Rotation Gives You Complete, Per-App Control Over Your Device’s Orientation [Paid]

The accelerometer in our phones add amazing functionality to it allowing developers to develop some truly creative games and some amazing utility apps. It also tells our phone which way it's being held i.e. upright in portrait mode or in landscape mode. The screen rotates accordingly to make use of the the extra space in landscape mode. With screen orientation, the ability to rotate it is great but it's also a fact that one size does not fit all. You can't lock the orientation and you can't always have it enabled because some apps are best used in portrait mode while others are best used in landscape mode. Rotation is an Android app worth $0.99 in the Google Play Store that lets you change screen orientation on the fly, customize it on a per-app basis, and/or force it to either landscape or portrait mode for all screen.Read More

Lock The iPhone Camera App’s Orientation In Any Mode With CamRotate

The orientation lock might not be the most discussed feature around on iOS, but it is certainly used several times each day by most people. Whether inside stock apps or third-party ones, control over landscape and portrait modes can really improve your overall user experience. In the past, we have seen tweaks like UIRotation for Activator, which expands the amount of control you have over the orientation of different areas of iOS. LandscapeVideos does something similar, but for a very specific type of items on the device, namely videos. CamRotate is another app-specific Cydia tweak, but it can still be really helpful in a number of situations since it deals with the stock Camera app, which is among the most frequently used entities on iPhone. The tweak can be used to lock the app in an orientation mode of your choice, change the way mode switching works, and even spice things up a little by tinkering with rotation animations.Read More

Auto-Hide Taskbar On Surface & Other Windows 8 Tablets Based On Screen Orientation

Microsoft seems pretty confident regarding Windows 8, despite the rather mixed reception the OS has received so far. With a lot of Windows 8 tablets like Surface Pro and many third-party ones out there already, the tablet-optimized interface of the OS has started to see wider adoption on devices it was built for. Those who have used Surface Pro would be aware that the tablet can be used both in portrait and landscape modes, with the built-in sensor changing the screen orientation accordingly. If you’re one of those users who keep the Taskbar to the left side of the screen for thumb access – which basically makes navigation a tad bit easier – you must have noticed that when you switch the tablet to portrait orientation for a task like browsing the web or reading eBooks, the Taskbar can nag your experience and waste precious screen real estate. Although Windows 8 allows auto hiding the Taskbar, this option hides it in landscape mode as well. If you want to auto-hide the Taskbar in portrait mode only, we've got an awesome app for you called Surface Taskbar Helper. Read More

Always View Videos In Landscape Mode On iPhone With LandscapeVideos

If an app cannot play videos in landscape mode, not many people are going to use it on the iPhone’s rather small screen. Most good developers add landscape support for videos in their iOS apps, but the practice is not universal. Even if a video can be viewed in landscape, there is no way of bypassing the orientation lock just for video playback, and this can be really annoying for users who like to keep the orientation locked in portrait mode most of the time. LandscapeVideos is a new Cydia tweak that takes care of both these scenarios. You can configure it to bypass the orientation lock while playing videos, and it even forces some of the portrait-only apps to play videos in landscape mode. Read More

Lock Your iPhone’s Screen In Landscape Orientation With tsLock O

It has always bugged me that the iOS orientation lock is not smart enough to detect your device’s current orientation, and locks the screen only in portrait mode. Admittedly, most of the times you need your iPhone screen to stay vertical, specially when you are lying down, but there are some occasions when you might want to keep the screen in landscape mode, for instance when watching a video in a player that supports both orientations, web browsing, or even reading an eBook in some situations. tsLock O is a new Cydia tweak that brings this much0needed functionality to jailbroken iOS devices. The tweak simply endows the orientation lock toggle with the ability to lock your device orientation in the whatever mode is active when you press the button. You won’t lose the default portrait lock, as the new addition is really unobtrusive and comes into action only when you need it.Read More

Change Orientation Of iPhone Apps Using Activator Gestures

With a few exceptions, all good iOS apps support both landscape and portrait modes. Unless an app changes its orientation automatically, like a lot of games do, you have to change the physical position of the device itself in order to view the app in the orientation of your choice. There are situations (for example, while reading on iBooks or surfing the web on your phone while lying down) when you keep changing the orientation inadvertently. While the rotation lock is designed to prevent such situations, UIRotation for Activator is a new Cydia tweak that lets you take matters into your own hands. This tweak can be used to manually switch between orientations within apps, independent of the physical orientation of the device. UIRotation can prove to be even more handy when used in conjunction with the rotation lock, as you will have total control over app orientations in that scenario. Read More

