How To Crop Panoramas For An Instagram Album

Instagram made the square sized photo popular. The app stuck with this particular photo size for a long time. The size came with its limitations and apps like Layout couldn't remove them. Eventually, Instagram allowed users to post photos in their original, wide, dimensions. The feature is alright and you can use it to post a panorama but the results aren't that great. You end up with a very zoomed out photo. Instawide is a free Android app that can crop panoramas for an Instagram album. iOS users will have to pay $0.99 for Panosel, an app that does the same thing but on an iPhone. Instagram albums or multiple image posts are a new Instagram feature that lets you share ten photos in one post. Instawide crops a panorama so that you can share it as an album. Here's how it works.Read More

Google’s Photo Sphere Camera Takes 360 Degree Photos, Uploads To Maps [iOS]

When Google released the Android Camera app to the Google Play Store, I wondered, with little hope that it would ever be released for iOS. Google's Camera app is amazing  and though there are alternative iOS apps, nothing free comes as close to what's available for Android. Google has just released Photo Sphere Camera, an iOS app that is free and lets you take a 360 degree photo of a place. The app is meant to be used outdoors mostly so that users can take photos of places they visit, geo-tag them, and upload them to Google Maps. The photos become available to anyone using Google Maps. This isn't as much about personal photography as it is about crowdsourcing photos for the map service but the app is excellent and we took it for a spin.Read More

Google Camera v2.2 Update Brings Timer, Panorama Modes, And Aspect Ratio

Google Camera has received yet another update. The last major update brought us the amazing blur effect and this latest update brings us three new features, making the app more powerful. The timer has returned with this latest update allowing users to delay picture taking by 3 or 10 seconds. Aspect ratios have been introduced and a separate ratio can be set for both the front and the back camera. The major update though is the introduction of two new panorama modes that let you take a circular fish-eye like photo and a wide angle mode.Read More

Create & Share Perfect 360-Degree Panoramas With bubbli For iPhone

The concept of 360 degree panoramas, which was initially made popular by Microsoft’s Photosynth, was brought back to the mainstream by the rise of Photo Spheres. There are many other panorama apps as well, like YouSpin and 360, but none of them offer the level of detail that users get with some of the bigger names. bubbli for iOS, however, is one exception to this rule. The app has a finesse and professional touch that allows it to rub shoulders with Photo Spheres and Photosynth to some extent. Not only is it really easy to create panorama shots with bubbli, but you also get to explore the complete picture in a rather intuitive manner. The app comprehensively guides its users during the creation of a new panorama, and makes it almost impossible to mess a shot up. The sharing options and photo libraries are pretty decent as well.Read More

Autopano: Capture Cycloramic-Like Hands-Free Panos On iPhone 5 Using Any Panorama App

Any iOS app that interacts with the user’s surroundings in some way is sure to garner appreciation. Cycloramic and Wave&Pose are two fine examples of apps that deal with photography in a novel way that is both entertaining and useful. Cycloramic has been one of the most popular apps among users of iPhone 5. It lets you capture panoramas without having to exert any effort at all, as all you have to do is place the device on a flat surface, and let the app work its magic using certain vibration patterns. Though Cycloramic has a camera of its own, and many people are partial to the stock Camera app’s panorama mode, or prefer another  third-party app for this purpose. Thanks to a new Cydia tweak, users can now capture hands-free panoramas with any app they want. Autopano for Notification Center makes an iPhone 5 vibrate just like Cycloramic, but it lets you use these vibrations with any panorama app of your choice.

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Set A Photo Sphere As Panoramic Live Wallpaper On Any Android Device

Live Wallpapers are one of the perks of owning an Android device, and mind you, they’re not just animated wallpapers; they can make use of many other elements as well, including your phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer, and have several interactive elements that make them dynamic. In the past, we've covered our huge lists of the most beautiful Live Wallpapers as well as some of the most amazingly functional Live Wallpapers that fully showcase the capability of this feature. Would you like to have a wallpaper that reacts when you pick up your phone or when you scroll through the various home screens? How about creating a Photo Sphere, and setting it as your wallpaper? If this has managed to get you interested by now, keep reading, because this app is one cleverly executed idea.The app is called Photosphere Live Wallpaper, and is available for free on Google Play. Although Photo Sphere is a feature specific to Android 4.2 and above, the app can be used on any device running Android 2.2+, so go ahead and grab it for your device. You might be wondering "but if I cannot create photo spheres from my phone, what's the point of using this app?". Keep reading, for there's a workaround! Once installed, run the app, and it will display a helpful intro menu that guides you on what to do. Read More

