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Merge, Encrypt And Optimize Quality Of PDF Files With PDF reDirect

Are you looking for an application which offers a simple yet intuitive way to manipulate PDF documents? If you’ve been using stripped down version of previously discussed PDF995, you can opt in for PDF reDirect, which is a full-featured alternative to both PDF995 and CutePDF applications. PDF reDirect offers a quick way to create and to generate industry standard PDF files. The application offers tools to merge different PDF files together in user specified order and to encrypt the PDF document. Its major focus is on post-PDF file creation options. You for instance create PDF file of your document from word processor and then tweak with page settings and PDF layout options using PDF reDirect. Before you save the document through PDF reDirect, you can set the View Style of your document the way you see fit. It contains 6 different view style which are accompanied with 7 different zooming levels ranging from Fit Width, Fit Page, 50 % zoom to 200% zoom.  Moreover, you can switch between document conversion engines; by default, it uses GNU Ghostscript, but can be replaced with AFPL Ghostscript.

If you’re dealing with enormous sized PDF documents having thousands of pages. You can change the cache size to boost the document conversion speed from Preferences. On the main screen, you will see different 6 different panes. The one at left side act as file navigation bar to select the PDF documents for conversion. PDF documents from selected folder are shown in Files panes. You can add  them to merge list or apply encryption over selected document from Security pane.

PDF reDirect v2

The Merge List lets you sort PDF files in required order. From PDF Output Filename window, you can set View Style along with zoom options of selected document.  The application adds itself as a Printer in Windows, letting users directly publish document into PDF format. You can tweak with its Printer options from Preferences.

print docs

From General window, you can change PDF Overwrite, PDF conversion engine, startup folder and mode, and cache size. PDF reDirect also has a pro version (costs $ \19.99 ) which offers advanced features and options, such as, Lock PDF files, Optimize PDF documents for web viewing, Apply Stamps on documents, Batch conversion mode, etc.

Download PDF reDirect

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