IconRotator Adds Landscape Mode To iPhone & iPod touch Home Screen Icons [Cydia]

If you've used or own both an iPad and an iPhone (or iPod touch), you might have, at times, felt the lack of landscape mode within the home screen of the latter. When you rotate an iPad, the icons adjust themselves to match the physical orientation of the screen, but as the iPhone has a smaller screen, Apple didn’t deem it necessary to add a landscape mode to its Springboard. One developer in the Cydia store, however, disagrees. Ryan Petrich has just released a new tweak by the name of IconRotator, which rotates the icons and folders on the Springboard of your iPhone or iPod touch according to the device's orientation.Read More

SuperCompass: Find Your Direction & Overlay It With Camera View [WP7]

Windows Phone 7 does have its perks, but there is no denying that some basic features are missing in the Mango platform. Take compass, as an example. While iOS does have a stock compass app, WP7 has to rely on third party options for this purpose, but luckily, quite a few are available. SuperCompass is a new addition to the Marketplace, and brings a lot of new options to the mix in addition to just an ordinary orientation indicator. The app makes navigation a whole lot easier by overlaying the compass with camera view, as well as maps. The Maps hub in WP7 employs Bing maps, and is pretty good for casual navigation. However, if you can even see yourself tagged at a particular place in the maps, you won't be able to determine the direction that you are facing. This can prove to be a crucially important piece of information in case you are told to go North from a specific point in the map. Sure you can go to a compass app and find the direction from there, but SuperCompass ensures that you get the compass right over the maps and don't have to navigate away from Maps.Read More

Scan Tailor: Perform Batch Editing & Adjustments On Scanned Pages

Scanning documents is a great way to save them in digital form and ensure that they won't get destroyed or misplaced. The issue with scanning documents is that we have to set everything manually, and if anything goes wrong, we have to scan the page again, which can be quite annoying. Scan Tailor is an post-processing tool for scanned pages to edit them once they are loaded into your computer. It allows you to perform different operations on the scanned page, such as fixing the orientation of the page, splitting the page into two parts, deskewing the page to rotate it left and right, removing extra material from the page by selecting only the required portion, setting the margins and fixing alignment of the page. More on Scan Tailor after the jump.Read More

Accelerometer Disabler: WP7 Finally Gets An Orientation Lock [Homebrew]

One thing that has always annoyed me while using Windows Phone 7, is the lack of an iOS-like orientation lock in the Mango platform. This oversight really comes to haunt users when they are trying to use the device while lying down on a couch, as the screen will keep rotating unnecessarily, and there is no way of stopping it. Microsoft has still not added that setting in their mobile OS, but fortunately for Samsung and LG users having an interop unlocked WP7 device, they can now get the much-needed functionality via the freshly released homebrew named Accelerometer Disabler. The Homebrew app does not come with too many complicated toggles, but that is still not as good or as convenient as having a hardware button for locking the orientation of your device's screen. Still, it is the first option of its kind that is available for Mango users.Read More

Smart Rotator For Android Toggles Auto-Rotate For Individual Apps

Tired of switching auto-rotate on and off on your Android device? Wish you could decide which apps are allowed to switch orientation? Smart Rotator for Android is a free, simple tool that’ll allow you to do just that. The app lets you enable or disable auto-rotate for individual apps, saving you the trouble of returning to your device’s display settings or a global orientation toggle widget on your homescreen over and over again. Very handy, indeed. More after the break.Read More

Shake To Toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Rotation And Airplane Mode In Android

Shake Toggle is a small, handy tool for Android that allows you to toggle (enable/disable) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation or Airplane Mode by giving your device a good shake or flipping it facedown. The freeware is particularly useful as an orientation toggle switch as firstly, you don’t usually need to toggle the rest that often and secondly, it is a great work-around for instances where, for instance, the display gets stuck in landscape orientation even though you’re holding your device upright. If you tend to shake your device angrily whenever your display orientation begins to act all stubborn, you might as well get Shake Toggle.Read More

How To Add More Panels To Your Ubuntu Desktop

A Panel in Ubuntu is just like the task bar in Windows, it serves the purpose of a container for different objects. You may add applications, system tools, launchers, etc to a panel for faster access. Ubuntu offers a lot of control over your system, it is very easy to customize(Add/Remove) panel. Here are the steps to add additional panels to your Ubuntu System.
Note: This tutorial is focused towards those Ubuntu users who are new to the operating system.
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