CodeScrambler Makes Your iPhone Passcode Harder To Guess By Randomizing Keypad Digit Positions

Does anyone here watch the excellent "Sherlock" TV series – a modern take on Arthur C. Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective novels? If you do, and have seen a certain episode, you will remember that the titular character was able to guess part of a PIN code by observing the fingerprints on the buttons. This is the main reason why we suggest avoiding pattern locks on Android, and recommend iOS users to opt for a strong alphanumeric password. However, entering a lengthy alphanumeric password so many times each day just isn't convenient, so what do we do about it? What we want is the enhanced security of an alphanumeric password, with the relatively quick input of a 4-digit passcode. The solution lies with a new tweak for iOS called 'CodeScrambler'. Read More

Lockscreen Free For Android Offers A Unique Combination Of Pattern Unlock & Quick App Launching

One of the best things about Android is how customizable the OS is. You can change nearly every aspect of the interface by merely installing apps, and this includes the lock screen. We have previously covered many lock screen customization tools and apps with you and today, LockScreen Free joins the club. Rather than merely providing you with a way to unlock your device, this lock screen replacement app aims to save you time and add more security to your unlocking experience by utilizing app icons for a lock screen grid, and adding a twist to pattern-based unlocking and quick app launching. Read on for details. Read More

Get Moto X-Style Active Display Lock Screen Notifications On Any Android 4.0+ Device

Just a few weeks back, Motorola revealed its Moto X phone that's the manufacturer's first device developed entirely since its acquisition by Google.  Apart from its much-hyped customizable body, the phone comes with some nifty software features of its own as well, one of which is Active Display that shows notifications on the phone's screen while it is locked. These notifications are shown in white in a minimal manner over s black background in order to save battery life on the Moto X's AMOLED display. Users can then unlock their device directly to the notification's pertaining app or activity, or dismiss it altogether if it's not important. XDA-Developers forum member nico001 wanted this feature but didn't want to get a new device for it, so he decided to develop it himself, and the result is ActiveNotifications. This free app brings this feature to any device running Android 4 or later. Read on for more details. Read More

10 Best Cydia Tweaks For The iPhone Lock Screen

The most common reason people jailbreak their iDevices is to modify the way iOS looks by default. Apart from themes, the Cydia store has everything from widgets to tweaks that can make your iPhone completely different from that of a friend. It’s not just about theming though, as a lot of tweaks make using iOS a much smoother experience than it originally is. Anyone who has jailbroken their device is sure to have noticed that no area of iOS is out of the reach of developers over at Cydia store. SpringBoard, stock apps, third-party apps, lock screen and Notification Center can all be totally revamped, thanks to the amazing collection of Cydia tweaks available. While all these areas of the OS are important, there is just no getting around the lock screen of your iPhone, since it is the first thing that shows up every time you switch on your device, or wake it up. So, here are some of the best tweaks that can make the iPhone’s lock screen more useful and gorgeous, without requiring much effort on the user’s part. Read More

Get A Customizable Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen Clone On Android

When I bought my first Android smartphone, I was fairly impressed by the level of customization it offered. After all, customization is one of Android’s biggest advantages over competitors like iOS and Windows Phone. There’s hardly any area of the OS that can’t be modified according to your liking. One area that you can easily personalize is the lockscreen. Although Android (Jelly Bean, in particular) comes packed with an amazing stock lockscreen, there are many lockscreen replacement apps that can add more value to this area of the OS. Ubuntu Touch Lockscreen is one such effort that, as the name implies, is designed to bring the Ubuntu Touch lockscreen to your phone. Crafted by XDA Senior Member Rotary Heart, it’s a simple, elegant and fast custom lockscreen done Ubuntu style that displays message and call notifications within the ring in the center, and lets you control music playback. Read More

