Sync ImageShack Photos Across Windows, Mac, Android & iOS With SkyPath

There is no shortage of cloud storage services out there, but you will find that a particular niche exists among these services that specialize in photos. And it makes sense, since many of us preserve our dear memories in photos, and don't wanna risk losing them, plus want to have them accessible from all our devices. Also, lost photos aren't documents that can be typed again, or songs and movies that can be bought from anywhere. ImageShack is one such service that gives you 5GB of storage space for your pictures. Developed by the same company, SkyPath is an omni-access solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Update: Now Windows Phone as well) that allows you to upload images to your ImageShack account and sync them across devices.  Let's take a look at the service and its apps in detail after the jump. Read More

How To Individually Delete iTunes-Synced Photos From Within iPhone

Even if you are a die-hard fan of iOS, there's no denying that the stock Photos app in iPhone is not one of Apple’s best creations. For one thing, the app is not very feature rich, and has received only a few basic editing options pretty recently. Apart from that, managing your albums and the images within them can get a bit messy at times. Deletion capabilities for iCloud photos were added a long time ago, and the Camera Roll is quite neat, but if you have albums imported using iTunes, good luck trying to do anything with them! For some reason, iOS does not allow users to delete albums or the photos in them if they are synced with iTunes. Not everyone wants to connect their iPhone to a computer merely to get rid of a few annoying pictures, and it seems a bit counter-intuitive to do that as well. While we can only hope that Apple decides to change this in iOS 7, jailbreak users can address the issue right now, thanks to new Cydia tweak, iMageSynced Remover. Read More

Share Photos & Videos Between Mac & iOS Over WiFi With Transfr

iOS devices and Macs work very well with each other and it’s rare to hear complains about users having trouble connecting an iPhone or iPad with a Mac. Transferring photos and videos from them to a Mac via USB is also quite easy. If you don’t have one, you can still transfer pictures over Wi-Fi, provided you have the right apps installed on your phone and Mac. There is a large number of apps available for the purpose but Transfr provides possibly the most fluid experience of the lot, as long as you don’t mind the $1.99 price tag for its iOS app. Transfr is free for Mac and with its iOS companion app, it lets you receive photos and videos from your iDevice and save them to a predefined folder over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Read More

Fix Unwanted Blurring In Photos With A Click Using SmartDeblur

SmartDeblur is a free Windows application by Vladimir Yuzhikov that lets you enhance blurred or out-of-focus images, and sports a host of additional features. The application is able to recover data from photos with three different types of blurring, namely Motion blur, Gaussian blur and lens blur (in photos that are simply out of focus). It also boasts a powerful ‘auto-detect blur’ option, which allows it to identify the type of blur effect on its own and take care of it without requiring much input from the user. In addition, you can choose to remove blur either from the whole image, or a specific region. Read More

Restrict Access To Apps & Photo Albums On iPhone With Protect Photos

Despite the recent passcode-related bugs discovered in iOS 6, most users are satisfied with the security their iPhone offers by default. Having said that, when you are at home, or in any secure environment, the lock screen protection can get a bit annoying. There are a few ways of changing your device’s level of protection with a single gesture. If you have a jailbroken device, it is also possible to avoid the passcode altogether while keeping selective apps protected. Protect Photos is the latest Cydia tweak that lets you do this but as its name indicates, it focuses mainly on keeping your images private. The app can be used to put password protection on the stock Camera and Photos app and in addition, you can also restrict access of third-party apps to your image library. Read More

AltaPixShare Is A Photo Resizer, Styler & Sharing App For Windows With A Great UI

They say sharing is caring. Sharing photos with your folks is probably the best way to rekindle old and good memories. Due to the advancements in technologies such the high availability of home and mobile broadband internet access, along with various image sharing websites and services, the process of sharing photos with others has become much more easier than it was a few years ago. Though at places where you don't have access to high speed internet, for instance a trip to the countryside, it can be a bit hard to instantly share your high resolution photos, especially if they are fairly large in size. The best way would be to resize the images to a smaller size before you send them to others. If you require to instantly do that, AltaPixShare has an answer. This lightweight Windows app streamlines and unifies the processes of photo resizing and sharing, and even lets you apply a few filters to them in the process. Read More

