How To Rearrange Pinned Items On The Taskbar Jump Lists In Windows 10

Jump lists in Windows is a feature that has survived the past two versions of Windows. Microsoft knew that this one feature was much loved by its user base. Jump lists are a great way to access both your favorite and frequently used files and folders. Every program you have pinned to your taskbar, and every program that's currently running has its own jumplist ensuring that frequent and favorite files and folders remain separated by the programs they are accessed in. Windows 10 has kept jump lists unchanged for the most part but it's done away with the drag & drop feature that allowed you to rearrange items pinned to the Jumplist. Here's how you can rearrange items on a jump list in Windows 10.Read More

Kwerty Gmail Notifier: View Emails Using Windows 7 Thumbnail Preview & Compose From Jumplist

Gmail is one of the most widely used email service in the world. After being released in 2004 as an invite-only beta service, it quickly became popular and replaced Hotmail and Yahoo Mail as the default email service choice for most people. The most unique feature of Gmail was the number of email management features it offered to the users. Today, we discovered a Gmail notifer for Windows called Kwerty Gmail Notifier for Windows 7 that is designed to monitor your Gmail Inbox and notify you about new, unread emails. Supporting Windows 7 Live Thumbnail Preview and Jump List features, it lets you easily read emails from its taskbar icon. Not only does it display the email text body in live thumbnail preview, it also provides navigation controls to switch between email items in your inbox. Read on to find out more about this handy Gmail notifier.Read More

How To Add Separators In Windows 7 Explorer Jumplist [Tip]

When Microsoft released Windows 7, it met with an instant acclaim, and many thought that this is how Windows Vista should have been done in the first place. Albeit, Windows Vista gave an interface overhaul, it was not easy on the system resources and Windows 7 tweaked all that. Not only Windows 7 tweaked all the voids left by Vista, but also introduced with itself many new features. Amongst all the useful features that Windows 7 brought to its users, Jumplist probably tops the list of most used ones. This feature made the OS a lot more ergonomically friendly by letting  you quickly access most frequently used functions and tasks of an application without cluttering your desktop with shortcuts. Jump lists provide right click menu options on Taskbar icons, which makes it easy to jump to recently accessed files or favorite files by pinning them. If you frequently use Jump list, then you might have noticed that some applications have separate sections in their jumplists. For instance, if you access the Jumplist of Google Chrome, you have Most Visited, Recently Closed and Tasks sections divided by separators. However, you don’t see any explicit option to insert these separators yourself while pinning files, folders or applications to Windows 7 superbar. As dividers or separators could have made the task easier, by easily identifying the pinned files, in this article, we will guide you through the process of adding custom separators in a Jump list.Read More

Windows 7 App Launcher: Run Programs In One Go From Taskbar

Ever wanted to launch multiple applications for performing routine tasks in one go, without having to manually create a batch script to invoke applications’ execuatables? Although the batch script file (.BAT) can be used to run multiple commands and applications, it’s a bit tiresome to manually add new applications to batch file and edit the existing applications’ paths. What you probably need is an application like Windows 7 App Launcher to effortlessly create application profiles, so they can be launched with a single click. It’s an app launcher that lets you add applications, shortcuts, files et., without going through the hassle of creating and editing the script. Since it has a GUI-based configuration console, all you need is to bring it up for adding new applications, changing the profile icons and editing the list of applications, files and shortcutsRead More

NppJumpList Adds Windows 7 Jumplist Support To Notepad++

Editing both plain text, as well as complex codes, require a person to have the appropriate text editing tool available in order to be able to perform the function with efficiency. The default text editor of Windows, the Notepad, allows users to perform only basic text editing, such as cut, copy, paste, change font size, style etc, and it is not able to handle programming languages and lines of code. Each programming language has a different syntax and to edit code written in a particular language, you need a text editor that can handle it properly. Instead of using a different application for editing each programming language, you can use a text editor that can handle a number of languages. Notepad++ is one such open source text editor that allows you to edit, both plain text, and lines of code. It comes with an arsenal of useful plugins, which make it one of the most useful and versatile free text editors available in the market. Like every application, it has a drawback that it does not support Windows 7 Jumplists by default. Today, we bring to you a plugin for Notepad++, namely NppJumpList that will add Windows 7 Jumplist support to Notepad++.Read More

