Popoveractions Adds iPad-Like Floating Action Menus To All iPhone Apps

Informator and HomeSafari are just two examples of Cydia tweaks that make some changes to the action menus found throughout iOS in different apps. Both the tweaks make changes to the functionality on offer in these action sheets, and don't really provide ways of altering how these menus themselves look. On the iPad, action menus have a different layout by default; you see a popup window every time there is a need to access options related to a specific area of an app. If you like that floating look, there is now a way to get it pretty easily on your iPhone and iPod touch. Popoveractions is a new Cydia tweak that changes the options list found in all stock and third-party apps on iOS to a hovering popup window similar to the one that is often seen in the iPad. Read More

View Customizable Pop-up Alerts For Any Android App With Notify Me!

iOS has used popup alerts for a while now, and is a feature that could be dearly missed once you get the hang of it. Android has its rich Notification Drawer, but no native popup alerts for incoming notifications except for apps that have individually implemented this feature for their own notifications. There are some third-party Android apps like Notification Popup Alert that bring this functionality to the entire OS, though if you want more enhanced and customizable notifications, there's Notify Me! Temember the popup message alerts from the CM10 Messaging app's popup alerts? This app brings something similar for all notifications. You can select any app to be notified about, and even alter the style of the popup. Let's take a more detailed look at Notify Me!'s features after the jump. Read More

Popcorn Player: Free Holo-Themed Floating Video Player For Android

With the conception of the very first floating Android app, one thing was for sure: the idea is bound to become an instant hit among users. As expected, ever since then, Google Play Store has regularly been bombarded with numerous apps based on the concept of popup/floating/resizable window(s). In terms of free and most feature-rich video playing & streaming apps belonging to said genre, Super Video Floating & Popup and MoboPlayer by Mobo Team are the two that deserve a mention. If you’re still undecided over selection between both said candidates, we’re going to make the task even more difficult for you, as a new ‘player’ has just appeared on the horizon; it’s called Popcorn Player, and has simplicity and intuitiveness written all over it. Like both aforementioned apps, Popcorn Player supports playing and streaming high quality videos through an omnipresent resizable, movable and floating window, as well as in full-screen mode. Designed to run specifically on Honeycomb or higher Android devices, this Holo-themed app lets you simultaneously enjoy a couple of different videos, whether local or those fetched directly from YouTube. It supports playing/streaming videos in MP4 and WebM formats, lets you minimize player window to easily navigate to your required app/homescreen, keeps track of the last played position of each video, and on top of all that, doesn’t annoy you with on-screen ads. Read More

Mail Control: Check, Read & Compose Gmail Messages When Offline [Chrome]

Are you looking for an easy way to read and compose emails even when you're not connected to the internet? Mail Control adds a highly useful functionality to your browser – reading and composing Gmail emails offline. This handy Chrome extension pops up a toolbar with Offline Mail, Desktop Gmail, Compose Mail (desktop and offline), Show Last notification and Google Calendar options. After installation, the extension will require you to allow offline emailing in Gmail; once done, you will be able to compose messages offline, which will be sent to the recipient next time you connect to the internet. Moreover, you will be able to access all your folders, including Inbox, Sent, Starred and Important Mail. The button in the toolbar displays a count for unread messages and lets you switch between three different pop-up layouts. Additionally, you will be able to switch between Desktop and Offline Gmail options; however, please note that you will have to install the Offline Google Mail Chrome app in order for Mail Control to completely work. Mail Control is really handy for those who are not connected to internet all the time, but need to access their inbox for various purposes. Read More

Spread Helps You Speed Read Selected Text From Any Website [Chrome]

Speed reading is a technique that attempts to increase rate of reading without greatly reducing comprehension or retention. There are many apps out there that claim to speed up your reading, or at least teach you how to do that, However, most of these solutions are either paid or too complicated. Spread, a Chrome extension, has been designed to improve your reading speed by loading selected text into a neat pop-up, letting you read articles faster. It also offers customization options for reading speed, number of characters and font size. Not only does this nifty little tool provide you with a great way to speed read through text, but also read text without any clutter or distractions. After installing the extension, simply highlight text and select the right-click context menu option to start speed reading. Read More

InstaBrowser Lets You View Instagram Photos From Chrome Toolbar

While Instagram may have become one of the most popular social networking apps for both iOS and Android, the service still lacks a web client. Of course, there are third-party offerings available, and capable ones at that, but they still require you to launch a separate browser tab or window to view photos and/or comment on them. Since no web-based app for Instagram would let you add images to the famous network, the maximum you gain out of these clients is the ability to download images, like them or add your comments. InstaBrowser is a Chrome extension that lets you view your Instagram stream within your browser without having to sign in every time or open a new tab. Once signed in, all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar, and it will automatically load your stream in a scrollable pop-up. Using this extension, you can go through your own Instagram images and those uploaded by other users, search or explore new photos uploaded from near your area, and much more. Read More

