Find & Remove Duplicate Photos From Your iPhoto Library

iPhoto is one of the most sophisticated Mac apps available for managing your photo library. It lets you organize photos according to albums and events, and manage your Photostream as well as the pictures in your library. The application also helps you import pictures from external media devices, and keep them organized. When importing photos from different devices or streams, one often runs into the issue of duplicate photos; iPhoto warns you when you are about to save a duplicate to your library but in case you have already copied or created duplicate files in your library, iPhoto doesn't offer any feature to track them down for clean up your library later. DuplicateCleanerForiPhoto is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that aims to address that shortcoming of iPhoto, allowing you to scan your iPhoto library for duplicates and delete them. Read More

Picmatic: Music Player, Photo Viewer & Clock For Docked iPhone & iPad

Most smartphone apps are focused around a particular type of content; we generally use separate apps for music playback, photo viewing, and clocks, but Picmatic brings these features together in a single package in a way that actually makes sense. As you might have already figured, this can come real handy in dock mode. Just the way an iPad can display photos on its lock screen in the form of a slideshow, Picmatic has a customizable and dynamic grid consisting of images imported from your device’s camera roll. To add some spice to the whole show, the app offers many photo filters that you can apply to the images. Picmatic runs in full screen and also adds a nifty clock to the mix for your convenience, all while playing music in the background from your local collection. The app supports gesture-based controls so that the collage displayed on the screen remains free from any clutter that conventional music playback controls would cause. Read More

Download Photos Posted On Any Twitter Profile With TwitterDownloader

Twitter is certainly not the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos on the go, but it works just OK if all you’re doing is sharing a quick image or two. One of the many reasons why Twitter isn’t popular as a photo-sharing platform is the very clunky photo viewing experience. You are forced to view images one by one, without any option for looking at them at a glance like the way you can on other services like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Now, one developer saw this issue and came up with a solution: a desktop program called TwitterDownloader. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the program lets you download photos recently uploaded on any Twitter profile and view them in a grid format. Read More

Upload Android Gallery Photos To Cloud While Compressing Them On Your Device

The Gallery app on Android, as we all know, is a centralized location to access the photo and video albums stored in various directories of your device’s internal and external memory. In this age of high-resolution mobile cameras, images captured from our devices can consume a significant chunk of our local storage space. Confronted by this issue, most users are left with no option but to back up these albums to their computers or their preferred storage of choice in order to create more room for new files on their devices. This makes accessing those good old memories of yours relatively hard to access on the go, especially if the backed up data is sitting on your computer’s hard drive. New to the Play Store, Gallery Drive Sync is a rather unique online photo backup app that aims to solve the ever-threatening ‘out of sight, out of mind’ issue in this regard. The app lets you move select or complete full-resolution Gallery photos and albums to your Google Drive, while still retaining the content on your device in compressed format under their respective albums. Read More

Share Any Web Image To Facebook Wall Or Page From Chrome Context Menu

Facebook may be a social network for most of us, but we often overlook that it is also used as an online identity. It lets us sign in and use web apps, services and participate in online forums. Most, if not all of us benefit from our Facebook ID in this regard; we can share articles that we find interesting and our friends know when we’ve left a comment on a website or forum. For websites that have mostly, if not purely, picture content, we can use our Facebook ID to share images. Now imagine wanting to share an image from anywhere on the web, without having to copy and paste its source URL. Upload Photos To Facebook Pages is a Chrome extension that lets you share images on your Facebook profile or to one of the pages you manage from any webpage via the right-click context menu. Read More

How To One-Click Transfer All Your Instagram Photos To Flickr

Instagram is amongst the most popular mobile photo-sharing services in the world today. Its popularity comes from the strong social network behind it – used by big-name celebrities and industry thought-leaders – and the lovely set of filters that can make even the most terribly composed photos look “artistic” in a way – whether it’s a Lo-fi’d photo of the boiled vegetables you’re about to eat, or a Willow’d capture of your feet at the local beach. Read More

Add Realistic Wood, Metal & Fabric Textures To Images With Elemento EZ For Mac

Whether you’ve grown tired of Instagram and its filters, or you’re just upset the company sort of almost said it was going to sell your pictures for money, you might be in the market for something new to do with your pictures. If you’re interested in a desktop app that can make pictures more interesting, Elemento EZ is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that is a fairly good option. While it isn’t Instagram, doesn’t work on your iPhone, and won’t make your morning cup of coffee any more interesting than it is, what it will do is allow you to add textures to your pictures. With the free version of the app, you get two textures each of metal, wood, and fabric. While the color scheme for each texture is fixed, the app allows you to make some adjustments and change the brightness level. Read More

Live Image Widget Cycles Through Photos From The Web On Android Home & Lock Screen

Live Image Widget is a customizable home & lock screen widget for Android capable of displaying and automatically circling web-based images from various user-specified URLs. By automatically updating photographic content from your preferred URLs, CCTV devices and / or webcams at specific intervals, the widget helps you instantly preview pictures from required online sources. This can be especially useful where the images are dynamically updated at the target URL. You may place multiple widgets on your home screen and view any image in full screen mode with zooming option. Moreover, you can manually refresh the widget's content, switch between different images, and even save the current photo to your device. There is even more to Live Image Widget; keep on reading to find out. Read More

