MIUI’s MiHome Launcher Officially Released For Android 2.3 & 4.0 or Higher

Back in May, we first caught sight of MiHome, the ICS-exclusive standalone homescreen replacement app based on the latest build of MIUI (v4.0). The launcher has been specifically designed for any Android device rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, meaning no luck for Froyo and Gingerbread users. While Froyo users might have to wait a tad longer to get their hands on the launcher, those with Android v2.3.3 or higher on their devices can rejoice, for a Gingerbread-exclusive version of MiHome has just been officially released in the Google Play Store. In fact, if you’re an ICS user, there’s a separate version of said launcher available in the market, too. If you didn’t get a chance to check out MiHome so far, you might be interested to know that the app has plenty of visual goodness and customization on offer. Both the recently released official variants of the launcher sport more or less the same set of features.Read More

Download & Install ICS Based MIUI ROM For HTC One X

The HTC One X, get’s MIUI! The best, deserves the best and with the splendid screen size the One X comes with, MIUI – an already aesthetically perfect ROM – is bound to make some noise. For those of you wondering if this is the real deal, well no. The ROM is a Beta version that was put up on XDA-Developers earlier on but was taken down. This, is that exact beta. Of course a few things in it have been changed, thanks to the efforts of Leventc over at MIUI Android. Installation isn’t exactly the typical procedure you come across for flashing custom ROMs, but it’s not the hardest either. Read on for more on the ROM, and how to install it on your One X.Read More

MIUI 4 Launcher Now Available For All Android ICS Devices

To those Android ICS users who’ve been missing the MIUI look and functionality, but don't want to flash the whole ROM and stray to far away from stock ICS, here’s some good news. XDA member, ZACQ8, has managed to successfully port the fully-functional MIUI v4 launcher and lockscreen to any Android device rocking Ice Cream Sandwich. Apart from the usual MIUI goodness, which includes an iOS Springboard-inspired homescreen (with multiple transition effects), the conventional homescreen widgets, countless downloadable themes, ringtones and lockscreens, the port also includes a customizable app drawer that can be set to house user-specified apps and is launched by swiping in and down from either edge of the status bar. The best part about the entire deal is that you won’t have to flash any ZIP files or go through extensive configurations to get your hands on the ported launcher, since side-loading a couple of APKs will suffice.Read More

MIUI Music Player v2.39 Released For Android 4.0.3 ICS

Android users running non-MIUI custom ROMs have already had a chance to try several goodies of the popular Chinese-based ROM on their devices. Be it the native MIUI Music Player, the recently ported MIUI File Explorer, or the MIUI-style lockscreens in the form of MiLocker, the original goodness of the ROM has been reaching the users at frequent intervals, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping just there. XDA members, DaxIΠFIΠITY and Brainmaster, have joined hands together to bring the latest version (2.3.9) of MIUI Music Player to any device running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Yes, designed specifically for Android 4.0.3, the updated version of MIUI Music Player brings an altogether revamped UI with slick looks, enhanced equalizer, sleep timer, spectrogram and plenty other features that have been acknowledged by MIUI fans all across the globe for past few years. Among such features, we have the option of shaking the device to skip current track, auto-download album art, sing along with lyrics, multiple modes to explore music, online music streaming et al. The app comes in the form of a flash-able zip file, and can be installed via a custom recovery tool of choice.Read More

MIUI File Explorer Available For All Android ROMs, Now With Root Access

The popular Chinese-made custom ROM, MIUI, has plenty of feature-rich options to offer to Android users. The elegant and frequently updated themes, the crowd-favorite native music player, customizable lockscreens, a control-packed notification drawer, and the overall goodness of the ROM itself makes it a favorite custom ROM for many Android users. Previously reviewed apps, MIUI Music Player and MiLocker, have already provided non-MIUI users with a chance to get a taste of the ROM’s native music player and various lockscreens on their devices, respectively. Adding to the list of native MIUI features that have been ported to non-MIUI ROMs is Mi File Explorer – a standalone MIUI file explorer that requires Android OS v2.2 or higher to run. Developed by an XDA member, apooonet, Mi File Explorer serves as a handy alternative file browser for Android, and comes with the additional capability of allowing users to access the root directory of their devices. Being a port of the MIUI File explorer, the app offers you the same three tab style explorer interface, using which you can view all your device’s content on a category-based dashboard, browse the internal as well as mounted storage (SD card content), and remotely transfer files between your computer and device using a built-in FTP server.Read More

MIUI v4 ICS ROM Ported To Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 [Download & Install]

