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iOS 11 Bug: Fix iMessages Received Out Of Order

iOS 11 might go down in history as one of the buggiest OS that Apple has released. There’s a brand new bug on iOS 11 that is effecting iMessages. The bug causes messages to be received  out of order. They’re being sent in real time but they don’t appear in the correct order inside the Messages  app. For example, if you ask someone a question over iMessages and they answer it, their reply might actually appear above the message with the question. So far, it seems to only effect iMessages and not regular text messages. There’s already a Reddit thread of users who are experiencing it. Here’s how to fix iMessages received out of order on iOS 11.

This is an unacknowledged bug and as such, there’s no clear reason behind what’s causing it. The solutions listed below are not a permanent fix to the problem. In most cases, the bug will surface again in which case you will have to run a fix for it. The actual, permanent fix, needs to come from Apple. More on that later.

Quit Messages App

Apps that aren’t in the foreground on iOS aren’t actually running. iOS suspends them almost immediately. When we say ‘Quit Messages app’, we mean enter switch to multitasking mode and swipe up on the Messages app to remove it.

Restart Device

Try restarting your iPhone. We rarely restart our phones and the only time they ever turn off is when the battery is drained. This has never been a problem before but this is iOS 11 and it’s become synonymous with problems. Restart your device and your messages might start to arrive in order.

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Hard Reset

Try a hard reset of your device. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, and the home button until you see the Apple logo. Release it and allow your device to start up again. On  the iPhone 7, press and hold the sleep/wake and volume down button. On iPhone 8 and iPhone X, press and release the volume up button, then press and release the volume down button, and finally press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see the Apple logo.

Possible Causes

Apple said iMessages would sync over iCloud. This is a feature that was meant to be a part of iOS 11 but it’s still a no-show. Some users are speculating that perhaps the feature will roll out in iOS 11.3 though there is no real reason to believe that is true. It’s possible that ground-work for the feature has already been added in iOS 11.2 which is when this bug surfaced, and it’s what is throwing off the order the messages are received in. As mentioned before, the problem will surface again and you will need to run all these fixes again. Get it together, Apple.


  1. This is bullshit! Fucking waste of bandwith, time and eye movement is
    the best description for the above lines. I bet you’re a windows user
    and you still think a reboot will fix all your problems! There is no
    actual fix for this yet. Your iCloud is not syncing properly because
    Apple is trying to force people to pay for iCloud storage. If you pay,
    the iCloud response time will be faster. Switch to Android, that’s the
    best FIX and screw Apple and their hunger for money!

  2. i had an ipod touch 6 and upgraded to ios 11 and this happened… then my ipod broke, and i got an iphone se, but still the same issue. get it the hell together apple, i cant even use imessage anymore w this dumbass bug

  3. And that’s why i’ve ditched every Apple device i’ve got and went to buy a Galaxy Note 8. F-U Apple! You should all do the same. Apple have no respect for their user. Sooner they start respecting their customers, sooner they will solve the problem. This problem is not new. Yes it might happened again, but i see posts over a year ago, about that same freakin wrong order in messages.

    • As much as Apple does dumb things I can’t STAND Android. It takes me twice as long to do the same things on Android than it does on Apple and I’m talking finding things in settings, for instance, finding the wifi address.
      iPhone: Settings–>General–>About
      Android: Menu–>Settings–>About–>Status
      Honestly WHY would a Wifi ID be in “status” ?? It’s not a “status”. It’s a constant. It doesn’t change so it’s always the same “status”. “Status” is the “state” of something which indicates it changes.
      The first time I had to find the wifi address in a friend’s phone it took me what seemed like forever. It had to be 2-3 minutes. I went to the LOGICAL places. Then I went back to the beginning and went through every. single. menu. option. Finally I found it. I was so pissed. Of course if I had an android I’d get used to where things are but I shouldn’t have to. If I’m paying hundreds for a phone things should be located in a logical place.

    • Android: Parameters–>Wifi–>Advanced. So fuckin more complicated LOL! Same 3 steps, just different options names

  4. I’ve got an Iphone 6 with v11.2.1 and did just a “Reset Location & Privacy” which I’ve had to do for some gps apps and now my messages are back in order. Not nearly as severe as a a total reset.

    • I love it when people post an “I did this on my phone and it worked” and it’s literally something that does not exist. There is no “Reset Location & Privacy”. You can turn location services on and off under the privacy settings. That’s what I tried and… nothing… Still out of order.

  5. Well, at least now I know the reason for this. I can’t get to an Android phone fast enough….4 more months of this Apple disrespecting of it’s customers. I’m tired of being a constant beta tester of their failed features and shoddy hardware.

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