How To Play MKV Files In Windows Media Player In Windows 8

If you're like me, you'll probably have several MKV videos in your computer. If yes, you might have to use another video player for playing such files. The Windows' default Windows Media Player is pretty impressive though, but sadly it doesn’t support playing MKV files yet. Microsoft has added support for many commonly used formats like MP4, but not MKV. Fortunately, such a problem is solved by using codecs. You may use other media players like VLC, for playing MKV files. You can even find some MKV players on the store. But if you think differently, and want to play them using Windows Media Player, you need to install a codec. Without it, WMP won't play this file type. Fortunately, the codec is now available, so let’s install it and enjoy playing MKV files in Windows Media Player.Read More

x264GUI: Encode High Definition Videos & Add Multiple Audio Streams

Encoding video files from one container to another can be a sophisticated and complex task, especially when you don’t know much about its related technical jargon. Moreover, you need different codecs and switches to perform the encoding process before making your final copy. X264GUI is an open source x264 video encoder that provides graphical user interface (as the name implies) by integrating different codecs. It can mainly be used for encoding high definition video files to MKV, AVI, x264 and MP4 containers, as these are the most popular ones among high-def freaks. The application contains many advanced features, and lets you encode a video from an avisynth script (you can read more about avisynth here). There are various preset codec profiles integrated within this tool, or you may create your own according to your preferences.Read More

Create Video Slideshows With Transitions In HD Using Slideshow Creator

There was a time when one might have found it difficult to make high definition video slideshows, or might even have required hiring a professional for the job. Thanks to free applications, this task can now be performed by all kinds of novice and expert users in just a few easy steps. Slideshow Creator is a free application for creating video slideshows from still images, with transition effects and background audio. Most of the options in this application are quite self explanatory, and make it easy to create picture slideshows for users who may not have any kind of video editing experience.Read More

Open Freely – View 100 Different File Types With Just One Application

We require installing a number of applications for opening different kinds of files. Installing too many applications can slows down system performance and can become quite a hassle to install and manage each of them. Open Freely is a standalone application which can open any kind of document, media or compressed file. Once you have installed Open Freely, you will no longer require installing any media player, image or PDF viewer, compressed archive manager, etc. Open Freely can open up to 100 file formats of variable file types, including popular images, video/audio, documents, and compression formats. Other than acting as a file viewer, it also provides a number of other features such as image cropping, document editing, file extraction and the ability to save file types in multiple file formats.Read More

Turn Your Family Vacation Photos Into HD Video Slideshows

Foto2AVI is a free tool to help you create video slideshows from unlimited number of photos. The converted pictures can be customized with available effects, subtitles, transitions, animations, and more. Foto2AVI supports external audio tracks for creating video slideshows with complimentary audio to add vigor to your sideshows.  Although the application's name is Foto2AVI, however, other than AVI,  the supported video formats (for creating video sideshows) also include, MKV, MP4, MPEG and FLV. Support for Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 is also available, as well as integrated audio editing. Foto2AVI also has option to create video slideshows in HD formats.Read More

Create Chapters For MKV Video Files With MKV Chapterizer

I always prefer breaking movies and TV series in chapters as I find it convenient for switching between multiple segments of the movie or TV show in case I am unable to watch the complete video in a single go. Chapters also help revisit old segments of a video for connecting pieces in a mystery photoplay and for re visiting some memorable scenes.MKV Chapterizer is a simple application which allows you to add chapters to an MKV video. Since MKV is fast replacing other formats such as WMV and AVI as the preferred viewing format, therefore, this software can be handy for a large number of users who might wish to create chapters for their MKV video files. MKV files are also lightweight and high quality, therefore, MKV Chapterizer takes just a few minutes to create the chapters.Read More

Free Opener Is A Free File Viewer For Almost Any Type Of File

We require installing many standalone applications for viewing videos, photos, listening to music and opening documents of various formats. But what if one application can open all kinds of files? Free Opener is an application that does just that. It supports a large number of file extension, including video, audio, document and image formats.Once you install this app, you will no longer need a PDF viewer, multimedia player or an app for opening compressed files.Read More

Extract Video, Audio, Subtitle, etc Tracks From MKV Container

Since MKV (Matroska) container encloses many types of multimedia files, including, video, audio, images, chapters, in addition with subtitle tracks into one package, you might want to extract included data from a MKV file. MKVCleaver is a MKVtoolnix based application which offers simple GUI to let user easily extract data out of specified MKV file. MKVCleaver is not a standalone application, you need to have MKVtoolnix installed on your system to use it. While MKVCleaver can extract all the contained content of MKV container, conversion from H.264 tracks to AVI file is also supported.Read More

Easy Way To Convert DVD And Blu-ray To MKV Format

Previously, we covered a guide on BluRip, an open source Blu-ray to .mkv converter. Thanks to our reader,ericcov, who pointed this out, we today have a much easier and efficient solution for converting not only Blu-rays but also DVDs to .mkv files. Presenting to you MakeMKV, which offers not only DVD/Blu-ray disc conversion to .mkv, but also can convert any such files present on your hard drive.Read More

BluRip: Bluray To MKV Converter

MKV format or Matroska is a free open standard container format which can hold unlimited number of video, audio, and subtitle tracks. Ripping Bluray discs has always been a difficult process, most community forums have command line tools and long steps which make it complicated for novice users to convert Bluray to other formats.Read More

Add MKV Support In Windows 7 To Play Matroska Video In Media Player

Recently I came across an interesting piece of add-in developed by DivX called DivX Tech Preview that adds support of Matroska (MKV format) to both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center in both Windows 7.  Microsoft certainly brings a whole of improvement in Windows Media Player. It can now play almost any format seamlessly, but unfortunately it doesn’t play videos in MKV format. So what is MKV format? In layman’s term, it is a high-definition format that can hold unlimited number of videos, audio, pictures, and subtitles track inside a single container.Read More

Rip And Convert DVD Or Video File To MPEG-4(avi, mkv, etc)

Do you want to store videos from DVDs to your local drive in your computer without loosing the quality? HandBrake is one software that lets you convert the videos from DVDs without loosing much quality and since it is an open source project, it will always remain in development for further improvement and updates. It lets you rip and convert DVDs or video files to MPEG-4  video formats including .mp4, .avi, .ogm and even .mkv. This application is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Ubuntu Linux.

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