Apply Customizable Themes To iPhone Lock Screen With LockFlavours

The recently covered BuddyLock comes with an impressive array of customization options for the lock screen, but if you want to get a new look for your iPhone without too much effort, there are tweaks like Sodium capable of applying photo effects to a wallpaper directly. LockFlavors doesn't do anything to the wallpaper, but every other aspect of the lock screen can be altered using it. LockFlavors offers several lock screen themes, applying different colors and patterns to the top and bottom bars of the lock screen. In addition to these, the tweak also has different fonts for the time/date display, and even lets you change the text that appears on the unlock slider. If you aren't satisfied with any of the default themes offered in LockFlavors, there is also the option of creating your own custom themes by mixing colors for each part of the screen separately, and adding the fonts of your choice. Read More

Replace iPhone Lock Screen Passcode With A Game Controller Combo

Remember the good old days when you had to glean cheat codes off from your friends or gaming magazines, and then try fervently to apply them using your Nintendo controller before your character died or your favorite Pokémon escaped? If you really miss those times, there are plenty of ways to recreate them on an iPhone, using the awesome gaming emulators available for jailbroken (and recently, even non-jailbroken) devices. If truth be told though, the gaming community has moved on, and you are not very likely to spend a lot of time playing these older video games even if they are available on iOS. This is why Control Unlocker can be perfect for anyone who is nostalgic for NES, but not super-crazy for the actual games. The Cydia tweak makes it possible for users to set a cheat code-like passcode on their iPhone’s lock screen, making sure that the device gets unlocked only when the right combination is punched in using the displayed controller. Read More

BuddyLock Brings A Snazzy Look, App Shortcuts & Widgets To iPhone Lock Screen

If Android’s lock screen widgets and other similar features have made you envious, the iOS jailbreak store has some pretty decent offerings for you. There are plenty of ways you can place widgets and even app shortcuts on the lock screen of your iPhone. BuddyLock is the latest tweak to offer that functionality, but it does even more. Pretty much like SlideToMod, this new tweak also offers a ton of customization options for the lock screen slider, the time bar and the camera grabber. The awesomeness doesn't end there though; BuddyLock comes with a few widgets as well, that allow users to change system settings with a single tap. To round everything off, you can even place your address book or music playlists on the lock screen area. Read More

Ayra Adds iOS 7-Like Notification Center With Toggles To Lock Screen

iOS 7 finally brought Notification Center to the lock screen but for a very long time before that, we have had tweaks like Dashboard X that lets you control notifications and system settings without unlocking your device. ayra is a new Cydia release that brings the Notification Center to the iPhone’s lock screen, but in a way that is totally different from iOS 7. Sure, you have to swipe downwards to reveal the NC, but that’s where all the similarities end. With ayra, you get a bunch of system toggles much like SBSettings, and the notifications displayed in it are interactive, much like in Android. You can handle each notification individually by choosing to dismiss it or launch the corresponding app. In addition to all these great features, ayra has a lovely interface, and an iOS 7-like translucent look to it. Read More

Get The Flat iOS 7 Look On iOS 6 Lock Screen With This Theme

After all the mockups and speculation, when it was finally released, iOS 7 turned out to be rather close to what everyone was expecting after the “black, white and flat” revelation. There has been no shortage of criticism on the new iOS 7 design, and there are already some rumors suggesting that Apple might consider reverting back to a more conventional look before the final release this fall. Whether the OS remains flat or not, you can't deny that there are parts of the update that look good enough to eat. Very few people have criticized the lock screen, for instance, since it offers an exciting new UI along with features like support for NC and dynamic wallpapers. We are sure there will soon be tweaks that bring the update's lock screen features to older versions of iOS, but if you are just interested in looks, iOS 7 Lockscreen Theme is a pretty decent Winterboard package for that purpose. Read More