View Images & Articles Within Reddit By Hovering Over Their Links [Chrome]

Normally, whenever you want to take a better look at a particular image or link on Reddit, you have to open it in a new tab, and then switch tabs in order to return to the main page, which is neither convenient nor efficient. Seeit!, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by providing you with preview capabilities for Reddit. The extension adds a button to the URL bar for all Reddit pages, and allows you to view images and read articles in a scrollable, resizable pop-up window by hovering over their links. Not only does it let you access content on the same page, but also lets you minimize interesting images/articles to the bottom of the website, so you can return to them at a later time. Read More

Learn A New Language As You Browse The Web [Chrome]

Learning a new language is not an easy job, and can require a lot of effort. However, Language Immersion For Chrome aims to change that by providing you with a very easy and simple way to learn new words/phrases from a foreign language, as you browse the web. This nifty little extension switches certain words and phrases from English to a language of your choice on regular websites that you browse, letting you experience the language with a different perspective. With it, you can choose from a collection of sixty four languages currently supported by Google Translate. Novice, Intermediate and Fluent level settings control how much of the page is translated. For instance, when you select Fluent, entire sentences are translated, whereas the Novice option only translates a few phrases. Additionally, scrolling over a translated word or phrase lets you hear the pronunciation, and clicking the translation turns it back to English. More after the jump. Read More

Control Google Music Playback From Chrome Toolbar

If you use Chrome and love listening to your favorite tracks on Google Music, then you should give GoogleMusic For Chrome a try. This nifty little extension adds a button to your toolbar that, when clicked, reveals controls for playing, pausing, and skipping to the next song within a pop-up. You can use these controls to conveniently control playback without having to constantly switch tabs. Moreover, it displays the track title and artist name at the bottom of the pop-up, and allows you to control playback through keyboard shortcuts, provided the pop-up is open. Read More

Secure Bookmarks: Add A Password-Protected Bookmarks List To Chrome

Want to save your bookmarks in a private and secure way, so other people using the same computer cannot access them? It's quite possible to have content in your bookmarks that you would want to keep hidden from prying eyes. Secure Bookmarks is a Chrome extension that adds a password-protected bookmarks list to Chrome, so you can occasionally create bookmarks without having them displayed out in the open. The extension allows you to store such favorites in a separate list that is encrypted and saved on your hard drive. After installing the extension, you can save content with a click, and retrieve it later by entering your password within a tiny pop-up. Read More

Control Music Playback For YouTube, Google Music, Rdio & Others From Chrome Toolbar

If you like listening to music from various popular services, such as YouTube, Google Music, Rdio, or Grooveshark, pausing or switching between songs can sometimes get difficult, specially when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open and are working on something else. Music Controller is an extension for Chrome that places a simple control panel on your toolbar that quickly allows you switch, pause/play songs or mute all background music at once, regardless of which tab the song is in. With it, you no longer have to be worried about whether you’re playing music in Pandora, Google Music, Grooveshark or any other service, as you may easily pause, skip or thumbs up for a song from the pop-up in your toolbar. The only requirement for the extension's working is that the music playing  tab should be in the same Chrome window. Read More

Beta-Searchable: Highlight Text On Websites To Search On Google, YouTube & Current Page

Beta-Searchable is a Chrome extension that provides you with super fast search results for highlighted text on almost any website. It lets you save a lot of time when you have to search the same term on multiple websites. With it, you can get Google search results, Google images, YouTube videos and social results from Topsy. All you have to do is select some text on a website, and a tiny pop-up will appear with Google Search, YouTube, Google Images and other buttons. Additionally, you may also lookup the same term on your current domain. Clicking the tiny arrow at the top of the pop-up lets you switch to social pages that are retrieved from Topsy. Moreover, the extension lets you view most used, recent and related websites. Read More

ChromeTunes: Add YouTube Playlists & Listen To Tracks via A Slick Popup

Wouldn’t it be great if we could listen to music on YouTube and work online at the same time, without having to sift through multiple tabs? ChromeTunes is a Chrome extension that lets you listen to tracks and playlists from YouTube through a slick pop-up. Not only does the extension allow you to search and listen to tracks, but it also lets you add your favorite playlists right through the pop-up. After you’ve installed the extension, you can directly add playlists by accessing the settings and enter a List ID. You can also click the search button and enter a query in the search box to find tracks and playlists. ChromeTunes will then instantly retrieve playlists or tracks from YouTube, along with a thumbnail preview of an album or track. Read More

Get Notified Of Important Tasks With Location-Based Reminders [Chrome]

