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How To Turn Off Alerts For Memories In Photos On iOS

Facebook has an ‘On this day’ feature that reminds you what you posted on the same day in years past. It’s been around for quite a while so we’re assuming people like it. The Photos app in iOS has something similar called ‘Memories‘. There’s a dedicated Memories tab in the Photos app. It can automatically generate memories or you can create them yourself. As of iOS 11, these memories are going to make themselves more obvious. You will now get alerts for memories that you have for a particular day right on your lock screen. It’s understandable if this feature doesn’t excite you. If that’s the case, you can turn off alerts for Memories in Photos.

There are two ways to turn off alerts for Memories in Photos.

Turn Off Alerts For Photos

You can turn off alerts for the Photos app but this will also turn off alerts for shared photo streams. If you don’t use Photo streams, then disabling alerts is a perfectly viable solution. To turn of notifications for Photos, open the Settings app. Go to Notifications and tap Photos. Turn off the ‘Allow Notifications’ switch.

Turn Off Alerts For Memories

If you don’t want to disable notifications for Photos, you can just opt to turn off alerts for Memories in Photos. Open the Settings app and go to Notifications. Tap Photos. On the Photos screen, you will see an option ‘Memories’. Tap it.

The Memories screen doesn’t have an explicit off switch however, it does have the usual options for alerts i.e. Show in Cover sheet, Show in History, and Show as Banner. Turn all three of these options off. This will effectively turn off alerts for Memories. You will still continue to get alerts for Photo streams in iCloud.

If you’re only concern about Memories alerts is that it shows a photo thumbnail on your lock screen, you can disable the notification preview for Memories. You will still get alerts for when you have memories to look back on but the alert will not feature a photo thumbnail. This is a standard feature for notifications in iOS.

Photos and the Camera app are a selling point for both iPhones and iOS. Every year, without fail, Apple improves both of them. Memories as a feature were added back in iOS 10 and have been popular for creating event curated slideshows. iOS is very good at creating these memories and they’re always beautiful enough to share. No one would mistake them for a hack-job collage and that’s precisely why people love using them.


  1. I don’t need my “Smart-Alek” phone to tell me when to have a memory! Jeez, stop this intrusiveness into every second of my life! I need a phone. I DON’T need that phone to be my best friend.

    • Besides being intrusive, isn’t it consuming the power, shortening the battery life? I checked my settings and this memory thing is turned off. But I got this notification. Photo seems to be ignoring the setting.

  2. The Memories are nice. The notifications about them are fine. But now they play a sound when notifying. I cannot find an option to turn that sound off. Help.

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