Get A Minimal, Two-Way Unlock Slider On iPhone Lock Screen With FXOSLock

Anyone who is really into UI customization and wants to get the most out of a jailbroken iPhone is likely to appreciate Cydia tweaks like SliderCustomizer and Axis, since they focus on very particular parts of iOS. This is why such tweaks have fared pretty well in the Cydia store. FXOSLock is the latest alternative to the stock unlock slider you get in iOS. The tweak doesn't just make minor changes to the slider; it revamps the way it works, and gives it a completely new look. The minimalists among us are also sure to appreciate FXOSLock, since the slider it offers doesn't occupy the entire bottom half of your device’s lock screen. Despite that, no existing feature is taken away by FXOSLock, and you can use the tweak’s unlocking slider to unlock your device or launch the camera straight away. Read More

Get Highly Customizable Grabber-Like App Shortcuts On iOS Lock Screen With Axis

Lock screen launchers for iOS are pretty popular among the Cydia community these days, but with tweaks like Atom, there is always the possibility of inadvertently launching apps due to lack of proper preventive measures. To avoid this, a lot of people prefer Grabby - the popular tweak that adds four camera grabber-like app shortcuts to the lock screen. While Grabby is great, there are a few areas where it might have been a little better, or at least that is what trying out Axis has made us realize. Axis is pretty similar to Grabby, but offers a ton of customization options that aren't there in any of its competitors. To make the shortcuts look good, there are plenty of icon choices available for each shortcut. You can pin any app that is installed on your iDevice, and most of the popular ones have custom icons of their own to help users spot them at one quick glance. Axis also lets you pin one app more than Grabby to the lock screen, which offers four slots. Read More

Get System Toggles Under iPhone Lock Screen Slider With LockBar Settings

More and more Cydia developers have recently started adopting the policy of releasing a beta version of their upcoming tweak in the form of DEB files before making it available as a release on the Cydia store. A few days back, MessageBox took that route, and now, LockBar Settings is available for manual download as well. We have to admit that LockBar isn't as highly anticipated as MessageBox was, but the features it offers can really become an essential part of your daily routine. With LockBar Settings, iOS users get to place four of their most frequently needed system toggles on their device’s lock screen. Much like LockscreenToggles, the new controls added to the lock screen by LockBar only become visible when you invoke them. In fact, it is even possible to require an extra tap for their actions to ensure that a toggle is never hit accidentally. Read More

Get Easy Access To System Toggles On iPhone Lock Screen

If Infinity Blade (or any other game, for that matter) has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot stay on top without being occasionally challenged. SBSettings has been the king of Cydia tweaks for a long time, and not many alternatives have come even close to garnering the same following as it enjoys. The only criticism that you can direct at SBSettings is that it offers too many options, including some you are never likely to need. Also, the lock screen integration of the tweak isn’t too good, and the screen turns off even if you are going through the toggles listed in the dropdown window. Flusterless and similar tweaks cannot be considered alternatives of SBSettings by any stretch of imagination, since they are too limited in terms of features. LockscreenToggles, however, might be the first Cydia tweak in a long time that can make you leave SBSettings. The tweak doesn’t have as much toggles and customization options as SBSettings, but that also means you don’t have to go through endless manual configuration to get started. Read More

Atom Adds A Sleek Custom App Launcher To The iPhone Lock Screen

All it takes is a single app or tweak to bring a certain genre back in vogue. Prior to the release of JellyLock, there hadn’t been a similar tweak released in the Cydia store for a long time, but now we have an even newer way of adding useful app shortcuts to the iOS lock screen. atom lets you pin six apps to the lock screen, and to make sure you don’t end up launching them by mistake, it uses a clever dragging gesture to get to the shortcuts. To make the unlocking mechanism conforms to the rest of the tweak, atom adds the unlock shortcut in the middle of the app icons, which looks pretty neat. atom might not have as many customizing options as ICSLock Pro, but its default look is good enough to keep most users satisfied. Read More