Enable iPhone Camera Flash In Panorama Mode With Flashorama

iOS 6’s panorama mode might be the most underrated feature to come with the platform’s latest update. A lot of apps allow users to capture panoramas pretty impressively, but having this feature in your iPhone’s stock camera really kills the competition. Despite all its awesomeness, the panorama has a glaring omission: you cannot use it unless the ambient lighting is perfect. Wen shooting ordinary photos or even videos, it is possible to turn on your camera’s flash any time you want, but the option is strangely missing in panorama mode. So, yet again, Cydia has to come to the rescue! Flashorama is a new tweak that adds the flash toggle to the panorama view in iPhone. You can control the flash before beginning to shoot, or even while moving the device around to capture the panorama.Read More

Go Desk Brings Panoramic, Interactive Live Wallpapers To iPhone

Android users love flaunting their platform’s extensive customizatability and live wallpapers, but iOS isn’t exactly devoid of the fancy stuff either, especially if you own a jailbroken iDevice. The Cydia store offers the likes of WS Wallpaper, which adds support for scrollable home screen backgrounds, and the lively AnimateAll. AnimateAll allows users to set animations as the background image for the Notification Center, SpringBoard and lock screen, but that doesn’t compare to the interactive live wallpapers that are available on Android. Go Desk is a new tweak that brings such live wallpapers to iOS. The Cydia app lets you set panoramic (scrollable) live wallpapers as your home screen background. That’s like combining WS Wallpaper and AnimateAll, and then making the whole mix interactive! The only catch is that Go Desk's wallpapers are proprietary, so you will have to wait for developers to create more live wallpapers for the app. For now, there is only one Go Desk live wallpaper available in Cydia, but it’s absolutely amazing and really fun to use.Read More

Install Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Camera App With Photo Sphere On ICS to 4.1.x

The latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, was announced on Tuesday, along with a couple of fresh devices in the Nexus series. While the firmware has been bettered with several great features, one particular aspect that is likely to tickle the fancy of many a user is Photo Sphere – a brand new photo capturing mode that allows you to snap Google Street View-style 360-degree panoramic photos and share them via Google Maps and Google+. Effectively, Photo Sphere is a part of the totally revamped stock Android 4.2 Camera & Gallery app that is going to be shipped with the latest Nexus devices, starting from next week onward.  Good news is that you don’t have to wait that long to get your hands on the new camera app, since the folks over at Android Central and XDA have managed to successfully port it to any device running Android 4.0 or higher. However, to be able to use the app to its full potential, you should have a rooted Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1 or higher.Read More

All You Need To Know About iOS 6 Panorama Camera Mode

Usually, Cydia tweaks and even App Store apps benefit from absence of features in iOS. The stock Camera app in iPhone and iPad is rather minimalist, and maybe, that is why there are so many photography apps available in the App Store. It’s a good thing that Apple seems to have noticed that, too, and have started making their Camera app better in their mobile platform's recent updates. iOS 5 brought new lock screen shortcut and interface changes to Camera, and now, iOS 6 has gone one step ahead and offers a Panorama mode right within the stock Camera app in the iPhone.Read More

Photosynth Comes To WP7; Lets You Create & View Amazing 360 Degree Panoramas

Photosynth, the immensely popular photo app for iPhone, is an official Microsoft release, and that’s why its absence from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has been a source of constant annoyance for Mango users, especially given to the fact that the official client for the photo-stitching service has been around in the iOS App Store for a long time. Finally, the guys over in Redmond have paid attention to their own mobile platform, and Photosynth is now available in the WP7 Marketplace! The app can be used to view the gorgeous 360-degree panorama images that characterize Photosynth, and not only that; you can use the app to create your own panoramas, too! Of course, there are a few shortcomings and limitations when you compare the WP7 client with the iOS one, but overall, the app is everything users have always wished for. Read on for details and screenshots.Read More

Panorama Perfect: Panoramic Photo Creator With A Handy ‘Transition Editor’ For Fine-Tuning

Taking panoramic photos is more of a hobby of photography enthusiasts. It has become so popular now that even smartphones include a feature to take panoramic photos. However, you can also use various photo stitching software solutions to create your own panorama, such as the renowned AutoStitch and previously covered Hugin. Panorama Perfect, another such program that we recently stumbled upon, is primarily built to stitch multiple photos taken without using a tripod. It lets you stitch multiple photos together to create beautiful looking panoramas, which can be saved in JPEG, BMP and TIFF formats. In addition, it contains a handy transition editor, as well as a set of tools for adjusting Brightness and Dark Edges of the resulting image. Read past the jump for further details.Read More