GramWidget Is An Awesome Instagram Widget For Android Home & Lock Screen

Since the official Android app of the popular social photo-sharing wonder Instagram doesn’t (yet) support a dedicated widget, most avid users have to rely on a third-party offering to take a glance at the various activities taking place on the network from their home screens. In this regard, we have already reviewed an elegant solution by the name of BlinxBox that impressed us greatly with its overall features. However, with the widget no longer available in the market anymore, it’s a great opportunity for the developers community to offer a viable alternative. That’s exactly what the developer of GramWidget has done! Just like BlinxBox, GramWidget is a third-party Instagram Android widget capable of circling your favorite photo content from the service on your home screen. Users on Android 4.2 or higher also get the option to set GramWidget, complete with Instagram’s picture-filled goodness, on their devices’ lockscreens to enjoy an unending stream of high quality photos from their Instagram account. Read More

500px iOS App Redesigned And Now Available For The iPhone

Almost a year after its iPad release, 500px has finally arrived on the iPhone. Unlike a lot of other popular apps, the iPhone version of 500px is quite feature-rich and sports just about everything on offer in its tablet counterpart. You can manage your 500px account from within the app, follow other users and, of course, view the staggeringly large collection of images that this service offers. The whole interface has been revamped, and users can now finally enjoy “Flow” on their iDevices. If you don’t already know, Flow is a customizable feed that can be used to view updates from your favorite professional photographers and other 500px users.  Read More

Autodesk Pixlr Express Is One Of The Most Powerful Android & iOS Photo Editors Around

Following the success of their maiden photo editing Android & iOS app, Pixlr-o-matic, the folks over at Autodesk Inc. have just released another remarkable tool by the name of Pixlr Express. Effectively, Pixlr Express can be cited as an advanced version of its predecessor, with quite a few additional photo editing & beautifying features, lighting and vintage effects, picture frames and image correction tools. Besides these basic improvements, Pixlr Express brings to the table several advanced features, including the denoise (noise reduction) effect, DSLR-like circular and linear focus blur, auto-fixation, red eye removal, whitening tool, and the best of all, a color splash (selective color) tool. Each effect or tool is further adjustable in multiple ways to help you with finding the perfect picture output you’re looking for. Read More

How To Create & Use A Secret Board In Pinterest

Pinterest became popular not just as a great service for sharing images, but also, as an excellent example of UI design. The Pinterest interface has been replicated and reimagined in many ways since the service became popular, but it is the core functionality of the service that keeps users coming back to it. Until a few days ago, the boards you created on Pinterest were all publically visible and anyone could go through the images you had pinned to it. With the increasing popularity of the service, the people at Pinterest have finally decided to add a private element to the network. Secret Boards, as their name implies, are meant to be contributed to and viewed by a select group of Pinterest users, much like Picasa's collaborative albums or the Shared Photostream feature introduced in iOS 6. Unlike the public boards that anyone, with or without a Pinterest account, can view, these Secret Boards are reserved for only Pinterest users that they have been shared with. The visibility of a board is set at its creation and cannot be changed afterwards. This means, if you want to make any of your current boards secret, it won’t be possible. You can make a Secret Board public, but the change will be permanent with no chance of reversing the process. Read More

Official Android App For Managing Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Now Available

If you feel that your Android device has room for the companion app of yet another cloud storage service, and your memory can slot an additional login ID, a pretty-looking app is up for grabs. Just released to the Google Play Store by Amazon, Cloud Drive Photos is a dedicated photo backup solution and gallery for images on your Android device's local storage, as well as those stored on Amazon’s very own Cloud Drive. Signing up with the service earns you a maximum of 5GB free cloud storage. The mobile app then lets you view your local and online photos in beautiful layouts. Using the app, you can also save online images directly to your device, upload Gallery photos to the cloud itself, and share them with friends. Users interested in getting their hands on additional space can avail a $10 per year 20GB storage package. Read More

FFF Is A Dedicated Gallery For Facebook Photos & Videos [Android]

The social networking giant, Facebook, is all about sharing. Be it your thoughts on a specific topic, details of an upcoming event, photos of your new skateboard, video highlights of a local football match, or birthday wishes, the popular online service lets you share it all with utmost ease. Amid the sea of shared content, it can prove quite challenging to sift through and enjoy the the posts you want to see on your Facebook Wall. What’s more annoying is that even the official Facebook mobile app doesn't help a great deal in this regard. Enter Fun From Friends (or FFF), a free Android app that focuses solely on presenting your Facebook Wall photos and videos in fine style. The app comes with a native video player, image gallery & bookmark manager, and lets you enjoy slideshows of images & videos plucked from your Wall. In addition, FFF supports HD video streaming, and allows you to specify a preferred image quality. Read More

Blux Camera For iPhone: Intelligent Photography Assistant With Real-Time Capture Modes & Filters

