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MIUI Native Music Player App Now Available For All Android Devices

When talking of popular custom ROMs for Android, hardly any name surpasses MIUI. So far, fans of said ROM have been enjoying music on their (rooted) devices through the native MIUI Music Player while others only wished to somehow get their hands on it. If you are also one of those bemused users, here’s a good news for you. The MIUI Music Player (version 1.4.22) has recently been released from its native ROM as a separate app – an APK of which is now available for all Android devices. And guess what, it doesn’t even require a rooted device at all. From the outset, the player looks a graphical wonder and something that is here to stay for long. Rich graphical UI, fully customizable/advanced music player options and enhanced music downloading/streaming features are the highlighting aspects of MIUI Music Player. We review this amazing music player after the break.

For Android users who still are somewhat displeased with their stock music player (and its restricted options) and other alternatives, here’s an ideal trade-off. The updated MIUI Music Player brings you fresh and bettered music experience on your device. Be it the gorgeous-looking music equalizer, live lyrics sync (in multiple languages), sleep mode, music downloading feature, playlist management feature or extensive player settings, MIUI Music Player has a definite edge over most of its counterparts, let alone Android’s stock music player. For starters, the player itself is feather-light, sports elegant UI and lets you seamlessly play your favorite tracks as you like.

The app opens to the Local music tab that contains the app’s most essential options. You can search for songs stored in your SD card, manage your playlists and browse music tracks according to albums, artists or by folder. The second tab, Online music, caters for your online music search queries and finds your favorite music tracks from the huge online music library. The online music feature allows downloading songs in batch. The two buttons at the top of the music player interface allow you to quickly add the currently playing track to your favorites list and edit your current playlist.

With MIUI Music Player, you can modify song description in multiple ways. For instance, you may edit ID3 information, download lyrics and albums, use local lyrics and use a local picture as album art. The app lets you adjust ‘quit time’ to put your device into sleep mode after playing music for a specified time period.

MIUI Music Player also brings a host of customization features that let you modify player settings as desired. You can sync album art, sync song lyrics and opt to download music from the settings menu. Music Filter is another useful feature of the player that lets you specify minimum size of files that should be included in the playlist. Enabling Play and download together option lets you download previously heard songs to your device so that you do not have to stream your favorite tracks again and again. You can also adjust shake sensitivity for the player so that you may switch tracks by shaking your device. Additionally, you have the choice to display/hide song lyrics, album info and/or equalizer.

MIUI Music Player was tested successfully on our HTC Desire Z and we must admit that the effort, on the whole, looks quite impressive. If you’re still waiting to get your hands on a music player for Android with catchy looks and a plethora of options, then you should give MIUI Music Player a good try. The only thing the app is missing right now is a home screen widget.

Download MIUI Music Player from Multiupload

Download MIUI Music Player from Mediafire


[via phandroid]

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