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Autopano: Capture Cycloramic-Like Hands-Free Panos On iPhone 5 Using Any Panorama App

Any iOS app that interacts with the user’s surroundings in some way is sure to garner appreciation. Cycloramic and Wave&Pose are two fine examples of apps that deal with photography in a novel way that is both entertaining and useful. Cycloramic has been one of the most popular apps among users of iPhone 5. It lets you capture panoramas without having to exert any effort at all, as all you have to do is place the device on a flat surface, and let the app work its magic using certain vibration patterns. Though Cycloramic has a camera of its own, and many people are partial to the stock Camera app’s panorama mode, or prefer another  third-party app for this purpose. Thanks to a new Cydia tweak, users can now capture hands-free panoramas with any app they want. Autopano for Notification Center makes an iPhone 5 vibrate just like Cycloramic, but it lets you use these vibrations with any panorama app of your choice.

Autopano NC Settings Autopano NC

To make sure that Autopano remains readily available across the entire OS, the developer has made it into a Notification Center add-on. Like all NC widgets, Autopano has to be manually enabled from the Notifications section of the stock Settings app.

Once you see it in the Notification Center, you’ll notice that the widget is divided into two main parts. It is possible to capture both 180-degree as well as 360-degree panoramas using Autopano, and this choice can be made using the two buttons available in the left half of the widget. To make sure users get ample time to launch a panorama-capable app and initiate a session, Autopano lets you choose a delay period before which the vibrations don’t start. This period can be five seconds, ten seconds or fifteen seconds. When you have everything in place, tap the leftmost button located in the Autopano widget, launch the camera app of your choice, and place the device on a flat surface. Make sure that you manage to accomplish all this within the period you configured earlier.

Like Cycloramic, Autopano for Notification Center only works with iPhone 5. The tweak works with varying accuracy, depending upon your choice of the surface. The widget costs $0.99, which is the same price as Cycloramic. In our opinion, the price-tag is fair enough, since the add-on works as good as other apps of this kind. You can give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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