The Galaxy S II gets MIUI ICS! While the device and its users eagerly wait for an official ICS release by Samsung, users hopes are also pinned on ROMs like CM9 and MIUI v4 ICS. Things seem to moving at a very steady pace and while experimental builds of CM9 are available along with leaked Samsung ICS based ROMs, MIUI was nowhere to be seen. While official unsupported, XDA-Developers forum member adyscorpius has recently released a port of the MIUI v4 for the SII. The ROM is largely based on the CM9 ROM. The ROM is actually quite stable but, as like things are for the SII with ICS at the moment, a few bugs and issues go hand in hand.Read More

MIUI ROM For Kindle Fire [Download & Install]

The Kindle Fire gets MIUI ROM! The device sure is on fire as it continues to receive massive developer support. The latest being the MIUI 1.12.29 ROM based on Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread, coming straight from XDA-Developers  forum member leech2082. The only known bug so far is the inability to play videos, but hopefully this will soon be fixed.Read More

MIUI ROM Ported To Samsung Galaxy SL [Download & Install]

Galaxy SL gets MIUI ROM, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member fuss132. The port is actually based on CyanogenMod 7 and is a Beta for now, with a few features broken for now. However, much of the basic and main functionality remains intact. More on the ROM and how you can install it on your Galaxy SL, after the break!Read More

MIUI ICS 4.0.3 ROM For Galaxy Nexus [Download & Install]

Galaxy Nexus gets MIUI! Earlier we covered a post on the ICS based MIUI ROM for the Nexus S and Nexus S fans scrambled to get their hands on that ROM. Guess what, it’s the Galaxy Nexus’ turn to enjoy some MIUI goodness while retaining the ICS functions. Named ViciousMIUI, the ROM is an unofficial MIUI build for the Galaxy Nexus but is in fact quiet stable with a lot of functions working quite nicely. For more on the ROM and how you can instal it on your device, read on!Read More

MIUI ICS 4.0.1 ROM For Nexus S Released [Download & Install]

The Nexus S Gets MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich based ROM! If you haven’t been walking on the moon or living in your basement in fear of a nuclear war, you would know MIUI has been working on its own iteration of the ICS OS. Guess what? They just released it for the Nexus S. It’s official, that’s the best part, so if you have a Nexus S and were very depressed when you heard about the Huawei Honor U8860 getting a demo version of the ICS officially (or maybe you didn’t), this more then makes up for that. Want this ROM on your device? Read on!Read More

MiLocker Gives Your Non-Rooted Android’s Lockscreen A Taste Of MIUI

MIUI is one the most loved custom ROMs for Android devices. Not only does the Chinese-based ROM have a great UI (most of which is reminiscent of the iOS interface), it is extremely feature-rich and looks-wise customizable. The ROM allows the user to customize is its lockscreen, for which it features a vast online collection of unique and elegant themes. But since MIUI works only on rooted devices, not all users have had a chance to try the ROM on their device. MiLocker is here to change that; albeit just partially. Rolled out into the Android Market by the MIUI team itself, and boasting a comprehensive suite of some of the most popular MIUI lockscreens, MiLocker is a custom lockscreen replacement app for rooted as well as non-rooted devices.Read More

HP TouchPad Gets MIUI Custom ROM [Download]

The HP TouchPad just received it’s first MIUI ROM, officially supported by MIUI.US. The impressive tablet has gone on sale for as low as $99 since HP decided to drop the entire WebOS platform. But where HP left of, Android was quick to the rescue, reviving the tablet with it’s first Android ROM in the form of the much popular CyanogenMod 7 ROM. Surely that was just the beginning, and well, at least we hoped so. This release of the MIUI ROM has rekindled our faith in the TouchPad, but enough about hopes and faith, we have MIUI running on the Touchpad! The ROM is still a work in progress with quiet a few things missing, but with the MIUI.US developers working on it, all issues will soon be ironed out in no time. For more on the ROM and how you can get it up and running on your device, read on.

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Install Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread MIUI ROM On Infuse 4G [Guide]

In case you are a Samsung Infuse 4G owner and were waiting for MIUI custom ROM for your device, then your wait is over now! MikeyMike01, XDA Recognized Developer, has managed to port Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread based MIUI Custom ROM on Samsung Infuse 4G. For those who don’t know, MIUI is a custom firmware / system for select Android devices with root. The main purpose of these custom ROMs is to enhance user experience and also to provide stability. MIUI ROMs have managed to gain a huge fan base due to the functionality it offers and greater aesthetic values. MIUI ROMs were initially criticized for their striking resemblance to iOS UI, but later extraordinary amount of themes and mods managed to silence the critics.