Shoot, View & Share Panoramic Photos With DMD Panorama For iPhone

Jailbroken iOS users get the awesome option of enabling the panorama mode within the stock Camera app in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (as covered here). It is cool to be able to shoot photos in panorama mode without having to install any third-party app, but if you don’t have access to the Cydia store, you have to rely on apps to snap panoramas. There are many apps available in the App Store which let you do that, but DMD Panorama has a certain advantage over them, as not only is it a camera replacement app, but also has a network of its own, where you can discover beautiful panorama images and share them over your social network. The app has other really handy sharing options as well, and you can know all about them by reading on.Read More

Camera ICS Gives Android 2.2/ 2.3 Devices A Taste Of ICS Camera App

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich brought with it a variety of new and improved features, and the revamped stock camera app of the OS is one of them. The stylish and user-friendly interface, in-built file sharing options, the zero shutter lag, tap-to-focus, integrated support for capturing panoramic images, face detection, enhanced gallery, convenient zooming via a slider, and a plethora of customizable options to adjust your image/video quality as per requirement are among some of the goodies that the stock camera app of the latest version of Android supports. However, all said are available only to the devices running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher. Not any more, because a new camera replacement app, Camera ICS, has just arrived in the Android Market to give any Android device running Froyo or Gingerbread a taste of the stock ICS camera app.Read More

Panorama Pro For Android: Capture Panoramic Images With Snazzy Effects

Photography apps are abound in the Android Market, and quite a few of them let you capture panoramic images from your device’s camera. Developed by Wondershare Software, Panorama Pro is yet another very fine addition to the apps from said genre. Using Panorama Pro, you can capture high quality 180 degree panoramic images with a custom (and stylish retro) effect of your choice. Grab as many images as you like, and once done, share them on a social network of your liking, including Facebook and Twitter. The app also supports a One click sharing feature, using which you can instantly share captured photos to a social network of choice. There is also a native gallery from where you can preview, share and/or delete all the captured photos. The app’s interface is self-explanatory, and guides you through the capturing process so that you can easily capture memorable shots from your Android’s camera, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a mere rookie.Read More

YouSpin: Capture & Share High Quality Panoramas & 360 Views [Android, iOS]

Say hello to YouSpin – one of the simplest ways to create 360 degree panoramas or 3D views of virtually anything using your Android or iOS-powered device’s camera. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a novice user, using the app’s simple interface, you can easily develop and share high quality 360 degree views of yourself as well as any object of your liking in a matter of seconds. The best part about YouSpin is its user-friendly and self-explanatory graphical interface that guides you through the entire process. The app provides you with the option to snap images in portrait as well as landscape orientation, and specify the total amount of shots that would make the panorama. In addition, the app also supports a timer mode, complete with shutter sound effects, to help you with capturing your own 360 degree views without requiring help from a second person.Read More

AutoPanorama: Easily Create Panoramic Photos On Windows Phone 7

There was a time when it took an expert photographer to take panoramic photos of an outstanding view, and even that would be slightly flawed. Imagine how cool it would be take panorama photos without having to fuss about the right alignment of all the images? AutoPanorama for Windows Phone 7 does all the merging and aligning for you to create the perfect panoramas. You can make a panoramic photo out of more than 50 images! To assist you with alignment, the app offers a a slight preview of the previous image each time you are going to take the next photograph. The best feature of this app is its simplicity; you do not have to browse through a lot of options and screens to get the hang of it.Read More

Image Composite Editor: Automatically Stitch Photos Into A Panorama

Panoramas are wide angled images which normally cover a lot more area compared to a normal picture. These days, cameras of some smartphones have built-in panorama modes that allow you to take pictures upto 180 degree wide. the camera basically takes a large number of pictures of the same scene, and stitches them together in a way that they seem like a single image. If you are looking for a photo stitching application that can automatically adjust photos to create a seamless panoramas, Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor is definitely worth your time. It is an advanced image stitcher and video panorama creator that can create panorama images and videos with precision. The application supports most image formats, while allowing you to control the image output quality. You can save the stitched image either to your hard disk or upload it to the PhotoSynth Website.Read More

PanoramaPlus: Lightweight Image Stitching Tool For Creating Panoramas

When taking snaps for memorable moments the camera sometimes seems to be insufficient for capturing the whole frame of the beautiful imagery. This is often the case when one goes for hiking or picnic, as the scenery is too vast to be captured in a single snap. Obviously there are also other scenarios, for instance family snaps on birthdays often require taking multiple pictures separately as a single photo cannot capture the whole crowd next to e.g. a birthday cake. Joining such images on image editing tools involves quite a long procedure which can be easily avoided with the help of image stitching applications.Read More