Photo Date Is An iOS Photos App Alternative That Shows Date Taken

The iPhone has partially (or, in some cases, fully) replaced many expensive portable gadgets within the space of 3-4 years. Starting with lower-cost items like graphing calculators, to more expensive ones like a point and shoot camera.  I say the iPhone has partially replaced such devices because despite all the significant advances in hardware within the last couple of years with the iPhone 4S and 5, small things like, for example, not being able to see the date you took a photo are incredibly frustrating. Read More

Remotely Manage Your Android Gallery From Chrome With SnapPea Photos

We've covered quite a few tools that let you move files between your phone and your desktop. What most of these apps do is let you transfer photos over the same Wi-Fi connection. The point is to be able to transfer files without needing to connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. SnapPea Photos is a Chrome extension with an Android app that collectively work to let you manage the photos on your Android device right from your browser. The operative word here is ‘manage’, since you won't just be copying files from your phone to your computer, but will also be able to rotate and delete them. Read More

Paint Amazing Filters & Effects Over Photos With Repix For iOS

An iPhone or iPad photo editor is rarely labeled as unique, but apps like Repix always show that there is still room for innovation even in the most congested categories of the App Store (Update: Now available for Android). There are two areas where Repix differs from its competitors. The app has all the filters that are usually found in good iOS photo editors, but rather than applying these effects to entire images, Repix gives users the choice to manually apply them to specific parts of the photo. It offers brushes for all effects, and these brushes can be used to transform your photos by painting over them with your finger. It is also possible to adjust other aspects of images using simple swipe gestures. Furthermore, the intuitive interface of the app adds to its overall uniqueness. Read More

Spred Consolidates Photos From Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr & More

Instagram gained immense popularity by offering an easy way of sharing photos with your social circle and friends. Most profiles on Instagram are public, and anyone can discover your photos quite easily. If you are among the people who admire good photography, Instagram and Tumblr can be good sources for browsing all types of photos. Spred is an app that can help you in your quest to find the best images around the web. This new iOS release combines photo feeds from Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and Pintrest, based on topics. You can then maintain your own photo collections within Spred, and share any images over other social networks in bulk. Read More

Shoopix Is A Great WP8 500px Viewer With Dynamic Lock Screen Support

Despite having some of the best cameras, Windows Phone devices have always been plagued by the lack of good photography apps to go with the hardware. While the official Instagram or even 500px apps might not have arrived for WP8 just yet, the WP Store now has some really good third-party clients for such services. Shoopix is a 500px client that is just about perfect for casual users of the photography website. The app lets you browse through the most popular sections of 500px in a really neat interface, and even lets you download photos to your camera roll. In addition to all this, if you like the dynamic lock screen feature of Windows Phone 8, Shoopix just might prove to be the app that you have always been looking for. Read More

Send Photos & Videos Directly From iOS Keyboard With QuickPhoto

When it comes to  jailbreak tweaks, there are ones like FullForce, FolderEnhancer, Winterboard themes et al that significantly alter or enhance your user experience, and then there are one-trick pony tweaks that subtly change one very specific part of your operating system to get one thing done right. Developed by CocoaNuts - the folks who developed the RageBoard keyboard add-on - QuickPhoto is a recently launched jailbreak tweak that's a good example of the latter. It allows you to add photos and videos from local albums to your message compose box directly, much like the Emoji keyboard that you can enable from Settings > General > Keyboard. Check out our hands-on look at it after the jump. Read More

Sync Facebook Photo Albums With Your PC The Dropbox Way Using Drop N Sync

Facebook has become a one stop shop for all kind of social networking, media sharing, and promoting your business/venture without costing a dime, but it’s apparently the internet giant’s photo sharing feature that is used the most. Previously, we've covered various desktop tools and browser extensions/add-ons that let you upload images to your Facebook account, and today, we've got yet another one at your disposal called Drop N Sync. It’s an intuitive desktop application that makes uploading your photos to Facebook a breeze. It lets you synchronize your existing Facebook albums with your PC, which makes the process of downloading and uploading new photos to Facebook completely hassle-free, in a Dropbox-like manner. Lets dig deeper into it and see how it works after the break. Read More

Transfer Instagram Photos To Tumblr & Flickr, ZIP & Save Them With Recygram For iPhone

In addition to all the fancy photo effects and social sharing options offered by Instagram, the world's most popular mobile photo app is also a huge repository of images. Everyone who has been using the service for a while is sure to have a decent collection of photos in their Instagram account. Most of the times, a picture that has been shared from Instagram remains there and we don’t give much thought to re-sharing it on other services. Recygram is an iOS app with the potential to change all that, by letting its users share photos from Instagram to Tumblr and Flickr in bulk. It is also possible to download these images to your device, or compress them into a ZIP file and send the archive to others via email. Read More

