively eliminating the cost of carrier SMS plans. While highly appreciated and useful, iMessage was something jailbroken users remained envious of, particularly those on unofficial carriers, since iMessage requires activation with iTunes before it can be used. Hacktivating your iOS 5 device bypasses that, and while you can use your iPhone 4 or 3GS, features like iMessage, FaceTime and push notifications remain unavailable unless you’re willing to pay for solutions like PushFix and MiTime. This all changed with SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module), which allows you to activate your iPhone using legitimate certificates generated through iTunes. Advantage? You get fully working push notifications, FaceTime and iMessage (iOS 5 only) without needing to spend a single buck. Read on after the jump to find out how. Read More