A Look At The Built-In Image Editor In Windows 8.1 Photos App

I’m not sure if there was a cold war for best image editor going on between OS X and Windows, but if there was, you can all go home now; Microsoft’s knocked this one out of the park with the photo editor built into the new Photos app that comes with Windows 8.1 Preview. It is likely that this revamped app will even send some third party apps packing too. The new editing tools seem to be accessible from any native Modern UI app that can open images, which includes the Photos app itself, Camera and SkyDrive. If you want to draw or scribble something, you will still need to use paint. The editor offers basic editing tools that let you auto-fix the color of an image, manage its saturation, contrast, and brightness, mange the light, enhance color, and apply a vignette or a radial tilt-shift effect.Read More

Photoful Now Arranges Your iPhone’s Gallery Like iOS 7’s Photos App

The Photos app in iOS 7 hasn’t just changed visually; it is now based on a totally new concept. There is a lot more order to the app than there previously was. Users get to see their pictures arranged based on location and time of capture. The concept is not really new, as apps like Handy Album have been around for quite a long time, but the implementation is still commendable. Back in January when Photoful was released, it was just another alternative to the stock Photos app, but in its latest update, the app has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book, and now lets you view your photos in a timeline that also takes location into account. There's also a built-in Aviary-powered editor, support for tags and gesture control that make Photoful a worthy replacement for the Photos app. Read More

Eventiles Auto-Creates Contextual Albums Out Of Your iPhone Photos

You might not see it all the time, but every photo snapped using an iOS device has some EXIF data associated with it. If you have a jailbroken device, there are some ways of viewing these EXIF properties within the stock Photos app, but we have seen in the past that apps like Handy Album can put this information to even better use. Eventiles is somewhat similar to Handy Album, but has expanded the concept even further. With this iPhone app, you don’t need to perform any manual work, as it generates neat albums out of all the photos present in your device’s camera roll. The albums created by Eventiles use location and time data associated with pictures to group them together, and the app is even smart enough to assign suitable titles to these collections. As an added bonus, you get to apply beautiful filers to entire albums with a single tap, which can be really useful if you want to share the collection over your social network later.Read More

License Your Twitter & Instagram Photos & Earn Rewards With Dotspin

Every photographer starts out as an amateur one and with phones sporting such excellent quality cameras, just about everyone with a smartphone is an amateur photographer these days. You can discount people who take pictures of food and their pets, but  there are some truly amazing pictures taken and shared on Twitter and Instagram everyday. Dotspin is a service for protecting the rights to photos taken by amateur photographers as well as a place for photography enthusiasts to have their photos reviewed by experts and voted on by a community that shares their interest. It works on a surprisingly simple concept: most people share photos via Twitter and Instagram, and both these services allow you to add hashtags to your posts. Dotspin asks that once you've signed up for the service, you add the #dotspin tag to what you share online, which will prompt the service to add your image to their database where it will be accompanied by a license for how it can be used.Read More

Schedule Encrypted Backups On Android & Save To Dropbox With truBackup

A timely data backup can save you a lot of hassle. Android users have long been using NANDROID backups to make a ditto copy of their phone’s system and data storage to the device’s internal or external sdcard. These backups prove very useful in case you need to revert back to previous working state of your phone, especially if something goes wrong. However, NANDROID backups don’t let you store separate copies of each category of items, which means you cannot specifically backup or restore only your SMS, photos or applications separately. There are many solutions out there for this, Titanium Backup being the most famous, and truBackup is the latest one that you might like to give a try. This Android app works perfectly as advertised and lets you create as many backups as you want, allowing you to backup only the type of files you want, be it contacts, SMS, apps, or media files. Besides letting you store backups on internal/external storage, the app can save files straight to your Dropbox account as well.Read More

Official imgur Android App Now Available For Download In All Regions

If you’re a frequent redditor, you've most likely heard of imgur. It’s a simple and fast image hosting service that lets you easily upload and share pictures, with or without an account. imgur has been around for quite a while and has become almost as popular as Reddit (or perhaps made popular by Reddit), but it’s official Android app debuted only last month, and that too with download restrictions based on your country. The restrictions have now been lifted, and you can download the app from any part of the globe. The app is just as fast as its web interface and allows you to upload images from your camera roll without signing in. You get an email and deletion link for any and all images that you upload. You can set a number of days to browse past images from, explore images uploaded to a particular sub-reddit, or simply browse images randomly. Playback of animated GIFs is also supported.Read More