Rearrange iPhone Photos & Move Them Between Albums With Photo Organizer

Take a look at the stock Photos app on your iPhone, and you are sure to realize that interface is higher on Apple’s priority list than usability. You cannot delete albums imported from iTunes without connecting your device to your computer, the photos can’t be renamed, moving an image from one album to another is a complete mess, and it is not even possible to reorder photos within the camera roll. There are several Cydia tweaks that counter these issues, but Photo Organizer is an all-in-one solution to all the problems faced by Photos app. The tweak doesn’t make many visible changes to iOS, but quietly grants its users the ability to rearrange photos or albums, move pictures/videos around more easily and keep your camera roll as organized as you want. Read More

Easily Correct Perspective & Vertical Line Distortion In Photos

Whenever we go on holidays, most of us snap a lot of pictures and bring them back to share them with our friends and family, or just to preserve our precious moments. Digital cameras have allowed us to capture thousands of images without worrying about the camera reel running out. However, due to the lack of any such limitation, most people don’t put a lot of thought or spend a lot of time in getting that perfect shot just right, and many of our pictures turn out to be a bit out of proportion. You surely wouldn't go back to the place just to retake the picture from a different angle, but what you can do is try to fix the original image. Previously, we covered an application called ShiftN that automatically fixes line distortion from images. Today, we have an open-source tool for you called PerspectiveImageCorrection that lets you correct the image perspective, but this one allows you to manually select the 4 points for specifying the correction criteria. You can draw a 4-point polygon for perspective correction and thus, have more control over the correction process. Read More

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos For Android Adds Instant Upload & More

Amazon debuted Cloud Drive Photos in November last year to provide Android users with a dedicated cloud storage service and visually-rich gallery for images. As mentioned in our review, the initial release of the app lacked several basic features that most rival companies had been offering for quite long. It seems Amazon has eventually realized the significance of most of the missing features, and included them in the latest update of the app. To begin with, the much-awaited instant, automatic photo upload feature has been added to the mix, meaning your Amazon Cloud Drive is now capable of handling your online photo backups in a much better and automated manner. If your device is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, you can now snap fresh images right from the app using the new camera mode. Continue reading past the break to find out more details regarding the update. Read More

Find & Remove Duplicate Photos From Your iPhoto Library

iPhoto is one of the most sophisticated Mac apps available for managing your photo library. It lets you organize photos according to albums and events, and manage your Photostream as well as the pictures in your library. The application also helps you import pictures from external media devices, and keep them organized. When importing photos from different devices or streams, one often runs into the issue of duplicate photos; iPhoto warns you when you are about to save a duplicate to your library but in case you have already copied or created duplicate files in your library, iPhoto doesn't offer any feature to track them down for clean up your library later. DuplicateCleanerForiPhoto is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that aims to address that shortcoming of iPhoto, allowing you to scan your iPhoto library for duplicates and delete them. Read More

Picmatic: Music Player, Photo Viewer & Clock For Docked iPhone & iPad

Most smartphone apps are focused around a particular type of content; we generally use separate apps for music playback, photo viewing, and clocks, but Picmatic brings these features together in a single package in a way that actually makes sense. As you might have already figured, this can come real handy in dock mode. Just the way an iPad can display photos on its lock screen in the form of a slideshow, Picmatic has a customizable and dynamic grid consisting of images imported from your device’s camera roll. To add some spice to the whole show, the app offers many photo filters that you can apply to the images. Picmatic runs in full screen and also adds a nifty clock to the mix for your convenience, all while playing music in the background from your local collection. The app supports gesture-based controls so that the collage displayed on the screen remains free from any clutter that conventional music playback controls would cause. Read More

Download Photos Posted On Any Twitter Profile With TwitterDownloader

Twitter is certainly not the world’s most popular platform for sharing photos on the go, but it works just OK if all you’re doing is sharing a quick image or two. One of the many reasons why Twitter isn’t popular as a photo-sharing platform is the very clunky photo viewing experience. You are forced to view images one by one, without any option for looking at them at a glance like the way you can on other services like Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. Now, one developer saw this issue and came up with a solution: a desktop program called TwitterDownloader. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the program lets you download photos recently uploaded on any Twitter profile and view them in a grid format. Read More