How To Unroot Motorola Milestone

Although you love your rooted Motorola Milestone, but at times there are some issues that can only be dealt by your carrier’s customer service. We already are aware of the fact that rooting voids any Android handset’s warranty but, you can revert back to stock too.Read More

How To: Update Motorola Cliq-XT To Version 1.32.20 [OTA]

Finally there is some news of relief for Motorola Cliq XT users, fed up with below average Bluetooth connectivity, insensitive touch screen and erroneous MMS. T-Mobile has started rolling out a system update for Motorola Cliq XT that addresses these two burning issues along with some other performance tweaks and bug fixes. Unfortunately this update isn’t the much anticipated and awaited for Android 2.1 Eclair, but the update package sounds pretty decent for a pone that was virtually abandoned by T-Mobile. The update is also good news for SWYPE fans waiting for their fingers to sail over the new updated SWYPE keyboard.

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Motorola i886 iDEN Android Phone Specs And Price

With the recent boom in smartphone popularity around the world and especially in the developed world, variety and uniqueness are two factors that mobile phone manufacturers are currently seeming to work on now to cater to all segments of the market, and have a device available for everyone's needs! The all new Motorola iDen i886 Android phone is a rather uniquely designed phone that sports dual keyboards and despite looking somewhat similar to Nokia’s N90 communicator, has its own personality. As always, we're bringing you its spec sheet and price information, so read on after the jump to learn more.Read More

How To: Enable FM Radio Tuner On Motorola Droid 2

In case you are Motorola Droid 2 owner with compassion for FM radio, then there is some great news for you. Folks over at XDA have unearthed a whole FM Radio in your Motorola Droid 2 which is serving the tuning purpose alright. We have no idea as to what exactly was Motorola’s aim to put this feature behind the bars, but we can tell you how to unleash it for sure.Read More

How To: Root Motorola i1 [ADB Method]

Finally there is some great news for Motorola i1 users waiting to root their handsets. GotHeart at CyanogenMod Forum has achieved root through conventional ADB method. There is no single click root available until now for i1, but we can speculate it to surface real soon. Here is the step by step guide on rooting your Motorola i! but please only try this if you are comfortable with ADB based rooting.

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How To: Create Nandroid Back Up On Motorola Droid X

Want to flash a custom ROM, mod or hack on your Motorola Droid X from recovery? As the saying goes, "Better safe than sorry", so it's always a good idea to have a full backup before you proceed with any such task. Luckily, custom Android recoveries offer a full backup solution called Nandroid backup. In what follows, we will show you how to perform a nandroid backup on your Motorola Droid X. For more details and the complete guide, read on after the jump!Read More

Motorola DEFY Specifications

Motorola has recently announced DEFY, which will surface in Europe with Android 2.1 Eclair OS on board. The main feature of this mid-tier Android device is inculcation of Motorola’s CrystalTalk –noise canceling option and the all new MotoBlur interface.

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Top 5 Features of Motorola Droid 2

Droid 2 seems to be the next big thing by Motorola after successful launch of Droid X. Everyday there are new leaks and speculations but this time the leak is a bit huge and is more reliable. The official Droid 2 “Top Features” brochure seems to have surfaced out of thin air and it is now confirmed that Droid 2 will come preloaded with Android 2.2 Froyo. Droid 2 will also come with built-in support for Flash 10.1 which means that you won’t have to “flash” the flash again from recovery.

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How To: Root Motorola Devour

Finally there is some good news for Motorola Devour owners waiting for a root to emerge. It is noticeable that Motorola Devour root procedure is the same as rooting Motorola Droid X with only some minor changes. The rooting method for devour is working fine but we are still not sure whether a custom ROM has been flashed after achieving the root.Read More

eFuse Will Make Motorola Droid X Root Extremely difficult

Motorola Droid X is set to go public tomorrow and without a doubt this handset is an excellent high-end Android device. Mororola Droid X might sound pretty interesting to any regular Android user with high processing power and 8 MP camera etc, but there is some bad news for Android fans who like to root and flash custom ROMS on their devices. Motorola has introduced eFuse which can permanently brick your phone in case you try to acquire root access or try to flash a custom ROM.Read More

Motorola Droid 2 Specs And Price

Motorola seems to be covered up with Android these days. It is rumored that Motorola will in fact come out with 15+ new Android powered devices by the end of this year. In our opinion, Android OS gave Motorola hand-sets an all new life and grabbed it back to the top from it’s diving position in cell phone market.Motorola Droid was a huge success and now we have some leaked images and specs of Motorola Droid 2. It is still unknown that what exactly will be the price range for this phone, but we can very well speculate that it will be somewhat similar to price tag of HTC EVO 4G.Here are detailed specs of Motorola Droid 2:
  • 750MHz Processor
  • Wi-Fi ( Tethering and Normal Use)
  • Massive 8G Internal Memory
  • Pre-Loaded 8 GB MicroSD card
  • High Quality Updated QWERT Keyboard
  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera
  • All New MotoBlur UI
  • BlueTooth
  • Android 2.1 Eclair
First it was though that Motorola Droid 2 will be coming with an HDMI port and front facing camera, but after examining the leaked images, we have come to the conclusion that this is not the case.

Android Powered Motorola i1 Specifications

If you've been on the lookout for a new mid-range Android device, we've got news for you! We have confirmed that the latest Android device by Motorola i.e. Motorola i1 is now available with SouthernLINC. Although it was much speculated that Sprint will also bag this one for their network, there's no confirmation on that as of yet but who knows. For our detailed spec sheet of this device, read on.Read More

How To Hard Reset Motorola Backflip

Got yourself a Motorola Backflip and already messed around on it enough to want to take a fresh start? A hard reset (also known as factory reset or full data wipe) is your solution! The hard reset process for Motorola Backflip is as easy (or as difficult for some) as it is for any other Android phone, and we're here to guide you through it. Read on for more details and our complete step-by-step guide.Read More