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Get Quick Access To Google Keep In Firefox With This Unofficial Add-On

We reviewed an unofficial Google Keep Extension for Chrome when it came out a month back. Since then, Google has released an official extension for its new note takings service but Firefox users can not expect one for their browser because Google doesn’t develop extensions for other browsers in order to to keep its competitive edge in Chrome. Firefox users will instead have to rely on unofficial add-ons for the service and if you’ve been trying to find one, Google Keep is an option that works perfectly. Compared to the Google Keep Extension for Chrome that we reviewed, this one is better as it allows you to upload images to your notes as well. It works exclusively from the location bar, and doesn’t offer any other ‘viewing’ modes as there were with the Chrome extension.

Once installed, you will need to sign into your Google account in the add-on’s popup. It adds a Google Keep button to the URL bar. Once signed in, all your previous notes will appear in the popup. The interface is pretty much the same as what you would see when using Keep in a browser tab. Click the compose button to start typing a note. You can apply a label color, insert an image, or switch its format from text to a to-do list.

Google Keep new note

Unfortunately, images can’t be dragged & dropped on the popup to create new image notes or to add them to existing notes; instead, you have to select them by clicking ‘Choose an image to upload’.

add image Google Keep

While the image is uploading, you can enter a title and description for your note. You receive notifications within the popup, much as you would when using Keep from a regular tab. These notifications can be dismissed, or used to undo the previous action. The add-on supports both tile and list views, as well as search.

Google Keep upload

The add-on is basic and offers a pretty authentic Google Keep experience. We noticed one glitch however – when an image is selected, the add-on’s popup closes automatically. This doesn’t interfere with upload but should a user want to enter a title and description, they will have to open it again. Some might even mistake this behavior for the extension not working properly.

While Google Keep for Firefox is quite basic compared to the Google Keep Extension for Chrome, it certainly has potential for improvement and better features. You can install the add-on from the link provided below.

Install Google Keep Add-on For Firefox

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