VBoxLaunch: Run VirtualBox Virtual Machines From Start Menu & Jumplist

If you’re an avid Oracle VirtualBox user, you will love VBoxLaunch. It is a small executable script for Windows 7 that you can use to launch virtual machines from Start Menu and Jumplist without having to launch VirtualBox first. The script is solely written to enhance VirtualBox's usage experience. It doesn’t change any virtual machine related settings nor does it tweak with VirtualBox interface. VBoxLaunch reads the list of virtual machines present in your VirtualBox virtual machine manager and creates their direct links under VBoxLaunch menu, which can be sent to Windows 7 Start Menu and/or pinned to Taskbar.Read More

Add Windows 7 Taskbar Jump List Features To Your Website

As many of you may already know that apart from speed and performance improvements, Internet Explorer 9 also focuses on making full use of Windows 7 Jumplist. IE 9 defines the website pinning in Windows 7 super bar in a whole different way, allowing you to gain control over every little feature related with pinned applications, like, Jumplist static and dynamic items, Thumbnail live Preview, Taskbar notifications, and so on. Build My Pinned Site is an web service to incorporate all features of Windows 7 pinned application into your website, so your readers / visitors can engage into defined activities and check updates of your websites without having to manually find them from your website.Read More

Manage Windows 7 Jump List Items In Taskbar With Jump List Manager

Back in 2009, we featured a brilliant Jumplist tool called, Jumplist Launcher, which can tailor jump list items in the Windows 7 taskbar with ease. Today we have yet another jump list tool called, Jump List Mange. It can quickly collect items and tasks of most frequently used applications in customizable Jumplist. Compared with Jumplist Launcher, it is not feature-rich in terms of options to tailor Jump List items but offers a quick way to create and manage Jumplist items.Read More

Chiave File Encryption With Windows 7 Jumplist And 512-Bit Rijndael Support

Need a Windows 7 encryption tool to quickly protect files and folders with staunch encryption technique? If yes, take a look at open source Chiave File Encryption. The most fascinating aspect of this application is its drop-dead UI which makes use of all the aesthetic functions of Windows 7 user interface, including, Aero Glass, Jumplist, and Taskbar progress. Coming back to encryption technique, it is backed by a powerful 512 Bit Rijndael algorithm to protect your confidential data from any sort of unauthorized usage. For those who don't know, Rijndael encryption is used by the US Government.While the major focus of Chiave is to provide the best user experience in terms of protecting important data, you can tailor pre-defined configurations to create file associations for encrypted files, add and refresh Jumplist items, and to enable/disable Windows shell right-click context menu integration to encrypt files and folders on the fly.Read More

Create And Categorize Jump List Items With Seven Jump

Windows 7 jump list is one great productivity enhancement feature which lets you quickly access options, associated tasks, and recently opened items of applications pinned in taskbar (also known as Superbar). Seven Jump is a nifty little addition to Windows jumplist feature that is written to extends its function and revitalizes it to offer customizability. It allows you to gain complete control over jumplist by letting you manipulate and design new jumplists to access a list of selected programs. The application working mechanism is based on creating a category under which applications, shortcuts, files, folders can be added, and finally adding it in a jumplist, as developer himself exhibited the usage by creating a category of all Adobe products in a jump list for accessing them easily.Read More

Quick Launch Browsers From Windows 7 Jump List – Browser Chooser

Brower Chooster has been well covered around the blogosphere. For those who don’t know, it allow users to open link in the selected browser. In the latest release, the author has finally added support for Windows 7 JumpList. Now you can pin the program to the taskbar and launch the desired browser in just 2 clicks. First of all you need to add the browsers, you can add up to five different browsers, the most preferred are Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.Read More