Applying filters to photos after capturing them is good and all, but having real-time, pre-shoot image effects is certainly a lot more fun. There are many iOS apps that let you apply photo filters before you shoot, but we haven’t seen one that does it quite as well as Blux Camera. Apart from sporting a unique interface, the app comes with a lengthy feature list and a little twist in the concept that drives most regular camera replacement apps. There are tons of photo effects available, which can be combined with any of the app’s numerous capture modes to snap gorgeous pictures. You may choose a filter or mode of your choice, or let the app analyze the scene and automatically choose a combination for you using what the team behind the app, Blux Touch, calls P.E.A.R. (Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation) technology. Other features include filter and capture mode randomization, tilt-shift effect, burst capture, voice activation, multiple grid overlays; you name it, Blux has it! Read More

Control The Camera Of One Android Or iOS Device Using Another With Remote Shot

Just recently, one of my AddictiveTips colleagues covered WiFi Camera, an iOS app that, by pairing a couple of iDevices together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allows one to snap photos with the camera of the other. As is often the case, whenever an interesting app arrives on one platform, users across the other platform tend to become curious about the availability of similar apps for their devices. While it is unknown whether or not WiFi Camera will be made available to Android users, we do have a very fine alternative for our readers. Remote Shot is a free Android and iOS app that works in almost the same way as WiFi Camera, meaning that you can remotely view and capture whatever the camera of the other device is looking at. However, connection can only be established over Bluetooth. Once paired, you have complete control over the camera of the target device, including toggling between front and rear camera view, capturing images or videos, selection of flashlight mode, and triggering the self-timer or burst mode. Read More

WiFi Camera: Remotely Capture Photos With One iPhone Or iPad Using Another

The introduction of panorama mode in iOS 6 seems to have tickled the fancy of many app developers, as these days, a lot of creative camera-related apps have started coming out. Recently, we covered Signature Camera, an app that makes use of the front and rear cameras simultaneously. WiFi Camera goes one step further, and lets you connect cameras of two different iDevices. Using the app, you can access the camera of other iDevices nearby, over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Once linked, it becomes possible to send a capture command to the remote device, thereby saving the shot on both phones in one go. WiFi Camera supports both front and rear cams, and you can choose to flip between these at any time. The inset viewfinder shows the scene your own device is currently capturing, but the image that will be captured by hitting the camera button is the one in the main viewfinder. The app is perfect for collaborative photography in crowded spaces. Read More

Photoset Is Tumblr’s Standalone iPhone & iPad App For Creating & Sharing Photo Albums

Facebook might have started the trend of rolling out standalone apps for individual features (like Facebook Pages and Facebook Messenger), but it seems the social media giant is no longer the only big name doing that. Photoset for iOS is an official Tumblr release that focuses on the recently introduced photosets feature of the blogging platform. Tumblr already has an iOS client, but Photoset is something completely different. In fact, you don’t even need a Tumblr account in order to use the app. The basic functionality on offer in Photoset is to let users create albums with ease. You can choose any number of photos from your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll, or simply snap a few fresh ones to add to your albums. To keep things uncomplicated, Photoset comes with just one predefined, grid-like album layout, where the grid keeps expanding automatically as you add more photos to it. The albums created via the app can be published directly to Tumblr and Twitter, or you can copy their links and share them anywhere you want. Read More

How To Sync Photos From Windows Phone To SkyDrive In Full Resolution

Windows Phone 7 might not have been as successful as Microsoft originally meant it to be, but the Mango platform still enjoys a few perks that no other platform can ever have, simply owing to the impressive number of services owned by MS. WP7’s integration with SkyDrive and Office has earned it a small but loyal fan-base in a world dominated by iOS and Android. There are quite a few problems with Windows Phone 7, but when it comes to SkyDrive integration, things usually work out quite smoothly. However, there are a few minor issues with SkyDrive and WP7 integration, the largest of which is the automatic reduction of image resolution if you want to sync photos from your phone to SkyDrive via Zune. This is actually a feature in WP7, rather than a bug, as uploading full resolution images means using more of your data plan, which can be a big problem unless you are subscribed to an unlimited package, or always use Wi-Fi. Luckily though, it is possible to take matters into your hand, and choose the resolution for photos to be synced with SkyDrive from your WP7. Read More

Facebook App For Android Gets Automatic/Instant Photo Uploading

The official Android client of Facebook may have its fair share of critics, but one simply cannot deny the fact that the app has been constantly improving, courtesy quite a few useful feature additions and performance enhancements that it gets with each subsequent update. Already a viable source for users to access their social world on-the-go, the official Facebook Android app now caters to your photo backup needs, too, as it has just been updated with the much-anticipated Google+ and Dropbox-like instant upload feature. That’s right, the mobile app now supports the Photo Syncing feature which, if enabled, automatically and instantly uploads all photos lying in your Android’s default camera (DCIM) directory to a private album on your Facebook Photos. Uploaded images can be found under the Synced from Phone tab on your Facebook, and can be shared with masses via a new post, moved to an existing/fresh album, downloaded to the computer or deleted altogether. Maximum storage capacity for photos backed up using the Photo Syncing feature is 2GB per account. Further details and the method to activate the feature will be discussed past the break. Read More