Easily Merge Contents Of Multiple Folders & Subfolders Into One In Windows

Most of us tend to store our files in separate folders to keep them manageable and organized. For instance, a typical computer user would be maintaining separate folders for downloads, music, videos, documents and pictures present on their hard drive. Though there are times we need to merge files located in separate directories into one single folder. A task like this can definitely waste significant time, especially if you have multiple folders and subfolders to merge. So, how about an intuitive app that can take this burden off your shoulders? Folder Merger is a portable freeware for Windows that allows you to merge separate folders or subfolders together and bring the content from all of them into a single folder.Read More

Merge Multiple PDF Files Or Convert Them To ePub, HTML Or Plain Text

PDF is a popular format for documents since it ensures the integrity of how the document looks and prints on someone else's systems. Reading a PDF file is simple enough with web browsers acting as fairly decent PDF readers but there is more to a PDF file than just reading it. To create or edit a PDF file, you need Adobe Acrobat, a paid app from Adobe. For small and simple functions like merging or converting a PDF file, the app is not worth the purchase. If you need to merge or convert a PDF files, a more sensible solution is to use an app that can do that for you. PDFMate has two apps that do just that. Free PDF Merger and Free PDF Converter can merge two or more PDF documents into one, and convert a PDF document to multiple EPUB, Text, Image, HTML or SWF respectively. More on these applications after the break.Read More

RegMerge: Compare Registry Files With Windows Registry & Merge Changes

Windows Registry is a database that is used to store the configuration settings of Windows native system utilities and user applications. It includes default settings for the operating system components and user applications, as well as information related to hardware connected to the computer. It  is used by device drivers, kernal, UI, SAM and other third party applications. As various processes and services are continuously running in the background, changes made by these components are also reflected in real-time in Windows Registry. Windows doesn't provide any way to monitor these changes in real-time, however, back in January, we covered an application for Windows called RegFromApp, which let users monitor the changes made to registry by any selected application. Although quite handy, it did not provide you any kind of option to check and compare the changes made to Windows Registry. We have another software for our readers that might cope with this problem. Labeled as RegMerge,  it is an application for Windows that allows you to compare one or more Windows registry (REG) files with current values in Windows Registry. This may come helpful in situations where you need to compare the changes between exported registry keys and current registry keys to decide whether the exported registry hives are to be restored or not. Additionally, it provides you with an option to merge all the selected changed registry keys into Windows registry.Read More

MacMerger: Merge Files/ Content Of Any Two Folders Into One [Mac]

Moving, copying, duplicating and merging folders is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although these are simple, everyday functions that are easily doable, they can have dire consequences if we move a folder some place we might never find it, overwrite a folder, make and delete numerous copies of a folder and end up losing the original. For those of you who have yet to experience any of these mishaps, it’s likely you just don’t have a really important folder; accidents like this happen mostly to important stuff, and not your collection of cloud shapes. MacMerger is a free Mac app that, on one hand, makes it easy to merge two different folders, and on the other, might just result in files being overwritten if not handled properly. In short, this is a powerful app, and with great power, comes great responsibility.Read More

AccdbMerge: Compare MS Access Databases, Find Differences & Merge Objects

Comparing multiple objects from two separate MS Access databases is not only difficult, but also quite a tedious task, as one needs to first check each data set in databases, and then make required changes to DB objects. If you’re working with multiple versions of Access database, you may be looking for a tool that can help you identify the differences between all major objects of database, including tables, forms, reports, queries and so on. Instead of tallying each dataset and DB objects, you could use AccdbMerge to instantly view the differences, and import & export selected objects from both database versions to easily merge the required sections. AccdbMerge supports both widely used Access database formats, including MDB and ACCDB, allowing you to read all the elements of database without having to install any additional tools.Read More

PDF Split And Merge: Break, Join, Rotate, Mix & Visually Reorder PDFs

PDF, or Portable Document Format is a world famous file format used to publish documents that must be viewed by the recipient as the author intended, no matter which program he is using to view the documents. Yesterday, we covered a JPG to PDF Converter that allows you to convert and merge image files into a PDF document, both individually or in a batch operation. Today, we have found an awesome open source PDF tool, named PDF Split And Merge, that allows you to merge and split PDF documents. Even though there are a lot of tools that can split and merge PDF documents, such as 7-PDF Split & Merge and iPDF Express, PDF Split And Merge also gives you the option to Alternate Mix PDFs, Rotate page of PDF documents in batch, Visual Document Composer and Visual Reorder to delete, arrange and rotate the pages of a PDF document with the help of thumbnails. The application also allows you to maintain a log of everything that it has done. Moreover, you can change the theme, look and feel of the interface, as well as the language of the program to match your requirement. More on PDF Split And Merge after the break.Read More