Create Slideshows With Over 172 Transition Effects Using Special Image Player

Presentations and slideshows are widely used in multiple fields, be it academics, professional life or social events. You use them for stage presentations, year-end university projects, business meetings and even sharing your photos, to name a few use case scenarios. If you simply want to view your favorite photos with your family, complete with fascinating slideshow effects, Special Image Player might be just what you’re looking for. We have previously covered quite a few slideshow makers for Windows including Slideshow Creator, DVD Slideshow and ezvid, just to name a few, but Special Image Player's over 172 transition effects clearly make it stand out from the lot. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Batch Download Photos From Multiple Facebook & Instagram Accounts With Social Downloader

The power of social media has changed a lot of things over the past few years, including how we share photos with others. Not a while ago, people used to send photos to their friends and family via email attachments or using instant messaging services, but since the inception of social media sites like Facebook & Twitter as well as photo-focused services like Flickr, Picasa and Instagram, things aren't the same, as anyone can now share their favorite pictures with others in an instant. Though if you want to download photos already stored on social media, try Social Downloader. It's a small Windows app that lets you backup your Facebook and Instagram photos to your local drive. In addition to the images you've uploaded to the site and the ones you've been tagged in, you can also download photos uploaded by your friends and the ones they are tagged in, as long as the uploaders' privacy settings allow that.Read More

Design Your Own Photo Calendar In Windows, Mac & Linux With Pically

An album is about the past and a calendar is about the future, but that doesn't mean they have to be mutually exclusive. A great way to combine looking forward to the time ahead while reminiscing your glory days from the past is to make your very own picture calendar with Pically. Pick out one favorite photo for each month, add holidays and special occasions, print the resulting calendar, and hang itin front of you – a portrait of what you have been, and a canvas for what you may yet become. The java-based app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Details to follow.Read More

Create & Share Rich Photo-Music Slideshows On Windows 8 Using Whip

If you like to share your photos with friends, family or others in general, you should really consider trying out Whip. It’s a Windows 8 and RT app - with mobile versions available for iOS and Android - that enables you to create slideshow-style photo presentations spiced up with music, varying background styles and templates, depending on your preferences. These meticulously curated  photo albums can then be shared with other Whip users. It’s a fascinating app that - despite not bringing something unique or groundbreaking to the table - holds on to a fun factor of its own. Lets see how it works.Read More

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Now Available On iPhone

Despite being arguably the biggest cloud computing service providers out there and intensely used by technology ventures, Amazon's Cloud Drive app app is not as popular among mass market consumers as services like Dropbox or SkyDrive. Though more and more people have recently taken to using Amazon’s cloud storage, owing to the fact that it offers competitive rates and decent features. One area where the service has been somewhat lagging behind the competition is mobile presence. Admittedly, there is a photo management client available for Android, but the same couldn't be said for iOS until now. Amazon seems to have realized that they have a considerable number of users on iPhone, and Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has finally hit the App Store. The app is capable of uploading your entire camera roll to the cloud without any prompting. It is also possible to download photos from your account to the device you are using.Read More

Flayvr Is An Auto Gallery Organizer For Android With Online Sharing Of Interactive Albums

Android’s native Gallery app has never been disappointing and suffices for most users, but it does leave much to be desired, especially by power users and media enthusiasts. If you want to organize or edit your albums, you have to resort to a third-party app, since the native app offers no such features, being entirely driven by the folders on your device’s storage. Enter Flayvr - an album organizer with dynamic previews for both pictures and videos. Released earlier for iOS, the app has been available on the App Store for quite some time, and has just made its way to Google Play Store as well. Let's take a closer look at how it performs on Android, and the features it brings to the platform.Read More

Add Sorting & Better Batch Selection Options To iPhone Photos App

You can easily switch to using a third-party camera app, or decide that the handful of editing options available in iOS aren't enough and download a third-party photo editor, but the stock Photos app in iOS is something that you just can’t avoid. So, tweaks that deal with the Photos app are pretty important, even if they offer a relatively small feature, like the removal of photos synced with iTunes. To really supercharge the stock image gallery in an iDevice though, we haven't come across a better one than Photo Organizer. This tweak adds a whole bunch of options to Photos app, and that too without asking you to pay anything. Now a paid version of the tweak is also available in the Cydia store, but you won’t be disappointed by Photo Organizer Pro since it offers some features that make the investment worthwhile. You get to sort your albums using a variety of filters, and also bypass iTunes completely by importing pictures to any album using iFile.Read More