Get Android Jelly Bean-Style Lock Screen On iPhone With JellyLock

Imitation really is the best form of flattery, a lot of iOS users were quite flattered a few days back when Espier Screen Locker was released to replicate the iPhone lock screen on Android devices. Of course, we have seen similar apps and tweaks for iOS as well, like the previously covered ICSLock Pro. ICS is not the Android's latest version though, and all the newest devices come with Jelly Bean. So, it was just a matter of time before someone ported a few features of JB to jailbroken iOS devices. JellyLock is a new Cydia tweak that lets you enjoy a Jelly Bean-style lock screen on your iDevice. Those of you who aren't aware of the features of the JB lock screen can read our detailed post on the subject. Basically, you get to have a new kind of camera grabber and unlock slider on the lock screen that's in form of a ring. In addition, users can also place up to three app shortcuts of their choice alongside the camera shortcut - a feature found in several custom Jelly Bean-based Android ROMs. Read More

Customize iOS Lock Screen Slider & Disable “Slide To Reply / View”

Although there have been some really comprehensive Cydia tweaks (like SliderWidth and SlideToMod) for letting users change the basic properties of the iOS lock screen, there are a few features that are just so deeply ingrained into iPhone’s operating system that no one has ever given much thought to customizing them. You can easily change the interface of your device’s lock screen if you are a Winterboard user. Other elements can be customized using some tweaks available in the jailbreak store. There is one thing, however, that has annoyed a lot of users, with no way of bypassing it, until yesterday. Whenever you get a new notification on the iPhone lock screen, using the unlock slider immediately opens the app to which the notification belongs. Some of you might like this feature, but a lot of users aren't too fond of this feature, and instead make the device sleep and then wake it up again in order to bypass it. Though that in itself is an inconvenience. SliderCustomizer is a new tweak that not only addresses this issue, but also offers some pretty decent customization options for the iOS lock screen. Read More

Grabby Adds Four Camera Grabber-Like Custom App Shortcuts To iOS Lock Screen

No matter how many apps you have installed on your iPhone, the Spotlight search area can always help you in getting to the desired app without much fuss. iOS also has folders and a dock to help users keep their SpringBoard organized. Despite all that, it has to be admitted that the most easily accessible part of iOS is its lock screen. Since your device’s camera is often needed in a hurry, the presence of camera grabber on the lock screen in quite important. Won’t it be nice though, if there was some equally secure way of launching other apps from the lock screen as well? In the past, we have seen tweaks like AnyLock, which allows users to place widgets and app shortcuts on the lock screen. Another similar tweak goes by the name of LockLauncher. The newly released Grabby, however, takes a much less-exotic approach to attain the same end result. With Grabby, users can get four grabbers on the lock screen, and set each of them to launch the apps of their choice. Read More

Select Songs To Play Right From The iPhone Lock Screen With Pluck

Remember Tempus, the Cydia tweak that turns the iOS lock screen into a fully featured music player? Tweaks of this kind might appeal to some users, but others might label them pointless since you are losing the basic purpose of lock screen by adding too many controls to it. On the other hand, you have options like LSMusicGestures, which doesn’t add any visible buttons the lock screen, but lets you control playback using gestures. Pluck is a new tweak that is even simpler than LSMusicGestures, and it addresses an issue that we are sure most iOS users have faced at one time or another. Pluck adds a small button to the lock screen playback controls that can be used to access the songs and playlists present in the device’s music library. This means you can start listening to the song of your choice without even unlocking the screen. Read More

How To Hide Current Song’s Album Art & Info From iPhone Lock Screen

Headphones were invented to let people listen to music without disturbing everyone in their vicinity. Another purpose of these little accessories is to provide you with some privacy while you are listening to songs in a crowded environment. If you own an iOS device, or any other smartphone for that matter, this privacy is violated to some extent due to the display of album art on your lock screen. We have to admit that the presence of the current song's information and album art on the lock screen is useful in most scenarios, but there are some tracks that you never want anyone to discover in your iPod. For such songs, the new Secret "Now Playing" (yes, it has quotation marks in its name) tweak is perfect. The tweak makes sure that users get to keep the control of their lock screen completely in their own hands, even when listening to a song. You can use Secret “Now Playing” to hide album art, artist name, album, and other information associated with the song from your iPhone’s lock screen. Read More