Gelatin: Merge Any Two PDF Files Into One, Watermark-Free PDF [Mac]

Editing, merging, and extracting PDFs is a normal function that just about anyone might need. In late December, we covered PDFDesk, an app that allowed you to extract pages from PDF documents in multiple image and PDF formats. Gelatin, that wonderful stuff that the elf ears in Lord Of The Rings were made of, is a Mac app that lets you merge two PDF files into one. The app has a simple drag & drop interface, and seamlessly merges two PDFs into one, without adding any sort of watermark. The app is also free of PDF size restrictions, which means, regardless of the file size or the number of pages in the PDF, you can merge it with another.Read More

HalfCamera For iPhone: Stitch Two Photos And Apply Effects To Them

HalfCamera is an iOS app which is laid out to mimic a retro camera, with one roll having 12 slots, but that’s just its interface. Actually the app is a pretty useful photo editor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Not only does it come with a lot of awesome photo effects, but it can also be used to merge two photos together. HalfCamera comes with all the options that make an app a good photo editor. Not only can you tinker with all the aspects of images using the app, it also lets its users apply frames to photos, add text to them and do a whole lot of other useful stuff as well.Read More

FolderMerge Combines Contents Of Two Folders Into A New Folder

If you want to copy the contents of two folders into a new folder, first you have to create a new folder, then, copy the contents of the first folder and paste them to the newly created folder. Then, copy the contents of the second folder and paste them into the newly created folder. This way you will have all the contents of both the folders into a new folder. Today, we have a tool for you that allows you to do all that from within a single interface, without having to manually go through the lengthy process of created a new folder and copying everything into it. FolderMerge is a portable application that allows you to quickly merge two folders together into one. It creates a new folder with all the contents of both source directories, without changing the original ones. For instance, if you want to organize multiple folders containing files of the same type, you can use FolderMerge to combine all the files and subfolders of two folders into one new folder. This application makes it easier to organize your data by enabling you to bypass the manual copy/cut and paste method. FolderMerge can be used to merge files and folders that are placed at local, as well as remote, locations.Read More

Quickly Merge Multiple PDF Documents Into One With Ultra PDF Merger

PDF files are supposed to present the data using the formatting exactly as intended by the author. It means that, unlike text files, any type of text, table or image will not lose its formatting no matter which program is used to open the PDF file. However, there are tools available that allow you to manipulate PDF documents. You can merge two PDF documents into one file, split a single PDF file into multiple ones, edit secured PDF documents, print locked files etc. If you are looking for an application to merge two or more than two PDF documents in a single file, today we have found a very useful tool for you. Ultra PDF Merger is a portable application for Windows that helps you in merging two or more PDF files into a single new PDF document. You can add/remove files, and move them up and down in the list to set them in order. It allows you to select and add multiple files at a time, so you don’t have to add them one by one if they are in the same folder. Hit the jump to find out more.Read More

DiffMerge Can Compare 2 Files / Folders And Merge 3 Files Into One

Comparing two folders with all underlying files and sub-folders require opening them side by side to tally items found in both folders but when you’re dealing with, apparently, identical folders, finding out differences becomes not only mind numbing but time wasting as well. Similarly, data and source code files with small differences can’t be identified manually. If you’re looking for a powerful file and folder comparison tool which offers comprehensive list of file/folder tools to differentiate updates, changes and differences, try out DiffMerge. It’s a cross-platform application, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux based operating systems.Read More