Sync ImageShack Photos Across Windows, Mac, Android & iOS With SkyPath

There is no shortage of cloud storage services out there, but you will find that a particular niche exists among these services that specialize in photos. And it makes sense, since many of us preserve our dear memories in photos, and don't wanna risk losing them, plus want to have them accessible from all our devices. Also, lost photos aren't documents that can be typed again, or songs and movies that can be bought from anywhere. ImageShack is one such service that gives you 5GB of storage space for your pictures. Developed by the same company, SkyPath is an omni-access solution for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android (Update: Now Windows Phone as well) that allows you to upload images to your ImageShack account and sync them across devices.  Let's take a look at the service and its apps in detail after the jump.Read More

How To Individually Delete iTunes-Synced Photos From Within iPhone

Even if you are a die-hard fan of iOS, there's no denying that the stock Photos app in iPhone is not one of Apple’s best creations. For one thing, the app is not very feature rich, and has received only a few basic editing options pretty recently. Apart from that, managing your albums and the images within them can get a bit messy at times. Deletion capabilities for iCloud photos were added a long time ago, and the Camera Roll is quite neat, but if you have albums imported using iTunes, good luck trying to do anything with them! For some reason, iOS does not allow users to delete albums or the photos in them if they are synced with iTunes. Not everyone wants to connect their iPhone to a computer merely to get rid of a few annoying pictures, and it seems a bit counter-intuitive to do that as well. While we can only hope that Apple decides to change this in iOS 7, jailbreak users can address the issue right now, thanks to new Cydia tweak, iMageSynced Remover.Read More

Share Photos & Videos Between Mac & iOS Over WiFi With Transfr

iOS devices and Macs work very well with each other and it’s rare to hear complains about users having trouble connecting an iPhone or iPad with a Mac. Transferring photos and videos from them to a Mac via USB is also quite easy. If you don’t have one, you can still transfer pictures over Wi-Fi, provided you have the right apps installed on your phone and Mac. There is a large number of apps available for the purpose but Transfr provides possibly the most fluid experience of the lot, as long as you don’t mind the $1.99 price tag for its iOS app. Transfr is free for Mac and with its iOS companion app, it lets you receive photos and videos from your iDevice and save them to a predefined folder over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.Read More

Fix Unwanted Blurring In Photos With A Click Using SmartDeblur

SmartDeblur is a free Windows application by Vladimir Yuzhikov that lets you enhance blurred or out-of-focus images, and sports a host of additional features. The application is able to recover data from photos with three different types of blurring, namely Motion blur, Gaussian blur and lens blur (in photos that are simply out of focus). It also boasts a powerful ‘auto-detect blur’ option, which allows it to identify the type of blur effect on its own and take care of it without requiring much input from the user. In addition, you can choose to remove blur either from the whole image, or a specific region.Read More

Restrict Access To Apps & Photo Albums On iPhone With Protect Photos

Despite the recent passcode-related bugs discovered in iOS 6, most users are satisfied with the security their iPhone offers by default. Having said that, when you are at home, or in any secure environment, the lock screen protection can get a bit annoying. There are a few ways of changing your device’s level of protection with a single gesture. If you have a jailbroken device, it is also possible to avoid the passcode altogether while keeping selective apps protected. Protect Photos is the latest Cydia tweak that lets you do this but as its name indicates, it focuses mainly on keeping your images private. The app can be used to put password protection on the stock Camera and Photos app and in addition, you can also restrict access of third-party apps to your image library.Read More

AltaPixShare Is A Photo Resizer, Styler & Sharing App For Windows With A Great UI

They say sharing is caring. Sharing photos with your folks is probably the best way to rekindle old and good memories. Due to the advancements in technologies such the high availability of home and mobile broadband internet access, along with various image sharing websites and services, the process of sharing photos with others has become much more easier than it was a few years ago. Though at places where you don't have access to high speed internet, for instance a trip to the countryside, it can be a bit hard to instantly share your high resolution photos, especially if they are fairly large in size. The best way would be to resize the images to a smaller size before you send them to others. If you require to instantly do that, AltaPixShare has an answer. This lightweight Windows app streamlines and unifies the processes of photo resizing and sharing, and even lets you apply a few filters to them in the process.Read More

Photo Date Is An iOS Photos App Alternative That Shows Date Taken

The iPhone has partially (or, in some cases, fully) replaced many expensive portable gadgets within the space of 3-4 years. Starting with lower-cost items like graphing calculators, to more expensive ones like a point and shoot camera.  I say the iPhone has partially replaced such devices because despite all the significant advances in hardware within the last couple of years with the iPhone 4S and 5, small things like, for example, not being able to see the date you took a photo are incredibly frustrating. Read More