How To Backup And Download Your Favorite Vines As MP4 Files

Vine is being shut down. Twitter made the announcement just before the weekend. Users will no longer be able to record and upload new vines. Twitter said it will keep the old Vines around so they aren't lost forever, yet. Given that Vine is being shut down so soon, it's not a good idea to bank on Twitter keeping your favorite vines around forever. Fortunately there are other ways to keep your Vines around, ones that don't rely on Twitter. Giphy is offering to convert them to GIFs but that will leave you without the sound. A far better way to backup your Vines is to download them. RIP Vine is a free web app that lets you download Vines by any user. The Vines are saved in MP4 format. You are free to immortalize them/upload them to other websites like Facebook or Instagram once you have the MP4 file.Read More

Record A Screencast And Save In MP4, AVI, OGG, WebM, Or GIF Format

Screencasting apps are no longer rare and it's easy to find an app that will record screencasts with no time limits on how long a video you can record. You're practically spoiled for choice when it comes to picking an app and VClip is just another screencast app that you ought to consider. The app stands out by offering users a rich choice in output formats. It supports saving in MP4, OGG, WEBM, AVI, and GIF formats. While MP4 and GIF formats are both become common with screencasting apps, the others are rare to come by. The app uses FFMPEG to encode videos and the output, regardless of which format you select, is excellent. VClip also lets you select the frame rate for recording. It comes with three frame rate presets to choose from.Read More

Free Video Converter Embeds Subtitles In Videos, Converts To MP4 [Mac]

Video converters are as common as they get for pretty much any platform. Even if you don’t have the perfect desktop video converter, there are plenty of web apps that let you convert video formats and you can use them without having to worry about platform compatibility. What’s harder to find is an app that will let you add subtitles to your videos. Free Video Converter is, as its name implies, a free Mac app that does precisely that. Not only does this utility batch convert videos from various formats to MP4 (including FLV to MP4), it also embeds the specified subtitle file within the converted output, so you can play it wherever you want, however you want. Converting and adding subtitles can be done in bulk, that is, you can convert multiple media files at once. The only downside to this otherwise-reasonable app is that it's ad-supported.Read More

Open Freely – View 100 Different File Types With Just One Application

We require installing a number of applications for opening different kinds of files. Installing too many applications can slows down system performance and can become quite a hassle to install and manage each of them. Open Freely is a standalone application which can open any kind of document, media or compressed file. Once you have installed Open Freely, you will no longer require installing any media player, image or PDF viewer, compressed archive manager, etc. Open Freely can open up to 100 file formats of variable file types, including popular images, video/audio, documents, and compression formats. Other than acting as a file viewer, it also provides a number of other features such as image cropping, document editing, file extraction and the ability to save file types in multiple file formats.Read More

Turn Your Family Vacation Photos Into HD Video Slideshows

Foto2AVI is a free tool to help you create video slideshows from unlimited number of photos. The converted pictures can be customized with available effects, subtitles, transitions, animations, and more. Foto2AVI supports external audio tracks for creating video slideshows with complimentary audio to add vigor to your sideshows.  Although the application's name is Foto2AVI, however, other than AVI,  the supported video formats (for creating video sideshows) also include, MKV, MP4, MPEG and FLV. Support for Dolby Surround Sound 5.1 is also available, as well as integrated audio editing. Foto2AVI also has option to create video slideshows in HD formats.Read More

Convert And Analyze Audio Files For Errors With Helium Audio Converter

Helium Audio Converter is a feature rich audio converter with the ability to analyze damaged files. What makes it different from common audio converters is it’s powerful inspection tool which can be used to analyze Mp3 and Flac files before converting them. You can also set options to specify how conflicting file names should be managed. For instance, it can be specified if source files should be deleted after conversion and whether a warning should be given when converting from an inferior to a better format.  The supported conversion formats include, Mp3, Mp4, MPC, WAV, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, M4A, AAC and Flac.Read More

Convert And Extract Audio From Video Files With Gnac [Linux]

Gnac is a Linux based audio converter which can encode files between Ogg, Flac, Mp3, SPX, WAV, and Mp4 formats. What makes Gnac quite useful as compared to other audio converters out there is, that it can also extract audio from videos. This attribute can be quite useful for editors who often require extracting audio streams from videos. Although this can be done with advanced editing software, however, it can be a bit lethargic to do so on video editing software.Read More

Free Opener Is A Free File Viewer For Almost Any Type Of File

We require installing many standalone applications for viewing videos, photos, listening to music and opening documents of various formats. But what if one application can open all kinds of files? Free Opener is an application that does just that. It supports a large number of file extension, including video, audio, document and image formats.Once you install this app, you will no longer need a PDF viewer, multimedia player or an app for opening compressed files.Read More

Stream YouTube And Other Online Videos To Desktop Without Flash [Ubuntu]

Gmediafinder is a Linux application which provides the utility to stream videos from Youtube and other media streaming websites without flash. This desktop app supports Mp3Realm, YouTube, Skreemr, Tagoo,Imusicz and Dilandau search engines. You can stream videos in FLV or Mp4 quality directly from Gmediafinder and download them in a selected resolution. This provides the ability to easily search, stream and download videos and music right from your desktop. What makes Gmediafinder quite useful is the ability to directly stream videos in Mp4 instead of flash. This can be done by selecting Mp4 from the drop down menu below each streaming video.Read More

Convert Or Extract Audio Quickly With NV Audio Converter

NV Audio Converter is an audio converter which converts audio files between several audio formats and extracts audio from a video source. It is quite simple to use and supports batch conversion, with support for commonly used audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, MP4, AMR, M4A, AC3 and PCM. What makes NV Audio Converter quite useful is that it converts audio files quicker than most software of it’s kind. It also supports more formats than other audio converts like Music Converter. With NV Audio Converter, you can convert 3-4 files (8 minute long) in just a matter of thirty seconds.Read More

Convert Any Segment Of Media Files To Audio Format With Free Audio Extractor

We have covered some audio extractors in the past but nothing like GikSoft's Free Audio Extractor. If you are looking to convert Flv, Mp4, Avi, Wmv, Asf, Mov, Mp3, Wma, M4a, Aac, Wav or Mp2 media files to different audio formats (Mp3, Wav, Ogg, Flac, and Wma), then this application is for you. So why this tool, you may ask? The straightforward user interface, fast processing speed, and option to extract and convert any segment of the media, makes it a must-have utility. Don't take our word, give it a shot yourself. The guys at GikSoft are also behind the useful Free Media Capture utility that we covered back in Summer, 2010.Read More