Microsoft’s Realistic Painting App FreshPaint Now On Windows Phone 8

It has almost been a year since the release of FreshPaint on Windows 8. When the app first came out, people quickly realized that despite having less features, the app could likely be the future replacement for Microsoft’s iconic MS Paint. With FreshPaint, you get a very realistic mixing pallet and brush strokes that appear quite realistic. While a lot of people do some serious artwork on their computers, the same can't be said for smartphones. Sure, there are apps like Inspire for iOS, but most of the times they are used for mere doodling or idle finger-painting. Maybe that is why it has taken FreshPaint so long to make the jump from desktop to WP8, but now that it is finally here, a lot of users might find themselves mesmerized by the sheer quality on offer in it. Read More

SketchBook Express For Windows Is A Great Modern UI Microsoft Paint Alternative

Yesterday, we covered a feature-rich image editing app for Windows 8 called Fotor that provides users with Instagram-like filters, borders and effects to make your images look like they are professionally shot. While it's a great photo editor, Fotor does not let you create any art on a blank canvas or provide you with brushes and other similar paint tools. Today, we have a Windows Store app that fills this void and provides you with different brushes and tools to create professional style drawings and paintings. The collection of different types of brushes offered by Autodesk SketchBook Express, such as Pen, Pencil, Paint Brush, Fill Tool, etc along with a color palette and different sizes for each brush makes both casual and serious drawing a lot of fun. Moreover, the mirror mode offered by this Modern UI app lets you mirror everything you draw or paint, both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to create beautiful mirror paintings and drawings. Keep reading to find out more about SketchBook Express.Read More

Pixen Is A Simple Mac OS X Paint Tool With Supports For Layers

Preview, the default image viewer in Mac, supports some very basic image editing functionality. There isn’t, however, any native Mac app that lets you extensively edit or even create an image with simple brush or shape tools, and that’s why you will see lots of apps vying for the spot. For those who love something that is visually pleasing to use as well as feature-rich, PaintBrush (read review here) is one option. For those looking for layer support and would like to do more with the image itself, there is Pixen, a free Mac app that lets you paint in layers. It allows you to create and edit layers on an image and has all the usual selection, shape and paint tools you find on regular image editors.Read More

Infinite Painter Is Perhaps The Most Comprehensive Drawing Tool For Android Yet

If you’re into serious graphics designing, or are a casual artist with a special fervor for painting, and think that your Android smartphone or tablet can't present you with a comprehensive drawing platform (other than the usual doodling and scribbling apps made for kids), then Infinite Painter might surprise you. The app's features truly do justice to its name. These include plenty of realistic and customizable brush styles, support for pressure sensitivity, multiple symmetry modes (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic), a canvas that supports multi-touch, option to import images from device’s gallery, camera and/or Google’s Image Search to place them on the canvas, option to work with as many as six different drawing layers, color blending and image correction tools, auto-save progress at frequent intervals, and atop all that, an extremely user-friendly interface.Read More

Freehand Painter: Create Vector-Based Images & Graphics With Ease

Drawing pictures is always fun and a great way to relive some of that built up stress. However, most image drawing and painting applications are so hard to control and have such a high learning curve that most people don’t even try working with them. Even the simple-to-use Microsoft Paint has so many options now that it will take someone in the mood for drawing a painting a lot of time to go through all the options before they can actually begin drawing. If you are one of those people who want a simple, yet elegant, painting application for drawing simple images, give Freehand Painter a try. Basically intended for a touch screen computer, Freehand Painter also works wonderfully with a mouse and helps you create vector-based impressive paintings. It can also help you kids draw different kind of cartoons to learn fast. Don't expect some captivating designs and top-notch features, as the application is pretty conventional in a way that its meant to draw basic patterns. Keep reading to find out more about the application.Read More

Inspire For iPhone: Paint Realistically With Customizable Brushes

Finger painting on an iPhone is usually considered a time-killer, but there are a few iOS apps which let you create beautiful masterpieces just as if you were painting on a real canvas, with real brushes. Inspire is one such app, and the features it offers are so detailed that a practiced hand can draw or sketch just about anything using Inspire. Not only are there highly customizable brushes available in the app, you can blend the colors you want to apply to perfection. Inspire has a lot of effects on offer, so read on to know all about them.Read More

PaintBrush: Basic Image Painter App Reminiscent Of MS Paint [Mac]

There are so many image editors available for just about every platform; Mac, Windows, Mobile and web, and they are all, mostly, feature-rich. With so many options available, what can sometimes become frustrating is trying to do a simple image crop or resize and having to use either a heavy app to load, or figuring out a web app that will do the trick. Windows users have simpler options, like using the native Paint application, but Mac only ever had Mac Paint, and that, too, eons ago. PaintBrush is an app that gives Mac users their very own little Paint program. It is a very basic image editor that lets you create and save images in PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. The app has a rich color palette, paint brush, fill color, add text, eraser, spray paint, invert colors and flip image tools.Read More

JotPad: A Drawing & Notes App For WP7 That Supports Zooming & Themes

There are lot of note-taking apps available for Windows Phone 7, ranging from well-known ones like Evernote and OneNote, to the likes of Note Well and Smart Notes 2. However, in real-life scenarios, you don’t always have the time to type on your phone’s keyboard to create an important note on the go. JotPad is a new app, designed for exactly these same occasion, using which you can jot down anything in freehand. Not only that, the app can also be used for some lazy doodling. JotPad comes with some pretty cool features, including zooming support. Read on to find out about the rest.Read More

How To Create Custom Brushes In MS Paint [Tip]

You are probably using Windows for a long time like us, and must have played around with MS Paint a lot. But did you know that you can create your very own custom brush? If you create rough prototypes of graphic design projects in Paint and need to use a custom brush, here’s a small tip that lets you do just that. Using the built-in Transparent Selection tool, you can create just about any kind of brush with preferred style and effect.Read More

Sync MS WordPad With Paint In Windows 7

MS WordPad includes a nifty little feature which enables user to sync an image with MS Paint, you can edit an image in MS Paint to apply changes in WordPad document. This could be very beneficial when you are writing a document that contain images that needs editing. Previously you needed to copy the image to clipboard and open in any image editor to edit it but with Paint Drawing feature you can start editing an image in MS Paint in real-time.Read More