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MIUI Music Player v2.39 Released For Android 4.0.3 ICS

Android users running non-MIUI custom ROMs have already had a chance to try several goodies of the popular Chinese-based ROM on their devices. Be it the native MIUI Music Player, the recently ported MIUI File Explorer, or the MIUI-style lockscreens in the form of MiLocker, the original goodness of the ROM has been reaching the users at frequent intervals, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping just there. XDA members, DaxIΠFIΠITY and Brainmaster, have joined hands together to bring the latest version (2.3.9) of MIUI Music Player to any device running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Yes, designed specifically for Android 4.0.3, the updated version of MIUI Music Player brings an altogether revamped UI with slick looks, enhanced equalizer, sleep timer, spectrogram and plenty other features that have been acknowledged by MIUI fans all across the globe for past few years. Among such features, we have the option of shaking the device to skip current track, auto-download album art, sing along with lyrics, multiple modes to explore music, online music streaming et al. The app comes in the form of a flash-able zip file, and can be installed via a custom recovery tool of choice.


From the link provided at the end, download the ZIP file of the latest version of the app. Using a custom recovery tool (preferably, ClockworkMod Recovery), install the zip file, wipe Dalvik cache (optional), reboot your device, and enjoy.

Hang On! Before jumping to the download link of the app, please let us warn you that the app might not work as desired, as is being reported by several other users, too. With what we experienced during a brief test run of the music player on multiple devices, it still seems to be far from perfect. This holds true especially when you try to launch the lyrics viewer/spectrogram for the currently played track.


As long as browsing and playing tracks, and tweaking the app’s main preferences is concerned, things work pretty much flawlessly. However, as soon as the tile of the currently played track is hit, the app crashes. Apart from that, there are several other areas of the app that need to be addressed if it has to stand anywhere near the best Android music players in the competition. Yes, the aesthetics are remarkably good, the navigation between tracks is fluent, too, but a semi-functional product is something that not too many users would appreciate.


So, as it currently stands, this current port of the latest MIUI Music Player is about anything but far too many force close instances that can annoy any mild user, let alone a die-hard music enthusiast.

Still, if you’re curious to check the ICS-style MIUI Music Player on your Android, you can hit the link provided below to find yourself the download link to the app from its developer’s page.

[via XDA-Developers]

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