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WebKut Is Adobe Air Based Screenshot Tool To Capture Parts Of Web Pages

WebKut is an Adobe Air based screenshot taking application that allows you to clip web pages in numerous ways. One problem which many users face with desktop screenshot taking applications is that they don’t offer a convenient way to clip complete web pages. WebKut, in contrast, enables you to not only capture whole web page but also converts captured web page image into PDF format. It offers a simple web browser to search and open the web pages which are to be captured. You can also clip specific part of web page and capture current view of web page in question.


On the main interface, open the web page which you want to capture. Screenshot taking methods are lying alongside the address bar. Before taking screenshot, hit Settings to specify the image format – JPG, PNG, GIFF or PDF and output location. The quality and pixel ratio of captured image can be defined as well.

options 3

Once done, hit All Page to capture whole website at once. The selection mode lets you specify the area you want to capture.

cut selection 3

WebKut is a small yet handy utility for capturing web pages. It runs on those OS platforms where Abode Air is installed already.

Download WebKut


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