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Install MIUI Pure English Gingerbread ROM On Android Devices [Guide]

MIUI custom ROMs have managed to gain huge popularity due to their rock stability and aesthetics. Although MIUI ROMs are great and offer huge user experience enhancement, but language has been a major pitfall for many flashers. MIUI is basically developed by Chinese Android developers and although there are English scripts available to enforce the language, but sometimes bits and pieces are left out. The US chapter of MIUI, basically responsible for rolling out MIUI builds for Android phones located in the US or which need English as the OS language, has released a MIUI Pure English build. This MIUI build is version 1.9.23 and is based on latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The claims regarding this build are that you don’t find Chinese characters while you use the ROM.

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The Complete Review Of MIUI ROM For Android [Walkthrough & Guide]

Whether it’s Mobile Internet User Interface, or My iPhone User Interface, MIUI ROMs and ports have managed to move from being just a Chinese initiation with Chinese language and locale, to one of the most downloaded and desirable ROMs and ports out there. Built upon the CyanogenMod ROM’s framework, MIUI fuses together elements from the Android OS such as Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and the iPhone’s iOS, bringing us something quite unique. Being heavily focused on the UI and graphics, the performance is exceptionally good as well with the ROM being almost bug free and very smooth and slick in operation on the officialy supported phones. Constant upgrades on a weekly basis are continually evolving the ROM to be better and more better. The latest version as we write this post right now, is the MIUI 1.9.16 ROM based on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. Paired with the Samsung Galaxy S I9000, we’ll walk you through the latest version starting with the key highlight features of the ROM.Read More

Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread MIUI ROM Available For IDEOS X6

Huawei IDEOS X6 is mid-tier Android phone and recently a section on XDA was dedicated to this phone’s development and hacking. In my opinion, the phone emerged quite victorious in a market ruled by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG. The IDEOS X6 came with AOSP Android 2.2 Froyo on board and due to the fact that not much exposure was given to this phone on Android forums and portals,there wasn’t noteworthy development. As soon as the phone acquired a dedicated section on XDA forums, we can see that developers are emerging for this phone. MIUI custom ROMs are the most favored custom Android firmware when it comes to aesthetics, usability and stability. And recently this ROM made it to X6!

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Install TouchWiz 4 Apps On Galaxy S II Running MIUI ROM [Guide]

MIUI ROM development for Samsung Galaxy S II started couple of months back. Since then there have been countless versions of official and unofficial MIUI ROMs surfacing for this phone. Although MIUI is the choice of folks who like to go with MIUI’s interface and aesthetics, but some of them do miss great apps from TouchWiz that unfortunately aren’t part of MIUI. Apps like Music Hub, Social Hub, TW Calculator, Photo Editor, Samsung Keyboard and Photo Editor were able to capture a massive fan base due to their great interface and excellent utility.Read More

How To Fix Root Permissions After Upgrading To MIUI 1.9.9 ROM

MIUI version 1.9.9 started rolling out for select Android devices couple of days back. Our friends at Android Spin discovered that after flashing MIUI 1.9.9, some phones lose root rights! It was discovered while some users tried to restore their apps from Titanium Backup after a fresh MIUI 1.9.9 installation. This is a really simple tip but will save you from the trouble of re-rooting or flashing your phone altogether.

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20 Amazing MIUI Lockscreen Themes [Android]

It wasn’t too long ago that Widget Locker was the app of of choice for every Android user looking to boast a customized lockscreen. And why not? The app offered tons of customizations and functions that none could challenge. All of that was true, till MIUI ROM developers decided to venture into the lockscreen business. It all started from MIUI 1.6.17 and continues to this date, evolving and getting better everyday. It would be foolish to say that Widget Locker has lost its purpose, but MIUI’s lockscreen initiative has surely given the former a run for its money. There are tons of MIUI lockscreen themes scattered around the internet, so we decided to bring you 20 of what we thought to be the most awesome lockscreens for the ROM, under one roof. For previews and links to download the themes, read on!Read More

Unofficial Pre Alpha MIUI Port Now Available For Galaxy Tab GSM [Download]

If you have MIUI running on your Android phone and you want the same awesomeness on your Samsung Galaxy Tab GSM version, then there is some great news for you! Mssmison, XDA member, MIUI now stands ported on Samsung Galaxy Tab with some functionalities working. Like all other ports, it is still a very much alpha with developer requesting some hands on help with certain issues.Read More