Merge, Encrypt And Optimize Quality Of PDF Files With PDF reDirect

Are you looking for an application which offers a simple yet intuitive way to manipulate PDF documents? If you’ve been using stripped down version of previously discussed PDF995, you can opt in for PDF reDirect, which is a full-featured alternative to both PDF995 and CutePDF applications. PDF reDirect offers a quick way to create and to generate industry standard PDF files. The application offers tools to merge different PDF files together in user specified order and to encrypt the PDF document. Its major focus is on post-PDF file creation options. You for instance create PDF file of your document from word processor and then tweak with page settings and PDF layout options using PDF reDirect. Before you save the document through PDF reDirect, you can set the View Style of your document the way you see fit. It contains 6 different view style which are accompanied with 7 different zooming levels ranging from Fit Width, Fit Page, 50 % zoom to 200% zoom.  Moreover, you can switch between document conversion engines; by default, it uses GNU Ghostscript, but can be replaced with AFPL Ghostscript.Read More

Analyze Code File Changes Visually And Merge Them With KDiff3

Earlier, we have covered two file and folder differencing and merging tools, namely, WinMerge and Diffuse. Both tools provide a lot of different ways to let user easily compare, find differences and then merge files and folders. The latter, however, is better for comparing and merging programming language codes. kDiff3 is another useful utility which belongs to the same category whose workability is based on differentiating changes visually in line-by-line structure. With kDiff3, you can easily open multiple files for comparison purposes, edit content of multiple files on the fly or simply let it merge the changes into single file without putting too much effort. The application is intended to do enormous comparisons among specified text files whilst directories can also be compared and merged easily.Read More

PdfJumbler – Merge, Delete, And Rearrange Pages From PDF Document

PdfJumbler is a small nifty java-based application which is developed to offer easy and quick way to delete, re-arrange and merge PDF document content. In comparison with previously covered variants, such as, PDF Rider, Nitro PDF Reader, and 7-PDF, PdfJumbler is utterly easy to use, since it comes with absolutely no fancy features to go around with. Supporting drag & drop behavior to insert a PDF documents, it also offers PDF-based clipboard to let users move the pages back & forth in/from the PDF document.Read More

Find Changes In Files/Folders And Merge Them To Remove Duplicates

It is irksome to find out differences on the basis of file attributes when both folders come with same file names, as determining changes manually in file attributes and binaries is mind-numbing. In such situations, you have no other option than to use an efficient file comparison tool such as, WinMerge that hosts a great deal of features to make comparison between folders or files a lot easier. The best part is that all the changes can be merged in any file or folder without any hassle involved.It comes with filters to let user include only required file types. Unlike previously reviewed file comparison tool – TreeCompare, you can also effectively manipulate files and folders changes according to your requirements. It provides simple file management options to copy, move, or delete files from any folder which is being compared.Read More

PDF Rider Is Brilliant Open Source PDF Management Software

Previously, we reviewed NitroPDF, a nice PDF reader that also allows user to convert documents into PDF files with options like merge and split the PDF file. PDF Rider is another application, solely written to let you manipulate the PDF documents but also includes a build-in reader. This opensource software can merge PDF files, insert a PDF document into another, extract specified pages out, delete pages, and change page orientation. Moreover, it can also encrypt/decrypt the document while option for bursting (extracting) PDF file into single pages is also available.Read More

Add Or Replace Audio In Video File With Cute Video Audio Merger

Cute Video Audio Merger is an application to merge video and audio file into single video file. This comes useful when you need to overlap the audio of a video file with some other audio. The application comes with a codec pack which supports MP4, FLV, SWF, and WMV video formats and has an ability to add/replace the audio in video file without requiring any extra codecs.Read More

PDFBinder Allows You To Merge Several PDF Into One

Earlier, when it came to PDF files, if you considered anything other than just ‘viewing’ the file, the first thing that came to mind was an expensive software. Thanks to the advents in open source software, PDF creation is no longer an issue. Adding something along the same lines is the tiny software PDFBinder, which lets users merge or bind several PDF files into one without going through the hassle of complex programs.Read More

Move Files From Multiple Folders To A Single Parent Directory In Windows

If you have multiple sub-folders full of files and you want to move them all into a single parent folder, what will you do? Moving them one by one, and deleting the empty sub-folders will definitely eat up your precious time, specially if you have lots and lots of sub-folders.Suction is a free portable tool for Windows that consolidates files and folders into one. There are two methods to use this program. Either you can load up the tool and drag & drop the folders inside after specifying the parent folder where the files will be saved, or you can enable the context menu and right-click on the parent folder in which all other sub-folders are present to consolidate them into one.Read More