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Always View Videos In Landscape Mode On iPhone With LandscapeVideos

If an app cannot play videos in landscape mode, not many people are going to use it on the iPhone’s rather small screen. Most good developers add landscape support for videos in their iOS apps, but the practice is not universal. Even if a video can be viewed in landscape, there is no way of bypassing the orientation lock just for video playback, and this can be really annoying for users who like to keep the orientation locked in portrait mode most of the time. LandscapeVideos is a new Cydia tweak that takes care of both these scenarios. You can configure it to bypass the orientation lock while playing videos, and it even forces some of the portrait-only apps to play videos in landscape mode.

LandscapeVideos iOS Settings LandscapeVideos iOS Orientataion

LandscapeVideos is a really handy tweak, and users can customize every aspect of it manually. After you have installed it, a new menu is added to the stock Settings app. This menu can be used to enabled/disable the tweak’s basic functionality and configure the way it works. LandscapeVideos lets you decide whether the tweak should come into action only when you want to view a video in landscape while the orientation lock is on, or if landscape mode should be added to non-supported apps and video players. To get the most out of LandscapeVideos, you can even choose to enable the tweak for both the aforementioned scenarios.

LandscapeVideos iOS

Apart from the choice of when to enable the tweak, LandscapeVideos also lets you select the orientation that should be preferred for playing videos that are originally in portrait mode. It is best to leave this option at ‘Both’, and let your iPhone choose the most optimal orientation, but if you want to take matters into your hands, it is possible to make the tweak always play videos in Landscape Left or Landscape Right modes.

The tweak does not works for every app that plays videos in portrait-only mode, but any video player that uses iOS’ native playback options is compatible with LandscapeVideos. Since nothing is imposed upon users and they don’t have to pay anything either, LandscapeVideos is a pretty useful option to have on your iPhone. Even if it doesn’t work for the official YouTube app or some other app you use, the tweak is worth a download just for the orientation lock bypass feature. LandscapeVideos is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store as a free download.

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