Android phones and the iPhone have very smart reminder apps that will remind you of a task when you reach a certain destination. While the stock reminder app in iOS has this feature, for Android you have to download an app that has it. The feature is useful on phones but reminders are even better if they are given when you’re on your desktop when you have your work open in front of you and you can get to those reminders sooner. Geo Notepad is a Chrome app that is a location based reminder and mimics the functionality of reminder apps in smartphones.  It allows you to define multiple locations from Google Maps and save them to your browser along with different notes/reminders. Once your arrive at the location and are online, the app will pop up your reminders. It works as a background app and will start running when your launch your browser. You will not need to click any buttons and manually check for reminders. Whenever you access your laptop in a particular area, for which you’ve saved reminders, the notifications will instantly pop-up. Note that you will need a Wi-fi connection or any sort of internet connection for Geo Notepad to work, as estimated location is calculated by detecting the longitude and latitude of your current location via whichever router you’re connected to. Read More

Custom News: Get Latest Updates From Your Favorite Websites [Chrome]

Custom News is a Chrome extension that lets you read social, political and world news in an interesting way. It works by retrieving content from various popular websites, displaying them in a pop-up, and letting you find everything you are interested in by organizing it all in one place. You will find seven different categories in this pop-up, including News, Politics, Fun, Gossip, Sports, Economy and Technology. Custom News is a highly configurable tool that lets you add your own websites by simply entering a URL and clicking Add. The Custom News button also displays the number of new posts right in your toolbar, and lets you view new ones with ease. Read More

Colorwheel: Convert HEX & RGB Values, Preview Colors In A Pop-Up [Chrome]

Getting colors to look just right or finding the best color theme for a website’s design is critical because websites being developed nowadays are works of genius. They combine minimal design, functionality and possibly some of the best color themes you can image to make a good website. If you’re a designer or just thinking of having a website designed, it’s a good idea to play with colors and developing a good sense of which colors render well. There are many apps and extensions out there that let you preview different colors using HEX and RGB values, but most of these are way too complicated. Colorwheel is a simple Chrome extension that converts HEX and RGB values and lets you preview colours in a pop-up. All you need to do is enter HEX and RGB string values in the universal input bar, the output for which will be displayed right there. Clicking on the preview box places the content of the box into the universal input bar. Users should also note that HEX values can be entered with or without the hash tag. Read More

Highlight Words & Find Expressions From Urban Dictionary [Chrome]

There are different kinds of dictionaries available online; some for different languages, some for specific fields like accounting, chemistry or biology. Then there is Urban Dictionary; a wonderful and rich resource of all the slang and slander on the internet. From the newest to the oldest terms used either as internet slang or to hurl insults on public forums without being caught by moderators, the site has it all, except for a quick way to access it. Urban Dictionary Search is a simple, but useful extension for Chrome that allows users to search all types of expressions on UrbanDictionary.com, right from their toolbar. Searches can be carried out in two different ways; you can either select a word on a webpage and click the button in the toolbar to lookup the expression, or click the button in the toolbar and enter a word. After typing the word, hit Enter and the results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. Urban Dictionary Search is easy-to-use and has no options or settings, whatsoever. Read More

Find Related Bookmarks For The Current Website With Ease [Chrome]

If you’ve bookmarked an article from a website and can't find it, or if you simply want to look up all the bookmarks related to your current website, then Find My Bookmarks, a handy Chrome extension, can be quite useful. This easy-to-use extension locates all your related bookmarks for the current domain. and the icon appears in the address bar whenever it finds bookmarks for a particular website. Just click this icon and get a list of all related bookmarks in a pop-up. Moreover, users can enable or disable the Show URL on Hover, Ignore Subdomains and Ignore Current Page options from the Settings. Read More

Cycle Through Recent Tabs Using User-Defined Hotkeys [Chrome]

Although Google Chrome comes with a feature to open recently closed tabs, it doesn't provide a convenient way to open recently visited/viewed tabs. If you open a lot of tabs while surfing the web, Recent Tabs may help you navigate through opened tabs. It's an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to easily switch between last viewed tabs by displaying them in a pop-up window. Alternatively, you can choose to use Ctrl+Q hotkey combination to open the recently viewed tabs. The extension displays the recent tabs in the order you access them. You can also change the number of recent tabs to be displayed in the pop-up window, from the Options. Read More

Preview YouTube Videos And Get Detailed User Statistics In Chrome

Often, when we are searching YouTube for a particular video, we come across dozens of videos with similar titles. So, we start opening these videos in new tabs, in order to find out which is the right one or has an acceptable quality. This process can not only be tiring, but it is also quite time consuming. YouTube Preview, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem and helps you decide whether its worth watching a video before opening it by displaying a video preview. It also allows you to see the positive percentage and reaction from the users (this includes YouTube likes, Facebook likes and Twitter shares). Next to each video, you will find the Total Reactions per 100 views of the YouTube videos. The extension allows you to skim through YouTube videos with speed. When you hover your mouse over a video, it is played 1.4 times faster than the normal speed in a compact player and the video can also be played at a normal speed by hovering the mouse over the video. Read More